Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Work in Progress...

As I mentioned in my last post, Sir Knight and I and Master Hand Grenade are starting a butcher shop.  I know - I can't believe it either!  And never ones to do anything the easy way, we bought an old, derelict former service station in the small town I grew up in to turn into the "Boar's Head Butchery".  Let the fun begin!

Our goal is to have the shop remodeled and have everything up an running by September, just in time for hunting season.  We are planning on cutting and wrapping wild game along with slaughtering and butchering domestic animals.

We are up to our elbows in remodeling, so please bear with me....  I will keep you posted!!

Every day we thank God for His faithfulness.  This adventure that He has orchestrated is an adventure indeed!

The office - before

The office

The office - a work in progress

The whole west side had been damaged and was sagging

We have 8 city lots - over an acre of land!

The wall was in rough shape

Sir Knight - the demolition man!

Our pastor - a man of many talents - jacking up the roof!

Jacking up the middle section - you should have heard the glass creak!

Jesus was holding up the roof - nothing else was!!

The space above the window was how much we raised the roof!

Removing a piece of glass intact!!

The new wall going up!


It is beginning to take shape!!