Monday, June 21, 2010

Have you ever wondered?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Have you ever wondered?......

Sometimes, I am amazed how obsessed we are with our appearance.  I don't think any of us really escape the obsession, we just have varying degrees of psychosis.

On a recent trip to town I was noticing all of appearance related businesses and advertisements.  Gyms to tone our bodies.  Salons to beautify our face and hair.  Doctors catering to "body sculpting" and "appearance enhancement" (read face lifts or botox injections).  Dermatologists hawking permanent makeup.  Weight loss establishments on every corner.  We too can look plastic and perfect.

But have you ever wondered....were are the  businesses intent on helping us with the real issues of life?  Have you ever seen a business promising to help us quit lying?  Or perhaps a company touting the benefits of curing us of gossip, idleness or being a busybody?  Have you ever seen a billboard encouraging men to take up the mantle of Godly manhood, or for women to be chaste, keepers-at-home?  How about a store in the mall teaching young girls to be modest and have a quiet and gentle spirit?

I often marvel that health care is in the news daily and thought to be an all consuming issue when, in reality, the body is but dust.  The real issue of life, our eternal soul, is considered a topic to be dealt with on Sunday morning and then not to be thought about as we go about the "important" things in life, until next Sunday morning.

Why do you suppose it is easier to try to gain perfection in our physical beings than attempt to conquer our spiritual selves?  Why do we spend so much time putting on the plastic mask of youth and beauty rather than unmasking our sinful natures to be dealt with by God?

I was just wondering.....

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  1. No one wants to face the reality of sickness and especially death. The longer we look young and beautiful, the more we do to our bodies to be 'healthy', the longer we can avoid thinking of our souls and death. The longer we can avoid thinking of our sin and God. Similar to Adam and Eve and the fig leaves.