Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Unmasking the Liberal Agenda of Death

When I was growing up, my parents owned a store in the tiny town that shared our zip code.  Dad sold guns, ammo, tack, grain, used furniture and whatever else happened to come in to the "Horse Trader".  He also sold hunting and fishing licenses and was the town's only UPS drop.  Although the Horse Trader filled a niche in the local economy, perhaps its greatest contribution was that of a meeting place.

Every small town, especially isolated mountain towns, need a place for people to come together.  It is in these meeting places that lives are shared and burdens lifted, and that the woes of the world are passionately discussed.  The Horse Trader, with its homemade wood stove, bottomless coffee pot and locally made pastries was the very hub of community influence.

As a child and young adult, I spent many hours in the Horse Trader.  I organized and dusted and poured coffee.  And I listened.  I listened while conservatives ranted about eroding freedoms and liberals decried social injustice.  I listened while opposing sides discussed current events, mocking the others' lack of intellectual capacity.  I listened and I thought and I came to my own conclusions about the world around me.

Through the years, I have continued to follow current events.  I have continued to listen to opposing sides each trying to convince the people of their particular truth. I have filtered these "truths" through the empirical truth of God's word, and in the process, I have come to see the true agenda of the political forces at work in our world.  And what I see is death.

On the surface, the constant stream of propaganda fed to us by the media appears to promote unity and peace, safety and tolerance, however,  beneath the veneer of this great deception lurks the true agenda - death, on a massive scale.

Consider the facts.  Our progressively liberal academic and political masters, along with their public relations branch - the entertainment industry, preach a continual sermon of tolerance and safety and understanding.  We are supposed to tolerate an invading Muslim population, along with hordes of border-crashing foreign nationals, under the guise of sheltering displaced peoples.  The daily barrage of misinformation convinces us that we are treasuring life by sheltering the unfortunates.  They tell us that anyone who would choose to close our borders and protect our citizens are cruel and hateful, bigoted and privileged.  They tell us that they love their fellow man, implying that we live in hatred.  The truth?  The very people the liberals require us to shelter have cultures steeped in bloodshed.  Muslims, since the time they were called Moors, and before, have terrorized the world with hatred, radical intolerance and a wholesale bloodlust.  Every society that has embraced Islam, or has accepted Muslim refugees has been thrust into Islamic compliance or death - there is no middle ground.  There is no tolerance.  Compliance or death.

And what about the border-crashing foreign nationals?  They too, bring death.  Severed limbs wash up on our shores and dismembered bodies litter our streets.  Rape, murder and terror accompany these lawless predators.  And our liberal authorities continue embrace these purveyors of death, welcoming them in and giving them the keys to our cities.

But wait, there's more.  Liberals proclaim their love of life by encouraging mothers to rip their children from their wombs.  That is the deception - they speak of life yet promote the death of entire generations. 

Blood is running in our streets, yet the progressives are not satisfied.  They need - they require more death.  After flooding our cities with violence, engendering a generational entitlement mentality and promoting mass addiction, our liberal leaders now seek to relieve us of the ability to protect ourselves.  They have unleashed a massive storm and are actively dismantling our only shelter.

The cry for gun control has grown louder and louder as society crumbles and decays.  The liberals, the elites, the media and the "useful idiots" all tell us that we need to do away with the Second Amendment - that we need to be "safe", that guns kill.  What they don't tell us is that guns in the hands of citizens save lives.  What they don't tell us is that freedom will cost something, but tyranny will cost everything.  

Yes, with the freedom to keep and bear arms, people will die.  That is the cost of freedom.  But when the government disarms the people, the result is death - death on a massive scale.  Think of Nazi Germany, Syria, Botswana, and the list goes on.  And that seems to be the liberal agenda - death.  The  progressives narrative is that they are trying to save lives by disarming the population.  That is deception at its finest.  The truth is that our freedom to own guns saves lives.  A repeal of the Second Amendment would, in fact, cause blood to run in the streets.  Without the right to keep and bear arms, America becomes just another third world country, subject to the whims of  corrupt leaders.  Our protests will be with rocks and sticks - and their response will be with bullets.  Death will come on swift wings.

The liberal agenda isn't an agenda of life - it is an agenda of death.  Liberals love death - in all its forms.  Their policies promote the death of families and businesses.  They promote the death of economies and societies.  But mostly, they promote the death of people.  

I choose life.