Monday, June 21, 2010

New Toys

New Toys!

I am soooo excited!  I was able to buy a new (to me) serger.  It is an older White, that a lovely Greek lady used in a tailor shop she had with her husband.  Her husband died a few years back, and her business lagged.  She said "No ones fixes clothes anymore, they just buy new!"  Anyway, I was able to buy her machine and her stock of thread (a real prize of a preparedness freak like me!).

Isn't it beautiful?

Just look at all that thread!

I sew for my home business, which is making washable feminine hygiene products!  I started looking for reusable products a couple of years ago, because I was stocking up on cloth diapers, washcloths (for use as TP, if necessary) and other preparedness necessities and realized I hadn't seen anyone address this issue.  The ones I found on line left a lot to be desired, so I designed my own!  My daughter and I LOVE them, and a lot of friends started asking for them, so here we are in business.  My husband, being the helpful guy he is, came up with a lot of potential names - It's a Bloody Shame, Crimson Tide, and they just digressed from there!  We settled on Naturally Cozy.  I still think that he should drive around with a magnetic sign on his truck in the shape of a maxi with wings - advertising, don't you know.  Somehow, he doesn't seem to be amenable to that!  Go figure. 

Here are some of my products...





This is my first sewing machine (a Bernina 830).  I sew all of the inside parts of the pads here.

This is the hutch that I keep all of my sewing supplies in.  It is very handy to my sewing machine!

I still have a lot to learn about using a serger.  I have to figure out how to go around corners and what it can and can't cut through, but I am looking forward to putting it into service!


  1. Why not ask the lovely Greek lady? She used it for years, swap some home made bread and jam for a fun afternoon of learning and stories.
    Knowledge comes in many forms.

  2. I have a surger I have been meaning to get to know, but then it went into the garage. I need to bring it back out and not be so afraid of it. It is my friend. Holly