Monday, June 21, 2010

Worms Anyone?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Worms anyone?

With all of the change happening in our lives right now, we are fresh out of farm animals.  I know that the kids and I really miss having a cow to milk and chickens to tend and eggs to gather and that the spring weather has brought with it a great desire to gallop across the fields and explore the forests on horseback, but knowing that we will be moving soon (hopefully) we don't want to acquire new critters.  But I must admit, I didn't know how much the kids were missing having animals to play with and talk to and care for.  The realization that the children were feeling deprived came into crystal clarity when youngest daughter, 4, came into the house with a canning jar full of dirt and well....worms.  She had named her worms, and was talking sweetly to them and carrying them around.  Later, when we told her that she needed to release them into the garden she lamented that she hadn't had enough time to talk to them yet.  When she did put them in the raised beds, she sat there for the longest time and cooed sweet nothings to....her worms.

After discussing our children's deprived childhood, and realizing that we are not hamster, guinea pig, ferret (also known as bendy things), or bunny rabbit sort of people, my husband relented and said they could have birds.  So as of yesterday, we are the proud owners of two Zebra Finches!

My husband, although not antagonistic, was not overly thrilled to get birds.  Youngest daughter sensed this and asked her daddy if he liked birds.  He answer "No, honey, I don't like birds much".  Youngest daughter skipped away, but returned a few minutes later and said "if you don't like birds, why did you let us get them?".  My husband said, "I let you get birds because I love you!".  She threw her arms around him, kissed him, and happily trotted off.  What a dad!

Aren't they a wonderful new addition to our home!

And yes, that is a pitchfork holding up our drapes - I didn't have a curtain rod handy!

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