Monday, June 21, 2010

The Feminizing of America

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Feminizing of America

Have you ever wondered how we got from "there" to "here"?  What slippery path led us from the glory days of strength and character that this great nation enjoyed in the infancy of our republic to the current void of moral fiber and true leadership that now fills our homes, churches, corporations and government?

The answer is too complex for this mum to begin to understand, however, I have seen a deceptive beast, lurking in the shadow in days gone by, now emerging as a triumphant destroyer in our current culture.  The beast of which I speak is "Feminization".

God, in His infinite wisdom created both men and women.  When He created us, He gave us very different role.  Not a greater role and a lesser role.  Just different.  And perfect.  He made men to take dominion.  He created them to slay dragons.  Make decisions. Case in point being the Garden of Eden.  God had Adam name all of the animals. It was up to Adam to appropriately and creatively come up with names for each of God's creatures.  God didn't wait for Eve before tasking Adam with naming everything.  He expected Adam to take dominion.  Then He made Eve.  He tasked Eve with helping Adam.  Not taking his job, but helping him to accomplish it.  God noticed that Adam, in and of himself, was not complete.  But He had the perfect answer.  That answer was Eve.  She was the rest of the story.  The completer of God's character in mankind.  In man, God created His character.  God gave man his attributes of leadership, dominion, single-minded decisiveness, justice, passion.  He also gave man a jealousy for his position.  Men, as well they should be, are jealous for the passions of their wives.  They are jealous for their positions of leadership.  They don't like to be challenged.  Just as God said, "Have no other God before me", men, in their household, say "Have no other Leader before me".  This is right and good.  It is as it should be.  But as women, we rebel.  That rebellion caused the rise of feminism.

When God created women, he created the other side to His nature.  The side of His nature that is merciful, relational, nurturing, creative and encouraging.  All of the elements God needed to refine and perfect His most glorious creation. In short, God put in woman all of the attributes that compliment and refine the raw, powerful character traits he formed in man. He made a helper, completer for man. Perfect.  But, Women, in our sinful nature, can't stand to be put in the position of a mere help-meet.  It demeans us, degrades us.  Or so the enemy screams into our souls at every opportunity.  "You can do everything he can do, only better".  Just ask any woman on the street, she will tell you she "lets" her husband "think" he's in charge - but we all knows who wears the pants in the family...wink.  But, where has this demi-god of feminism gotten us?

It has gotten us from there to here.  Just take one look at our justice system.  In Exodus, God gave us very specific instructions for dealing with criminal activity and even for our daily dealings with each others.  If you do this, this happens.  Cut and dried.  Black and white.  Masculine.  Contrast that with our justice system today.  "I know he murdered 17 people, but he was abused as a child, therefore, we must show "mercy" - we have to "reform" him".  Relational.  Blurred line of right and wrong.  Feminism.

And it's not just in our justice system. It has permeated the very fabric of life.  It is in our families, our school systems, our churches, our government.  Everywhere we have lost the decisive nature of man and replaced it with a "form" of mercy and grace propagated by woman.  We have become unbalanced.

As women, it is our job to bring things to the attention of our husbands that they might have otherwise missed.  We gently remind them of situations that may have contributed to our children's naughtiness.  We should encourage them to be forgiving and merciful.  But we should follow their lead.  We shouldn't urge them to accept sinful behavior in our children simply because they are "tired".  We may remind them that tiredness may be a factor in their behavior, but we need realize that whether they are tired or not, they have to act like civilized human beings.  We need to encourage our husbands to require good behavior from our children.

Take this to the next level. What would our justice system look like had it not been feminized.  Criminals would be dealt with fairly and swiftly.  If they murdered, they would be put to death.  If they stole, they would be required to make financial reparations, regardless of the reason they stole.  Stealing is bad.  Murder is bad.  Cut and dried.  Black and white.  Masculine.  We would not need tort reform.  We would not need an endless supply of attorneys.  It would be simple.  Straightforward.  Masculine.

Instead we have a feminized court system.  Rather than having definite boundaries, we have appeal after appeal.  We have criminals suing homeowners when they are injured breaking into their homes.  We have people sitting on death row for 30, 40 or more years because it is "inhumane" to provide prompt justice.  Feminization.

Our churches have succumbed to the same fate.  Rather than preaching the Word and making a stand on the scriptures alone, our churches have bought into the prevailing culture.  The ends justify the means.  No more do our churches say "this is right and that is wrong" we now say "come as you are.  God loves everyone".  No longer is being homosexual, having sex before marriage or dressing like a prostitute reasons for not going to church.  The attitude now is "who are we to judge?"  And, my personal favorite "Judge not, lest ye be judged".  Our pastors are willing to take government money and preach environmentalism from the pulpit in order to achieve the "greater good" of  having more money so they can  "effectively" witness to more people.  Feminism in action.

Men, in general, function in boxes.  Good and bad.  Right and wrong.  Forward and backward.  Yes and no.  "Did he run over the toddler?"  "Yes."  Masculine.  Women, on the other hand function in "what if" and "ya but".  "Did he run over the toddler?"  "Ya, but he was in a hurry because his cousins, sisters, brother-in-law just fell into a coma and he wasn't in his right mind.  And he was having flashbacks to his childhood, when his dad used to get really mad and hit him, so he had tears in his eyes and couldn't see very well.  And he just had an argument with his girlfriend because she wants to get married and have kids and he doesn't think, because his dad wasn't nice, that he will make a very good father. So, as anyone can see, he was very distracted.  It was an accident.  He didn't mean to."  Feminism.

The beast of feminism needs to be slew.  We need to take back our culture, our families, our churches and our government.  We need men to stand up and take dominion, regardless of the consequences.  We need women to quietly encourage each other to return to the God-given role of women and meet the challenges of our counter-culture attitude with strength and resolve.  We need to encourage our men to embrace the character traits God built into them.  Encourage them to take dominion, lead, make decisions and have passion.  We need to not second guess their methods or belittle their thoughts and ideas.  Be a help-meet.  Put yourself in the position God designed specifically for you.  Encourage, built relationships, show mercy, be graceful.  Build your family from the inside out.  Change your church, country and culture by becoming the woman God designed you to be.

We got from there to here by allowing the beast to deceive us with feminization.  We get from here to there by taking back our God given roles.  By tearing down the strongholds the enemy has used us to build.  We need to be like the Kings of the Old Testament that destroyed the "high places" and tore down the temples built to worship foreign gods and instead return to the God of our Fathers.  We need to exalt our husband, to be like Sarah and call our husbands "Lord".  We need to help our husbands rebuild our families, our churches, our nation and our culture.  When we reclaim our God-given position, God will return the years the locusts have eaten.


  1. Amen sister. This brought tears to my eyes. God has been revealing this exact picture to me recently and it breaks my heart. My wonderful husband is black and white. I am wishy washy, raised in this feminism, uncomfortable with black and white. May God grant me favor as we raise our girls (so far) to be different. I desire to be so myself.

  2. You would find this book very interesting: