Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea at Enola Gay's

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tea at Enola Gay's

I love a good tea party. For a number of year, 3 friends and I have gotten together regularly for tea. It used to be that we managed a get-together about once a month, but as our children have gotten older, our tea parties have dwindled to almost nothing. We do, however, always manage to celebrate our birthdays together. Because of our limited time together, our parties have become regular celebrations. We all talk a mile a minute and try to get everything said that we have been waiting so long to say. We determined years ago that we could talk about things together that make our husbands eyes glaze over - so we save a lot of earth shattering discussions for our rare tea parties.

When our children were smaller, we would get together for a "home-schooling" group, but it just turned into a tea party - with children. We would all bring "locust food" (as we called the food for the kids) because they had the ability to clean out the goody trays in record time. We then tried our hand at a "sewing circle", but it turned into, you guessed it, a tea party. Sewing never got done.

At one time, 3 out of the 4 ladies were expecting so we called our tea parties "Fertili-teas". The husband of the 1 lady that was not expecting threatened not to let his wife join our little parties! He obviously had no sense of humor!

These tea parties drew our families together. Our children have grown up together (all 26 of them!). Our husbands have fellowshiped with one another. They have shot together, paintballed together, rock climbed together, camped together, worked together and prayed together. We have rejoiced over births and grieved over deaths. We have seen each other through injuries, family crises and the loss of jobs. But we have always had tea. Our get togethers are an island of calm and support and encouragement in the sea of life's turbulence. One friend has a magnet on her refrigerator that states "Where there is Tea, there is hope". I couldn't agree more!

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