Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Hazards of Country Living

When you live in the country there are innumerable opportunities for calamity to strike.  Take Master Hand Grenade, for instance....

Yesterday, our propane supply dried up, but being the preppers that we are, we had another bottle at the ready.  I asked Master Hand Grenade to brave the frigid temperatures and hook up a new bottle, returning the empty to the shed to fill on our next excursion to town.

All too soon, Master Hand Grenade was back in the house, looking a little peaked.  As it turns out, our ice covered paths had gotten the best of Hand Grenade and his legs had flown out from under him as he carried the full propane tank to its destination.  The tank landed squarely on the side of Hand Grenade's foot!  Ouch!!!

He hobbled into the house, took his boot off and propped his aching appendage on a pillow.  We immediately put ice on his foot (although very carefully - there was a lot of pain) to combat the swelling and gave him an Ibuprofen for the pain.  At first we thought that, perhaps, he had only bruised his toe, but after closer inspection, we concluded that it had indeed been broken.

And so, Master Hand Grenade sits on the couch in the living room, foot elevated, doing his schoolwork, while his sisters, brother and I take up the slack.  Miss Serenity has been getting the wood in, Princess Dragon Snack and Master Calvin fetch drinks and snacks and Maid Elizabeth has shouldered the generator responsibilities.  Master Hand Grenade convalesces with crutches by his side.

Propane bottles and ice.  These are the hazards of country living.


  1. I've had similar accidents, but-so far- haven't broken anything(to name a few-stitches, minor burns,very brief contact with a live 440 volt buss bar, frostbite from changing a floor buffer's propane tank, and in high school I had black spots all over my face and arms from splashed silver nitrate-it doesn't wash off-it wears off). The treatment I've seen for a broken toe is to tape it to the one next to it. I knew a woman who broke her toe by stubbing it into a couch leg, and that's all the ER did. As I recall, she was walking carefully for 10 days or so.

  2. ouch! i do know that hurts alot (from previous experiences that i have had). ice, elevation, rest. when swelling goes down heat will feel good. yes, tape to next toe after the swelling goes down will help too.

  3. Enola,


    I am symphathetic to Master Hand Grenande. I had cracked ribs from surfing in California, I almost lost my left eye surfing down here on Padre Island. I was pinned under a motorcycle after a bad wipeout with the hot exhaust burning a hole in my leg. I had two concussions, one from a fight and the other from landing head first on a steel deck of a ship. I also shattered my right knee cap in 12 pieces on a steel deck of the same ship. I broke my wrist in another fight when I was dumped off a high school football stadium by five other guys (I took on all five at once, yeah that was smart) I also had some epic car wrecks, some were quite fun. (I love a good adrenaline rush) Better than Instant Coffee!

    (I can't wait until I try a snow machine/ snow mobile, that ones next:)

    Tell' Mr. Tough guy Master Hand Grenade, Real men get Scars, sissy's get tattoo's

  4. Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.


  5. Ouch!! Seeing the toe makes me want to whip out some helichrysum essential oil to help the bruising, discoloring and nerve pain. Then I'd top it with some birch essential oil for bone healing. It greatly helped my husband when he cracked or broke his tailbone.


    2. I use doTERRA brand. My midwife introduced me to the essential oils 3 years ago and they've been my faithful medical remedy since! For over 2 years my children had absolutely no medical coverage of any kind. It forced me educate myself on self-doctoring, and yet have my own personal pharmacy right at my fingertips.

      I have treated deep cuts; bronchitis; ear infections; breast infections; broken bone; diaper rashes; headaches; back pain; colds; flu; fevers; nosebleeds; and even used them for daily health. Every bump and bang gets an offer of essential oils to make it better. :) I've also witnessed close family members use it to stop a 30 year history of migraines, and drastically reduce seizures with these essential oils. I think they're worth every penny for the healing it's provided to my family. Psst, many of them are safe to take internally too - something the vast majority of other essential oils can't claim.

      Here's my affiliated link: I do earn a small monthly commission that pays for about half of my monthly Loyalty Rewards order. I'm happy to answer questions!

  6. Enola,

    Ouch is right!!!! Been there done that, you may want to tape the toe against the other to help and give support. Praying for a speedy recovery for Master :-)

  7. That does look soar but he's probably very lucky that it landed on his toe to soften the impact. Compressed cylinders of (any) gas do not respond well to percussive shock. His day could have ended in a bang!

  8. WOW, He is going to be feeling that one for awhile, he has my sympathy.

    What I really loved, is that your other children quickly moved to fill in for him, they know what needs to be done, and you have made sure that they have the necessary skills to do so. Kudos to you and your well prepared family

  9. Ouch!! May he heal quickly, and may God bless him and the rest of your family.

  10. I feel his pain I broke 3 of my toes on the same foot at once (they got bent backwards too far at an odd angle) and then had to work as a nursing assist in right white sneakers :(
    I'm glad that was the extent of his injury though, it really could've ended in a bang. Maybe a dolly just in case would be helpful? Also I had bought my hubby ice traction things that are basically metal cleats on a rubber frame that stretches over the bottom of his boot, the cleats are just on the tie and heel area. They are easy to take off when you don't need them. I think I got them at a dollar store in an after Christmas sale along with some headlamp flashlights and a crank flashlight. (Hubby is a technician and works in cell towers in high elevations in WV) he said they do help when its just a sheet of ice outside.
    I'm sure you can find something similar or find a way to DIY it.
    My oldest is almost 11 and my youngest is 22 mo I pray that they will be like your kids and step in for each other when needed. Right now all they do is squabble over who's turn it is to use the blue crayon.
    You have such a wonderful family and I'm glad I found your blog! I am really enjoying all of the post and comments as well, I found you through Pinterest someone had pinned you review of a washer, btw did you guys ever make your own?