Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Heart of Man

I'll add no commentary.....


  1. Enola,


    I was talking to friend recently about how I don't think half the politicians in Washington D.C. care about the kids in that "Sandy Hook Massacre" The thought arming highly trained school personel to combat "shooters', gang members and other miscreants is "out of the question" in the minds of Marxist.

    Public schools have been transformed into "Marxist Indoctrination Centers" and with private firearms being "Taboo" in "touchy feely happy Marxist land" ,Gun registration and finger printing of gun owners en mass will only be the prelude to full Gun confiscation.

    Its not about "Public Safety" its about Gun Confescation.

    "Never let a good crisis go to waste"
    Rahm Enmuale

    1. Well said captaincrunch. I couldn't agree more. Mr. Obama couldn't get any gun control with the colorado movie theater shooting because he wanted to get reelected. It just seems strangely "convenient" for there to be another shooting now that he's in. Notice how in his first speech after this tragedy, he was already screaming gun control.

    2. One thing that gets on my nerves is blaming inanimate objects for people problems-it doesn't matter what the thing is-a video game or a AR-15. Last time I checked, things don't force people to misuse them. It's just convenient and easy to blame a thing, rather than the person using it. There are, always have been, and always will be, wackos in the world..ones who will misuse things millions of others don't.

  2. I loved visiting this blog even tough I knew that it was right-minded. I just took the good for me and left what I didn't agree with aside.

    But this is just ridiculous!

    Maybe if you don't have access to a firearm, you won't be so incline to use it against people.

    It's the same as to teenagers together. You trust them, but you won't let them home alone, because of the temptation! They maybe thinking about having intimacy, but they will never do so if not given the opportunity.

    Mental illness and gun is the same.

    I personnally almost cried when they abolished guns controls law in Canada.

    And for God sake, why would you need a assault gun at home? When Al-Quaïda has it, America scream to terrorism, when an American has it, it's only for security.

    Like we say in French: Deux poids, deux mesures.

  3. Quote - I personnally almost cried when they abolished guns controls law in Canada.

    Hunh? What are you talking about? I am Canadian and we still have ridiculous gun "control" laws. The only thing that changed is the national registry.


  4. I'm tired of the whole thing. We have guns, all types. My husband hunts and some are for protection. Where we live when seconds count the police are only minutes away. Turly, it would take the police a MINIMUM of 15 minutes to get to our house. It could take 30 minutes or more depending on where they are. I will never be ok waiting when someone is trying to break into my house. I do believe that the government might be our greatest enemy in the end. I don't trust them at ALL!