Sunday, January 13, 2013

What Choose Ye.....

I'm just gonna say it.  The 2nd Amendment isn't about protecting our gun ownership for hunting or for sport shooting or even for self-defense.  It is about protecting our country and countrymen from our government.  There, I said it.  The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is a specific provision designed to protect the citizenry against a tyrannical, out-of-control government that threatens the liberties and freedoms of the free men that constitute these United States.

Our government has us where it wants us.  Scared.  Confused.  Begging for safety.  It has whispered lies in our ears long enough that we have begun to believe them.  "Why would anyone need an "assault" weapon?"  "Those ugly black guns only have one purpose - killing people."  "Why would anyone need a "high capacity" magazine?"  "Only evil people keep "those" kinds of guns."  "We have the police - nobody needs guns at home.  We need to leave it to the professionals!"  But, it is all a lie, and we are buying it, hook, line and sinker.

The intention of our 2nd Amendment was to ensure that the governors of the people would never dare to overstep their bounds.  Having lived under tyranny and oppression, our forefathers knew that without constraints, foolish men would seek to increase their own power and influence, and in the course of following their hearts desires, they would trample the rights of a free people until they were little more than a notation in the history books.  Their answer to that problem was the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

And it wasn't just any arms.  It is implied that the arms that were guaranteed were the military style rifle of the day.  And so it should be.  If the government is fighting with M-16's and AR-10's, then that is exactly what the populous should carry.  We should not be arming Goliath with a Barrett Light .50 while David is allowed only a single shot .22!

Now, to the crux of the matter.  When you arm your population, people will be killed.  There is no way around that fact.  That is the price to be paid.  There are evil men intent on committing evil deeds.  There always have been.  There always will be.  As a people, we have to decide which is worse - 1 evil man with 3 guns and 100 rounds of ammunition against a few people that have the ability to defend themselves or 3000 evil men with thousands of guns and millions of rounds of ammunition against an unarmed population?

Our firearms are a guaranteed security against an overreaching government or out-of-control police force.  Our firearms guarantee our status as free men.  If we allow our government to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms, we have effectively allowed our servant to become our master.

The battle for our weapons is not about safety or security - it is about control.  Will we control our government or will our government control us?

Today you choose - will you be the master or will you be the servant?


  1. Enola,


    On my fathers side of the family, my ancesters were ran out of Scotland by the English. They went to Ireland, again they were ran out of Ireland and came to America before the Revolutionary war. Then my ancestors ran the English off back to England. They came back again in 1812, we ran them off again.

    On my mothers side, my Great, Great Grandfather fought in the 42nd Infantry of the Giorgia Volunteers (CSA) He lost an arm to a musket ball but survived. His wife and children survived the "Burning of Atlanta" by General Ulysses S. Grant. I also may have another ancestor that fought with the south in Missouri during the Civil War. He (may) have been one of "Quantrells Raiders"

    When I was growing up, my parents, teachers and others never could figure out why I dont comform well to rules, regulations and just plain being told what to do. I kept my mouth shut when I was in the military becouse I volunteered.

    Normally on this blog I am polite and articulate. I normally dont get my feathers ruffled, but I will take a stand at this moment that could get me lined up against a wall and shot one day.

    I will NEVER register anything that I own that is firearms related. I will NEVER take orders from an unconstuitional goverment. I will NEVER "rat out" my friends of family.

    One other thing to consider, Gods laws supercede Constitutional law. I'd rather be right with God when my time comes.

    On the self defense thing, take our guns, bad guys will use bows arrows, crossbows. Take away bows, bad guys will use knives, take away knives, bad guys will use another weapon. At least with guns, the one's that would have a hard time trying to defend themselves will have a fighting chance.

    God created man, Samuel Colt made men equal

    1. I seem to remember william techumsa sherman buring Atlanta. Are you sure about your heritage?

  2. I don't know what will happen but I know that me, and mine, will not register or give up our weapons. We come from a long line of fighters (like the previous poster- Scots Americans) and we do not take lightly the sacrifices our fore fathers made to get us freedom! Great post.

  3. Some encouraging words for these times are found in psalms 73. God is good to those who are pure in heart." "But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made The Lord God my refuge". The entire chapter is awesome! 2 Thessalonians 1 also. Yes, God is our champion!

  4. Amen!!! You preach sista!


  5. Thank you for yor great post. As Citizen's we have to be vigilant and protect our freedoms.

  6. Good job, Enola. This is the reality of the 2nd Amendment that has become sour and unpalatable to a populace that can't fathom a government becoming tyrannical. There is great deterrence in an armed citizenry. We need to gently educate people about the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment. I say "gently" because the idea of righteous violence is unthinkable to them. They are the sheep in Lt Col Dave Grossman's "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs."

  7. Enola,


    "W.H. readies 19 executive actions on guns" (Taken from Drudge Report headline)

    There is just no end. Patriot act, NDAA (national defense authorization act) I can go on and on. The solid rock of The Fourth Amendment has been "Jackhammered into Rubble" since 9/11.

    Now its the Second Amendment that will be "shot full of holes" making it worthless. The ability to "protect our families and property" against Goverment Tyranny and bad guys of all types will be an anachromism of the past.

    Stripping lawful American Citizens of thier "God Given Right" to self defense will open a Pandora's box of fury that will never be contained.

  8. You are only saying the same thing countless Americans are saying to each other (but out of earshot). Thank you.

  9. I respectfully disagree about military grade weapons being available to the general public. Military weapons at the time of the writing of the constitution were not designed to create carnage in the way that modern weapons are. An individual could not walk into a school at that time and mow down 26 people in a matter of minutes.
    My husband owns a gun. My mother owns a gun. I have aunts uncles and cousins who own guns for hunting and other reasons. In general I have nothing against them. I do not, however, think that the average citizen has any need for an M-16.

    1. Beverly,


      An M16 is a select fire fully automatic military grade combat rifle. The only way to own one is to get a "class 3 license" with extra background checks and pay $20.000 or more for the rifle. It is extremly hard to get.
      An AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that fires one round at at time (one per pull of trigger) An AR-15 can purchased from a store with a proper background check or during a "private party transaction" The private party seller can also be held responsible, and legally accoutable for selling a rifle to a convicted felon or someone who is "mentally disturbed" or in my case living so close to Mexico, we have to make sure we are selling to an American citizen.

      There are already many background checks in place.

      The absoulute main reason we have a Second Amendment in the first place is case a Evil Ruler like Adolt Hitler or Joseph Stalin comes to power in the United States. We then can be well equipped to instigate a rebellion.

      Imagine if every Jew in Germany in 1933 was armed with an AR-15

      Imgine if every Ukriainian Peasont in early 1920's SOveit Union was
      armed also aremed with an AR-15

      The 20th century was filled with Genocide, hundreds of millions killed by their own Goverments.

      I personally witnessed some of the carnage of the Ethiopian Civil spillover into a small East African country called "Djibouti" when I was in the military (Djibouti is a small country on the northern border of Somailia, also next to Ethiopia)

      Another advantage is if Americans are heavily armed, invading armies will think twice about coming ashore and enslaving the American people.

      Look Beverly, I implore to you to read books, learn about this stuff. Learn about what the Second Amendment is really about. Evan if you still choose to disagree, I will respect your opinion becouse you have become informed and educated on this subject.

      As per keeping schools safe. In Texas we already have one school who has select Teachers and Principals with speacil training who carry concealed weapons.
      This is a big Plus to reduce gang crime, drugs, and just maybe stop a maniac in thier tracks before they can get "one shot off" and save human life.

    2. The weapons that were owned at the time of the Revolutionary War were of the same type that the "enemy" had. They were able to fight off tyranny on equal footing, even if they were not "regular" military. Please read the Second Amendment! It's not about HUNTING!

      Banning law abiding citizens from having M-16's and AR's and such will only make them more vulnerable. Does your fantasy include all the criminals turning in their military weapons? You know, the ones that the current president and his ilk helped to turn loose on our border agents? If a ban were to succeed, the criminals would have an even bigger business of hauling guns into the USA, where hardened criminals would buy them, murder for them, and commit heinous acts of incredible magnitude while the populace, armed with their single shot rifles and small caliber pistols you would have us left with, would not stand a chance.

      Crazy people do crazy things, include murdering innocents. When those same crazies are confronted with someone with firepower, they usually turn their gun on themselves. Too bad the latest evil-incarnate lunatic was not stopped in his tracks by an administrator with a concealed 45! Those are military grade sidearms, BTW.

      I'm tired of being "nice" to people who don't know that MY RIGHTS are not to be infringed by their wishes. You have no knowledge of history and your argument is way off base. Please go look up the caliber of the guns used by the militia's during the Revolutionary War. They would blow a hole through a head, shatter limbs and certainly were cannons compared to many of the "scary-looking-to-those-that do not know any better" AR's. While you are reading your history book, look up The Constitution of the United States and read it in it's entirety. The Second Amendment provides a way for the people to ensure that they will be able to fight off tyranny. It's okay with me if you don't participate IF the need should ever arise, but it's not okay for you to even suggest that others be denied the tools that they would need if they are required to fight tyranny on your behalf.

      You can "respectfully" give up all your rights, if you want to, but you can not revise history in order to take mine. Your name is Beverly, not GOD.


    3. "I do not, however, think that the average citizen has any need for an M-16."

      Your opinion, Beverly, and you are entitled to it.

      However... neither you nor anyone else has any room telling me or any other free person what we "need", whether it be guns, food, housing, whatever.

      Barry is not my daddy, and he is most certainly not *my* Lord, nor my Savior, and he can take his executive orders and forcibly insert them past his internal anal sphincter and vigorously rotate.

      The only thing I "need" to do is stay white and die.

  10. @ Beverly. I can see your point on the "average citizen has any need for an M-16"... We, as a society, have NOT seen a need for every American to own an M-16 in our lifetime, on our own soil. We have been lulled into a false sence of security. However, that does NOT mean that we, as a society, will not NEED a "matched force" of what may come to us in the future. As my 'ol Appalachia grandmother used to say: "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." The 'ol atage "Better safe than sorry." And its not all about the 'need' of the bigger guns, it's about the government overstepping their authority and telling us, as Americans, that we CAN'T have something. It only starts with the removal of M-16 and the like. It only opens the door for them to keep coming back to ask for more of the firearms, until they have your mom's gun be it ever so small. (It's history repeating itself as history often does)
    But I appreciate you sharing just the same. Before now... I've been hesitant to 'speak' about any of this, It's really nice to hear from other women on the issue at hand.

    BTW: For those readers in Idaho and the NW: Saturday, January 19th @ the Capital Bld. in downtown Boise there will be a Pro-gun Rally. Not sure of the details... the news & media aren't advertising in the capasity they did for the Anti-gun rally last week. (all is quiet!) Humm? I wonder who owns them? So word of mouth is the next best thing. Be sure if you do attend, that we keep things picked up and clean on the grounds (I've seen the 'aftermath' of the other side and they are the biggest litter bugs ever.) Hope to see you there!

  11. no one has talked about it but there is one more thing about it all. We the people will have to pay for any of this nonsence, be it fighting to keep our rights that will cost money/fighting to get them back or just fighting the powers that be out right. The goverment has better things to spend money on with the dedt ceiling reached, like pay the troops but no they will your our money to make us one step closer to a slave!!

  12. Are not the current crop of BO's executive orders a prime example of tyranny? We can only pray it is stopped at a much higher level than at the personal one. Contact your senators and representatives today, email your state reps and senators. Talk to your local sheriff. Then you will know how far down the scale the tyranny is going to go.

    The federal government is selectively enforcing federal law. That is how Washington and Oregon have so far been able to have laws that are in direct conflict with federal law. So if your state and local level officials tell you that NOT enforcing some federal gun law is "against the law", you can politely inform them that the federal government is busy turning their heads away from state legislation and it is at least worth the effort to put forth state legislation that tells the feds the citizens of such and such state are against any new laws that infringe on their 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.

    I have all ready heard from some of the spineless wonders that inhabit the capital in Cheyenne that the proposed HB 0104 is not legal federally. But I continue to inform the state officials of my stance on my rights. I am not willing to just roll over and let the feds usurp them. How many times have we just abdicated by our silence! Please do not let this be one of those times.


  13. As a Christian, I read Romans 13. We are supposed to obey our civil leaders, UNLESS they force us to violate GOD's law. Does GOD support the 2nd amendment? hmmm...

  14. Read Timothy Baldwin's book on Romans 13 and watch Chuck Baldwin's sermons on Romans 13. Open your eyes and see that we are to obey a RIGHTEOUS GOVERNMENT. This government is NOT RIGHTEOUS.

  15. Also, Jesus told the disciple that if they did not own a sword, to sell their cloak and buy a sword. So yea, GOD supports the 2nd Amendment. Besides, it is a RIGHT granted by GOD, not by the government. Period.

  16. When Paul wrote Romans NERO was the civil ruler, not a very righteous guy...Don't get me wrong, I'm a supporter of the right to bear arms, I'm just thinking out loud here. It could also be argued that the constitution is an immoral document, since it replaced GOD with "we the people" It rejects GOD's law for the law of MAN..

  17. Just remember that the US government has disarmed some of their population at one time: the Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee creek on the Pine Ridge reservation, 122 years ago last December. Then after doing so, the cavalry killed them all, including 200 women and children, and 97 most "old" men. In their glee they let things get out of hand and managed to kill 40 of their own (don't surround your target and shoot).

    No one wants to talk about or remember this incident, but it's really no different than what the Turks did to the Armenians or what the Nazi's did to the Jews. Disarm and then murder. On our soil.


  18. Re Anonymous at 1:35 p.m. Specious argument. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution articulate law as originating with "Nature's God" (see here: It lays out the case for an American government of men based upon God's law. Please inform yourself of the facts.


    1. I have been informing myself:

      We are witnessing a time of perhaps greater church apostasy, ignorance, and failure to teach the whole counsel of God, especially as regards Christian civil government, since the period prior to the Reformation of the 16th century. We need blessings in the providence of Almighty God as to serve His purposes: to awaken the slumbering churches to rethink their governmental duties, which the apostolic church recognized as their duty—a duty, the implementation of which, today's church is in total confusion; to prompt more prayer and labor for a change from today's abject and servile acceptance by the churches of humanistic civil governments; to reassume their God-given responsibility to build Christian civil governments; to begin refusing to accept the "status quo" of the seemingly never-ending proliferation of humanistic and illegitimate governmental bureaucracies with their endless regulations. This is a crucial dimension of the whole Gospel, one that is missing from the thinking of today's church.

      The 21st century church is suffering from a kind of prefrontal lobotomy of her spiritual brain. Her preaching stands in stark contrast to that of the early church. The early church preached Christ's Kingship over the Roman Empire; today's church would rather (by default) preach Thomas Jefferson's illicit, unauthorized, and unbiblical doctrine of the "separation of church and state." Today's church doesn't know the difference between legitimate and illegitimate doctrines of the "separation of church and state." She stumbles along, oblivious to the biblical teaching that the Father has established His Son, the enthroned Messiah, as King over the civil governments of all nations (Psalm 2), rejecting out of hand Christian civil government, opting rather for Jefferson's secular version.

    2. We live in a time when the church has failed to comprehend and obey the whole of our Lord Jesus' Great Commission. Jesus said to: "Make all nations My disciples," but today's church has responded: "Yes, Lord, but we have a better idea. We will revise your command, reducing it to the level of just making individual disciples, and ignoring the rest of it. We will conduct our personal evangelism, while avoiding the awkward context of bringing the whole nation to acknowledge you."

      Our Lord cannot be pleased!

      It is the church's mission to witness to the nations. The church must understand that individuals are won to Christ in the context of a covenantal and corporate witness to the nations. The church must be confessionally committed to obeying the command of King Jesus to disciple the nations, as He said: "All authority has been given to me in heaven and in earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations ('make all nations My disciples'), baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you. And, lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age" (Matt. 28:18-20). This clear statement of our Lord gives the church authority to teach the nations the principles of Christian civil government; to call them to submit to the authority of Christ and to build their nations on the law of God.

    3. The church desperately needs to resume preaching the whole Gospel of Jesus as preached by the apostles, meaning that today's truncated version of the Gospel must be abandoned, or at least drastically modified to bring it into obedience to the Lord Jesus. The church must learn to present the Gospel of Christ as the early church did: not only calling individuals to repentance, but also challenging Caesar's claim to absolute rule (Acts 17:9). Christian civil government is not an option—a mere matter of personal or church doctrinal preference—but an essential teaching of the New Covenant message that Jesus is Lord of all.

      When Peter preached to the Sanhedrin, "Neither is there salvation in any other; for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12), he was directly contradicting the words of Augustus Caesar, who had claimed in 17 B.C. that, "Salvation is to be found in none other save Augustus, and there is none other name under heaven given to men by which they must be saved."[1] Peter went head to head with Caesar! Would that today's church would do likewise. Peter was not afraid to confront the head of the Roman Empire with the radical doctrine that Caesar was accountable to a Higher Authority, namely, to Jesus Christ.

      Jesus Christ is the God-appointed Prince over all nations. All civil governments should—and will, someday—be "Christian." Thus, it is an absolute condition necessary for worldwide evangeli­zation, that we learn to send forth missionaries who will teach their converts to build Christian civil governments in their respective nations; who will labor to see this goal realized before Jesus returns bodily to end the history of this world as we have known it, and usher in the eternal age (1 Cor. 15:24-28); and who will realize that Jesus will not return until this goal is accomplished (Phil. 2:9-10).

      What is necessary for this to take place? How can the church be brought to an understanding of its biblical responsibility?

    4. First, the church must awaken to the yawning chasm of its failure to read and understand and obey what Jesus and Peter plainly said, that Jesus Christ was King over Caesar; that He is King over Washington, and every other world capital; and He is to be recognized as such.

      Second, the church must begin to relearn its history. We must understand why the Christians in pagan Rome were thrown to the lions in the Coliseum; why Nero lit his garden parties with the gruesome lighting of the tar-soaked bodies of living Christians spiked on poles serving as evening garden torches. Such is the hatred of the pagans for the rule of King Jesus over civil government! For the next 250 years, the Caesars sporadically initiated vicious persecutions of the Christians in their midst, interspersed with cooling off periods, until the conversion of Emperor Constantine c.300 A.D. It was on Constantine's watch that we had the Edict of Milan of 312 A.D., which brought religious liberty and freedom to the Christians to worship without fear of the dread hand of civil government interfering with the worship of Jehovah.

      The civil government of Rome had opposed the doctrine of Christ's Kingship over their presumed and illegitimate turf of civil government, a hatred which was duplicated in spades 1600 years later by King Charles II, when he not only repudiated the Solemn League and Covenant, but determinedly tortured and slaughtered the Scottish Covenanters. After he died, his brother James II took up the sword, wielding it until 18,000 men, women, and children had been tortured and slaughtered without mercy. It was only then that Parliament had had enough, deposed James, and invited William of Orange to come to the rescue. The result was the Revolution Settlement of 1688, which stopped the slaughter and gave the Presbyterians liberty to choose their own pastors (good), but also, along with that relief, jettisoned the national covenants (bad). Civil government has been trending downward toward total secularization ever since. It has taken 311 years, but here we are! Ever since the Revolution Settlement of 1688 (actually 339 years since the Stuart King Charles!! repudiated the Solemn League and Covenant in 1660), the Church has been sliding backwards, guilty of accepting in prin­ciple and approving in practice‑lock, stock, and barrel‑the whole of our present secularized civil government.

      Today, we in the United States, following the lead of our Founding Fathers‑some of whom were Christians who naively embraced the Trojan Horse doctrine of "natural law" thinking that this would retain a Christian character for the nation (how wrong they were!), and therefore have wider appeal—have almost succeeded in totally eliminating religion from public discourse. Behold the wondrous and nefarious influence of our "We the People" Constitution, which, along with its many excellencies as a "procedural document", nevertheless gives no acknowledgment of Jesus Christ or His law, and disallows any moral standards for holding public office (see Article VI, par. 3b ". . . but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States"). Today, our, "We the People" Constitution has been interpreted by the secularists in our midst, with the acquiescence of the slumbering church, as meaning, "no moral test" shall ever be required. Furthermore, even a cursory examination of Madison and Hamilton's renowned and revered "Federalist Papers," will reveal that they refused to reference the Bible or the laws of God in Scripture, but yet have numerous references to the pagan Greeks and Romans.

    5. It should be obvious to all where Madison and Hamilton were looking for their authority! This is consistent with the overall tone of their appeal to "natural law" which everyone, Christian and non-Christian alike, was supposed to obey. "Natural law" was sufficient authority—sufficient legitimacy—for them to organize a civil government, and, as it turned out, was sufficient for the church as well which naively lent its approval. "Natural law" would get everyone's approval, while the law of God in Scripture would not. Especially the approval of leading intellectuals like Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, who, it was thought, would never approve of a constitution which acknowledged the Christ, the King of kings, and His law as the foundation for the nations. The coin of complicity in the church's sellout to secularism served as further justification for their failure to insist that Christ should be honored as King of this new nation. But the churches had a convenient fig leaf: just point to Jefferson's rewrite of the Gospels, in which he, in his superior wisdom, left out all of Jesus' miracles, and presented a gutted "gospel," the good works of all of us ("natural law"?) being sufficient for any man's "salvation." The churches were cowed before Jefferson's towering intellect. Surely it would be better to accept half a loaf, and go for "We the People" as the ultimate source of law. Little did they know what lay ahead, as the nation would steadily secularize, with Christian society being in, first gradual, then headlong retreat during the next 200 years!

      So what do we see today? The church is in panic retreat before the monstrous colossus of a secularizing society. We see the effects of a profound evangelical malaise, with more professing "born again Christians" than ever, existing side by side with a frightening and unprecedented rise of societally destructive perversions of all kinds—all the old disgustingly familiar brands, with new ones seemingly being invented daily. We have just heard two well-known Christian conservative leaders publicly announce that they were giving up on politics; that the "political solution" is the wrong way to go; that we should just go back to saving souls.

      We see, that in spite of ten years of a flurry of "Christian conservative" political activity, plus rising anti-abortion protests, that the evangelical church seems nearly impotent, with less power than ever to shape society along the lines of the laws of God. She seems to be reduced to merely threshing about, hopelessly bemoaning the rise of abortion, the sludge of pornography, the rise of the "gay" movement, the election and reelection of a Chief Executive who using his "talents" to ingratiate himself with a languid and indifferent public, all the while perverting the sacrosanct Oval Office.

    6. No group of Christians, be they a church or individuals, can ride a theological fence forever, especially when that fence is the dividing line between secular civil government and Christian civil government. It all comes down to this confidence: that the civil governments of this earth will one day enter into their own national covenants with "King Jesus." (We believe that the Solemn League and Covenant is an excellent example for the nations to follow in drawing up their own national covenants, which we are convinced will eventually occur worldwide.) Almighty God, in His eminent grace and abundant mercy, is in the process of judging and pruning and reviving and educating His church.

      The Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the blessed Trinity, is awakening His Body, purchased with the blood of the Son of God, to the "Great Commission" where our Lord instructed His followers to, "Make all nations My disciples" (Matt. 28:18-20). The church of Jesus Christ is to be about the task of building Christian civilizations, of rebuilding Christendom, this time along the lines of God's laws for the nations.

      Undoubtedly Christ's Great Commission includes personal evangelism, but evangelism conducted in the context of a mighty effort to build the societies of men on the laws of God as found in the Scriptures, and the bringing of civil governments to enter into their own national covenants, acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord, as the mediatorial King!

      The only alternative to JESUS THE KING is to allow humanistic and "revolutionary" governments to continue proliferating across the globe, marching down the road to their own obliteration at the hands of King Jesus, the White Horse Rider of Revelation 19, who holds the rebellious nations in derision before His wrath falls upon them to their own destruction.

    7. For the church of the LORD Jesus Christ, there remains the fundamental need of repentance for her inexcusable obloquy towards Christian civil government; an admission of her wrong-doing; an acknowledgment that she has failed when she has evangelized without teaching the new disciples Christ's command for corporate national covenanting. This failure goes back a long long way. We need a renewal of the faith of the Covenanters, who died for not only their right to choose their own ministers—but for "the Crown Rights of King Jesus." That meant then, and it means now, Christian civil government.

      Today's appalling flood of man's-rights-centered laws are mostly composed of the deadly fruits of Enlightenment French Revolution thinking. They are choking apostate Western "Christian" civilization to death. We live in revolutionary times. Nationalistic revolutions are filling the vacuum left after the "Revolution Settlement" of 1688, which stopped "The Killing Times," the name given to the slaughter of 18,000 Covenanter men, women, and children from 1660 under Charles II to 1685 under his brother James II. The killing was stopped, but the national covenants with King Jesus were rejected, and Christian civil government became merely a memory. We have gone steadily downhill from there, with our own United States "We the People" Constitution being one of the outstanding milestones on the road to secularism. But thank the Lord for the testimony of the few American churches that have faithfully witnessed through the years to this gross rejection of the King of kings.

      Fundamentally, we need a Godly Revolution, back to basic biblical morality. This "revolution" must begin in the churches with repentance: a) for their acquiescence in this spurning of the Crown Rights of King Jesus, and, b) for following after the suicidal Christianity-cleansed policy of Thomas Jefferson's secular "separation of church and state."

      The church of Christ faces crucial challenges as she looks forward to her tasks for the 21st Century.

      May she never again fail her King, Who is "Lord of all."

    8. I suggest YOU inform yourself more about the backgrounds of our "founding fathers" and how the constitution came about. Read about Patrick Henry and what he meant when he said, "I smell a rat in Philadelphia"

  19. To weigh in from a Catholic Christian perspective (I know we're in the minority here, but I also know there are other Catholics that read this amazing blog).

    The Catechism is pretty blunt on the right to self-defense and makes it clear that under Natural Law this right may not be abridged (see paragraphs 2263-2265).

    Even if we choose to ignore this we have as others have pointed out the Word itself in Romans 13.

    We can dance around it all we want, but our children and families have a moral expectation that we can and will defend them when called upon.

    That's important here because in our current society the firearm is the best, most effective means of self-defense. To deny our right to this tool would be to deny our rights to credible self-defense in a society where the criminals are most certainly armed with that tool.

    My rambling two cents.