Monday, June 21, 2010

Paintball Anyone?

Paintball anyone?

My husband and eldest son and a neighbor boy left the house at 5:30 Saturday morning, to play paintball at a local paintball field.  It was "Armed Forces" day, and my husband and the boys played for the Navy.  Dressed in camouflage from head to foot, they played hard all day, returning at 8:00 that evening.  What a blast they had!  It was a great Father-Son day, while they worked out strategies and covered each other with "suppressing" fire.  Youngest son even got in on the action when they got home by going outside and popping off a few rounds.  What a rush, when you're two!

Tuesday, the neighbor boys came over to finish off the last of the air and the paintballs. Even the neighbor boy who cut off his thumb and finger about a month ago, got into the action.  There were secret op's stealthily pursuing one another around our shouse, and more than one stray round hit it's mark.  We do insist on paintball masks.  I can't stomach the thought of someone loosing an eye. 

Here are the boys playing...

And here they are mugging for the camera....

And this is what a 68 caliber bruise looks like....

These guys think this is a good time!  Who am I to question?

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