Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Charity in Preparedness

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Charity in Preparedness

We are so blessed to live in a land of plenty that we have a unique opportunity to gather items for charity as a hedge against unthinkably difficult times.  All of us, regardless of income, have the ability to pick up an extra tube of toothpaste at the dollar store or pick up an extra box of soup mix when they are on sale at the local grocery store.

Sir Knight and I have made it a habit to gather items for charity anywhere we can.  He occasionally works at a customer site that loads him down with products they sell as a thank you for quick, quality service.  He brings this bounty home and we immediately put it into long term storage under the label "Charity".  When God provides, he does so not just to provide for our needs, but to provide for his other children as well.  What an honor to be included in His providence!

We have made it a habit to squirrel away things that would be very easy to hand out in an emergency.  These includes items packaged in small amounts and food stuffs that only require water to prepare.  We can't really give out our home canned food - we need the jars for more canning, and the probability that we will have a ready supply of plastic bags or containers to send folks on their way with dried beans or wheat is not very likely. Besides, how many of them will have a grain grinder to grind the wheat or the cooking skills and knowledge to deal with dried beans.  My guess is not many.

As Christians, we have an obligation to our fellow man, and in ministering to the needy we are fulfilling a basic christian principle.  When we offer "a glass of water to the least of these" we are offering water to Christ himself.

God has opened our eyes to the need of preparedness.  We need to look beyond ourselves and realize that we have been put in the unique position of ministering to the masses.   We can choose to run people off at the end of a shotgun, guarding what little we have for ourselves, or, because we have seen a need and prepared, we can minister to peoples bodies through food while we minister to their souls with the meat of the Word.

As you endeavor to prepare your families for worst case scenario living, give a minute of thought to the people, who, for whatever reason, haven't taken the time and effort to prepare.  Think about how you can impact the kingdom of God tomorrow through your savvy preparations today.  Think about how you will offer "a glass of water to the least of these".

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  1. Thank you so much, That is one area I have thought about and puzzled over, what if I take people in and they arn't prepared and I have prepared for only my family of four. That is four thought! you are a huge blessing to me. Holly