Monday, June 21, 2010

Could it really be spring?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Could it really be spring?!!?

One of the perks of living in a shouse is the garage door. In the winter, it can get cold and drafty, so I cover it with a huge painters drop cloth and a red velvet swag. In the summer, however, we leave our door open from sun-up to way after sun-down. We usually close the door for the season in the end of September or beginning of October and it stays closed until at least mid-April. Even then, we only have a few days here and there that it is warm enough to open the "big door". One of our greatest luxuries is having the door open AND a roaring fire in the stove at the same time! We feel like we are really getting away with something.

Today is February 28th and, yep, you guessed it - the big door is up! Last year at this time we had 8 foot high snow drifts in the front yard and try as we might, we could never seem to get warm. This year, we haven't had any snow since before Christmas and it is a balmy 54 degrees outside. We have even heard birds! I feel like we live in the banana belt. This is very unusual, mind you. Even the old timers haven't seen a winter like this in their lifetime. I must admit, it has been pretty nice.In the summer and fall, we practically live in our sunroom. With our door open, it is like eating al fresco every evening - and the sunsets are incredible. We don't yet have the sunroom "dressed" for spring, with cushions on the furniture, an all season carpet on the ground and vines crawling up the wire, but that will come all in good time.
Last spring, my husband enclosed the sunroom with cattle panels and built raised garden beds in front. We even put a gate at one end, to keep animals out and children in. I love it. I grew heirloom green beans in the garden beds and by August is was a virtual oasis! The wind rustled through the leaves and we had shade in the afternoon. It was the favored spot for an afternoon nap. This year I think I will plant Virginia Creeper so I can watch the leaves turn red and gold at the seasons change.

Sometimes, though I long for walls and doors, I'm not sure I could go back to a "normal" house. Not everyone can open an entire wall and watch God paint a perfect sunset!

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