Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Arrangements

When the seasons change, my house, too, needs to change!  Generally, they are small changes - different curtains, summer china, opening up the sun room.  But from time to time, I go all out and start moving furniture.  Sir Knight gets a twitch in his right eye when I start talking about re-arranging the furniture.  He threatens to move to a house with a basement and use lag bolts with non-service removable loc-tite to screw the furniture to the floor.  Thankfully, our shouse has concrete floors, so I can still move the furniture at will, but I do try to restrain myself so Sir Knight doesn't have to resort to drastic measures!

I love having comfy, living room style furniture in our kitchen.  It makes cuddling up next to the wood cookstove a wonderful treat in the winter.  But come summer, It is nice to have the kitchen  opened up a bit so that it feels a little more spacious, and since we don't have the cookstove fired up, we don't use the love seat so much.

My big idea this year, was to move our old English pub table into the kitchen, and the love seat to the foot of the stairs.  The pub table was a little to tall for a standard kitchen chair, but a little too short for a standard bar stool.  Sir Knight to the rescue!  He cut some 4x4's to fit the bottom of the table legs.....

Maid Elizabeth is brushing olive oil on the wood to darken and age it so that it matches the table a little bit better....

Master Hand Grenade and Master Calvin get in on the action - they are tightening a little table that we moved....

The Pub Table in its new home (for now)....complete with new leg risers!

 I love the fresh feeling of changing the house out for the seasons.  I am so thankful that Sir Knight is willing to put up with my flights of decorating fancy!


  1. Hi! I've read thru your entire blog! Really enjoyed the cooking, canning, and pictures. Love the shouse! I saw the rolls you baked awhile back. I am the world's worst bread maker. I was wondering if you had an easy recipe/way to make bread that you could suggest I try. Would appreciate it! Farmer

  2. Thanks for the great blog! It's now added to my favorites!

    Love the MARPAT Kilt! My friends' wife is making me a MultiCam Kilt! :-D