Monday, June 21, 2010

Mother's Day Epiphany

Mother's Day Epiphany

This morning in church, I was pondering something my husband said to me last week.  He was noticing that our littlest boy always came running to me and not to him.  He said that it seemed to him that Dad's were for beating up on, but Mom's were for everything else.  He noticed that the kids always came to me first, unless it was regarding something they KNEW only he could answer.  He was talking about this with a little bit of lament.  He was wondering why Mom's found such favor with the kids and Dad's were someone to be wondered at from a distance.  I made some flippant remark to him about him not being very "warm and fuzzy".

But, as I sat thinking about this conversation, it hit me!  My husband's position as Dad is very similar to God's position as, well God (the Father).  When I pray, I never go directly to God, I always go to Jesus.  He is my mediator.  He presents my case to my Father through the veil of His shed blood.  He presents me as His, and only then am I made acceptable to God.  In a way, that is what we, as mothers, do for our children.  We present their case to their fathers.  We explain why they require grace and mercy, and sometimes, why they require loving discipline.  We see our children through eyes of grace.  Our husbands, in the position of God, see them through the eyes of guilt or innocent.  We offer our husbands the insight of a mother.  Just as Jesus offers God the insight of a Savior.

As I begin to see my role, so similar to the role of Jesus, I am in awe.  As I see my responsibilities, I tremble before my husband.  What a position God put him in!  My only job is to present my children, his job is to distribute justice and grace!  What a reminder that as husband and wife, we have to have but one mind - just as the mind of Christ is one with the Father!

It also reminds me that I need to teach my children to be about their fathers business.

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