Monday, January 21, 2013

Taking a Stand

Sir Knight and I are, in fact, very private people.  We do not seek notoriety or fame, preferring to live peaceful, quiet lives.  However, once in a while a situation arises that requires that we take a stand.  Last weekend, 2nd Amendment rallies were held across the United States and Sir Knight was tapped to speak.  After much consideration and thought, he chose to stand up and be counted.  I thought you all might enjoy a peak.

P.S.  He's the handsome one in the Paratus Familia Blog T-shirt!


  1. Thank you for standing up and being counted. Thank you for putting words to what many of us feel, not just this Saturday but with every post. Your family is an inspiration. We appreciate what you do and what you share.

  2. Thank you for taking a stand. I live in Newtown, CT where the school shooting took place. What I am seeing taking place in my town now concerns me deeply. People are allowing their second amendment rights to be taken away due to raw emotion.

  3. Enola,

    The 2nd Amendment guarantees all the other Amendments.

    Thank you husband, Sir Knight for speaking!!!

  4. Thank you for taking a stand and I thank you and your family for speaking out and for sharing your beliefs on this blog. Even though I could not be there, I feel like you spoke what I feel and believe. I'm also thankful for those who attended the rally to show support for this very important issue that our country is dealing with. God Bless you and protect you.

  5. Very nicely done, Sir Knight!

  6. I was there with my husband and two young sons (12 and 7). Sir Knight and the other speakers there had many good things to say. I can only imagine how many more people would have shown if only there was more advanced notice. Thank you for the heads up on your blog, we would have missed it if not for you!

  7. Well said Sir Knight! I asked the hubs (big history buff) what did he think George Washington wold say right now. He thought G.W. would say -1. who elected these people? 2. time for another Revolution!

  8. A big thank you to both you and Sir Knight for your leadership and service.


  9. Enola,


    No rallies of any sort in the town I reside in. I did pull the M1A out and sighted the scope back in and shot 60 rounds on Saturday.
    The gun range was packed and I had to help out the Rangemaster for awhile (he's a friend of mine)

    On some other news, I watched last night as a 16 year old teenage girl who is a nieghborhood car thief and burglar get arrested for her third or fourth car theft (the DA keeps dropping the charges) Her older sister was standing by watching and talking to the police trying to help her little sister out. The older sister has two kids by a gang member who lives behind me and who was stabbed eight times a few years back and lived (unfournetly)

    This is why I have a rifle in every room and a 1911 .45 in my truck (which stays in the garage so it does not get stolen)

    If guns were outlawed and confiscated, how the heck do I defend myself and my property?

    Today I also took a bold step and also called the "Texas Rangers" on the meth lab down the street from me. Our local police department which is "reactive and not proactive" has let this go on for almost two years now. Time to bring in "Chuck Norris" (I had to crack a joke there)
    The Ranger I talked too was very helpful and I will wait and see what happens.

  10. Thank you for the heads up on the event. I am from Texas and my big disappointment is that both of my senators and my representative will vote the way I want them to. I have contacted them just to make sure but I can have no impact on the representatives that really need the input. Thank you for the blog and thanks to Sir Knight for his speech! He is a hansom person with good taste in women.

  11. God bless you and your family. I look forward to reading your blog daily. So frightening as to the path our government has taken in such a short period of time. It is imperative that our nation turns our eyes toward God or we will surely go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Lynn from Bama