Monday, June 21, 2010

Deceived and Manipulative or Femininely Persuasive?

Friday, February 12, 2010

  Deceived and Manipulative or Femininely Persuasive?

I have come to believe that women come equipped with some basic character flaws. These flaws, of course, are balanced by equally basic strengths. The kind of woman we become, and the legacy we leave, is in direct relationship with which traits we choose to embrace.

Women, by nature are easily deceived. But adding insult to injury, we also indulge in the manipulation of our fellow man. Eve is a perfect case in point. First, she was deceived by the serpent, then she manipulated her husband into partaking of her sin. Now, I am not erasing man's responsibility, however, they are a little "stupid" when it comes to women. They believe us. They don't want to cross us. They are often willing to give up their leadership role in order to please us. A wise woman realizes this, and uses her position to further her husband's vision rather than her own. Another example of a woman being deceived and manipulative is that of Sarah. When Abraham told her that he was to be the father of a nation, she laughed. Rather than accepting, at face value, what her husband told her she began to devise a way to make it happen. She was deceived into believing that she had to take an active role - she had to take charge - because GOD could not possibly make a nation without HER help. She then involved her husband in her scheme. What older man is going to say "No" when his wife encourages him to go into her young, beautiful handmaid? We all know that Sarah did eventually become pregnant, and Abraham fulfilled his role as the Father of a Nation. But look at the consequences that are still evident today because Sarah manipulated her husband. Ishmael, the son of Sarah's handmaid is the father of Arab peoples. He is the father of the Muslim's. Sarah's manipulation is directly responsible for many of the troubles our world faces today. One women's sin has had a ripple effect, the consequences of which we still feel.

As women, we have to know the propensities of our nature. We have to stand guard against the evils and seek the honorable. It is not all bad news. We also have a beautiful attribute that I call Feminine Persuasion. Feminine Persuasion is given bloom when women understand their role in relationship with their husband. When they embrace their God-given attributes and use them for the glory of God. They use feminine persuasion when they further their husband's vision and persuade those around them with a velvet glove rather than an iron fist. Esther is a lovely example of Feminine Persuasion. Esther never demanded. She never manipulated. She used her feminine charms and her quiet and gentle spirit to humbly approach her husband, the King. She didn't stand before her husband as a bedraggled, scared woman. She approached her husband in the full glory of feminine beauty, with quiet strength and resolve. She did not tell her husband what to do. She didn't take dominion. She humbly made her case. He responded as husbands want to - with favor. He didn't feel threatened, in fact, he had the overwhelming desire to be her protector. Esther used her feminine persuasion to save a nation.

What do you want to be remembered for - being easily deceived and manipulative, or using your "Feminine Persuasion"? I can guarantee that your husband would much rather be "persuaded" than be "manipulated"! When we set the standard for persuasion rather than manipulation, we are blessed. Our families are blessed. Our husbands' are blessed. Perhaps, even our nation will be blessed.

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