Monday, June 21, 2010

Full of Grace

Full of Grace

My mom's name is Nancy.  When she was growing up, she was prone to tripping over her own feet, running into things and falling.  In short, she had two left feet.  Her parents would regularly say "how are things in the palace, Grace?".

When I was growing up, my brother and I too, would tease her about her clumsiness.  My dad echoed my grandparents with "how are things in the palace, Grace?".  We all thought this was uproariously funny, especially, in light of the fact that her name is a derivative of Anne and  means "Full of Grace".  Graceful she is not.

It wasn't until many years after I grew up and left home that I discovered that my mom's name had nothing to do with physical gracefulness.  I had everything to do with being filled with grace.

In my youth, I did many things that were unforgivable.  When I met and married my husband, he too, put my parents through the ringer.  But no matter what we threw at her, my mom was always full of grace.  She loved the unlovable, forgave the unforgivable and gave grace to the ungrateful.

My mother taught me unconditional love, forgiveness and mercy.  My mother Nancy taught me grace.  God chose my mothers name with care, for she is surely "Full of Grace".

Happy Mothers Day mom - I love you.

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