Monday, June 21, 2010

My Men

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Men

My men are purveyors of manliness.  They play hard, fight hard, pray hard and love hard.  They are the men we need in this world.  This is how they spend some of their time...

Eldest son instructing on our motocross "course"...

My husband  and youngest son spending quality time...

Eldest son riding "Vera".... (in his kilt!)

Husband cutting our soap.... (I cut the first batch - it looked like rats gnawed it!)

Eldest son running the chainsaw - no mother should have to watch this!.....

Youngest son cleaning up his mess....

Husband having a "teachable moment" with youngest son....

So there you have it.  My real men!!!  Oh, if only there were more of them.


  1. Oh, how I agree with you. We are making girlie men and it's sad.

  2. Good looking boys, and a good father and husband you have there.

  3. Your Husband's inner and outer beauty are a wonderful sight to see...your "men's" inner and outer beauty are a tribute to you and your Husband!!!

    (i am loving all of these posts. Thank You Dear Enola!)


  4. I am working on becoming a 'real man' and am seeking a 'real woman' - I wish there were more of them too!

    1. I hear you Jonathan. Stay the course. Guys, 'real women' are out there but they are much harder to find. Good places to look are in EMTs, shooting clubs, rural areas, much of the 'American Redoubt' etc.

      The decline of real men and real women is related. This article explains how our society got to this pathetic state.

      Montana Guy