Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Our Life in Pictures

As you can imagine we are so, so busy!  We have been anxiously awaiting our cooler and freezer, which have been sitting on a truck (broken down) in Sioux City Iowa for the last two weeks.  The trucking company is "guaranteeing" the delivery by Friday, but we'll see.

We have been finishing little details here and there, but really are on hold until the freezer and cooler get here because we have to wait to put in the cooler door, which means we have to wait to finish the FRP, which means we have have to wait to build our last wall.  And so it goes!

We've also been working on things here at Caer David.  Our winter wood supply is almost done, and I've been busy trying to configure everything to work well for our family.  The newest re-arranging has been in the pantry and kitchen.  We were able to buy an amazing "Baker's Table" at a yard sale, which just HAD to come home with me!  Sir Knight and Master Hand Grenade sanded the table (which had moldered away in a shed for who knows how many years) and rubbed butcher block oil into it until it glowed.  In order for me to make it work in the kitchen, I had to figure out something else for our dining table, so I cleared things out in the pantry and turned that into the dining room!  We'll see how it works in the long term but for now it seems to be working wonderfully.

Soon, we should have our butcher shop complete and then will come the Grand Opening!  We can't wait!!!!

We'll keep you posted on our progress, but for now, here is Our Life In Pictures!

Our slicer

The sink and cutting table with the grinder in the background

The beginning of the wrapping station

Our "new" Baker's Table

Freshly sanded and oiled

The Pantry/Dining Room

Enough room for everything!

Picture taken from the front door

Looking from the living room to the kitchen

The wood cook stove