Thursday, January 24, 2013

What is Best in Americans

For all of my grumping, I know how truly blessed I am to have been born in these United States.  As frustrated as I get with the state of the nation, the people themselves never cease to amaze me.

You did me the courtesy of listening to my grumblings about high taxes, high prices and the increasing presence of the "entitled" masses, and had the grace to realize that I was just letting off a little steam.  Thank you for that.  You are what is best in Americans.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for offering to send your boxes of clothing to our family rather than an impersonal thrift store!  I am humbled beyond measure.  We are so alike, you and I.  I would by far rather help someone personally than send my money to be disseminated by "the machine" that is our government.

Even when the darkness threatens to engulf us all, there are glimmers of light.  You.  Thank you.


  1. You my dear Enola are a true God send. To share your joys and trials when you already have a lot on your plate. To have been blessed to know you as a friend and your wisdom on her. Thank you. Vent when needed. There are many sympathetic ears. :)

  2. Sadly the American Republic is dying but the root cause is not the undermining of its Constitution. America’s demise is rooted in a national rebellion against the Creator referred to in the Declaration of Independence and revealed in the Holy Bible. As this country turns from GOD and it's people spin out of control, the government will turn totalitarian to control the masses. Its the result of years of secular humanism.......

  3. What warms my heart when I read blogs such as yours yesterday, is to know that I am not alone in my observations of my environs. Such is the same here. However it is worth noting that glimmers of light(true light as in salt and light) remains ever present. God is truly good and is in control of all things. He still uses many of his creations to share "light" in dark times. You are most assuredly one of those glimmers of light.

    My humble thanks for your open, honest and self-giving sacrifice of time in sharing your thoughts and life experiences. It is encouraging to realize that across the space of our great land there are others!

    I agree with the two previous comments.

  4. Ordered your 'Prepared Family Guide...' through the Amazon link on your site. Just hope the two additional items ordered at the same time will benefit you and your family. My family and I really enjoy your 'down to earth' and Christian perspective on the times we are currently living in and the approaching 'unquestionable' times. God Bless and Keep you and yours!

  5. No, thank you for allowing us to rant and rave on a topic that is obviously on many of our minds. I only wish I was your neighbor! :)

    1. I second this sentiment!

    2. Exactly right! There are many of us who think what you wrote. Thank you.

  6. You, your faith, your family, your blog and your perspective are a true blessing to me. Your grumblings are as well. It is good to have others who share feelings and faith even when feelings are not pretty. Thank you for always sharing.

  7. Enola,


    Enola, you got a license to grumble. You kids to feed, clothe and raise in a county that resembles Sodom and Gommorea. Just this week alone I watched a drug deal in a walmart parking lot. I then also a sixteen year old girl get arrested for her third car theft and she's a burglur too. Now the lunatics in D.C. want to take away my right to defend myself from all this.

    On a good note, I got a hug last night. First hug in several months for Captaincrunch. My nieghbor the oil field worker and I were talking last night in his garage and his very pregnant wife came out with his three year old daughter. The oil field worker asked his daughter if she wanted a good night prayer. She said yes' I got invited in, so at 9:30 at night, we all held hands and had a little goodnight prayer in a garage for his daughter. I held that kids little hand then afterward she gave her daddy a hug. Then the three year old wanted to give me a hug. First hug in several months and it was from a from a little three year old angel.
    I have admit, not much makes my eyes water, usauly its from duststorms in West Texas, allergies or chick flicks like "Dirty Dancing" (that last one was a joke ok:) but that little three year old is a "pure uncorrupted soul" thats full of life and love and she made my eyes water last night somehow.
    On a side note: Daughter no.2 will arrive via C-section in early February. Everything seems normal for Oil Field worker and his wife. Daughter no.2 is at 7.1 pounds already!

  8. Maybe its the fact my heritage goes back to a couple of the lesser known founding fathers, but I am reminded that around one third of the population during the Revolutionary War fought with the British, one third with the freedom fighters and one third were apathetic. Then I think of my great grandparents who trekked west to Montana and California in the 1800's and the rough lives they endured. These folks didn't whine and complain, and they sure as heck had less than even the poorest average American in 2013.

    Then I look at most (yes most) Americans who either whine and complain or are apathetic and happy with their own lives. How many of the whiner complainers ever write to their local, state, federal representatives? How many have or are doing anything to make things better if they dislike something?

    Personally I feel overwhelmingly blessed, because I love the freedoms I have and I walk the talk as far as fighting to keep them. If I didn't have the Lord in my life I probably would be a me me me mentality person, who didn't help the neighbor, the elder, the disabled.

    Morning, noon and night I say prayers of thanks for ALL we have. Studies show very few Christians pray daily for thanks. The Bible says Christians are to be the light, and that we are to lead by example because we never know if the Lord will use us to plant a seed in the person behind us at the store, gas station, post office.

    Sure I see people I could assume are misusing food stamps, WIC and other government benefits. But I also know that having said something simple and nice to the person, has provided an opening to talk and in doing so I have learned what I assumed was wrong. Or that they were lost and sad and needed a friend who could mentor and help them. Many a member of our cowboy church came to church because someone was nice and thoughtful when they needed it the most.

    Looking around my community and cowboy church I see hundreds of like minded Christ centered folks who are probably a lot like the folks who fought for our freedom in the Revolutionary War, and were like those who trekked west in the 1800's. And they seemed to understand 2 Chronicles 7:14 which says 'If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land'.

    1. Beth, I think I may have moved to where you are. Last July my husband and I fled Sacramento and moved to the hills where we hope - due to the type of people here such as yourself - we will live the remainder of our lives in relative safety from what's sure to happen when the dollar fails.