Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trauma Queen a.k.a. Maid Elizabeth

 I have had numerous readers wonder why our eldest daughter Maid Elizabeth stopped writing her blog "Trauma Queen".  A number of factors enter into her decision, but here are a few highlights.

Maid Elizabeth struggled to come up with things to write that she thought people would find interesting.  I found her blog wonderfully interesting, but apparently Mom's opinion doesn't count.  But the overwhelming reason for discontinuing her blog is her recent employment.

A few weeks ago Maid Elizabeth became employed by our local grocery store as a checker.  Although she loves EMS, she has a goal that she could not reach by volunteering as an EMT.  She is planning on spending three months next summer in the Philippines!

Elizabeth has been an apprentice midwife for roughly three years and that is where her passions lie.   Recently she was introduced to the opportunity to serve in a mission to the Philippines as an apprentice midwife helping with up to 30 births a week!  She will spend three months at the mission compound doing prenatals, post-natals and deliveries.  When she returns home, she will have the experience and knowledge to take her CPM (Certified Practical Midwife) exam and start her own practice.  It will be the fulfillment of her dreams on two counts.  First, she has always wanted to be a part of foreign missions and secondly, she has a great desire to be a back-country midwife.  We are all thankful for the opportunity.

The biggest reason she is no longer writing is that she flat out doesn't have the time.  Between working a full-time job (to earn money for airfare, lodging while in-country and other expenses) and studying her skills workbook she is too busy to do anything else!

We are so proud of our children.  What an honor it is to see them take their place in the world.  We pray that our arrows fly true.


  1. Well, good for her! I know that her trip will give her more than just the knowledge she needs to pass her cert. exam, it will be an uplifting experience for her and will increase her own gratitude of the blessings we have here (in spite of the direction we're going, we still have it better than many other countries).

    I found her Trauma Queen blog very interesting, also, and since I'm not her mom, that should say something! :)

    Good luck on saving up for the mission trip, and keep us posted!


  2. Never read her blog, but now wish I had. Your daughter has ambition, drive, generosity, and energy -- great qualities. Don't worry, Mom, your young "arrows" will fly straight and true.

    NoCal Gal

  3. Exciting! I stopped by the blog a few times and enjoyed it. I ended up in this whole blog world thanks to Patrice's WND columns and following links. Now I read hers daily and have expanded into this one and Traumaqueen's. It's like a delightful group of friends and neighbours all across the continent! I even want to start one myself - I have the ideas, just not the time either.
    Still, the Philippines will be amazing and blog-worthy, so if you want to share your adventures you have some old 'neighbours', we would be excited catch up and read about your travels.
    Take Care

  4. Is there a way where we (as other Christians) can contribute directly to Maid Elizabeth's fund for her Philippine mission? We support many different mission opportunities (in small ways) and this sounds like a very worthy one. I really admire her. (You can email the answer - my email is on our blog site).

  5. A reader sent this in:

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Trauma Queen a.k.a. Maid Elizabeth":

    I second Tracy's excellent idea! As I've said before I stumbled upon this wonderful group of people, and have enjoyed sharing insights, thoughts, a window into rural life and true VALUES! (P.S- Maid Elizabeth: you did have great insight, humour & wit in your blog. I hope you do continue to share your adventures. I also meant to 'borrow' your great "Know when to give up" picture, but never got around to it before the site went down)
    So I'd be glad to contribute in a small way and I'm sure there are others who would do the same. Let us know.

  6. Dear Tracy and Clare-
    I am humbled beyond words! I am still shocked when God blesses us, and then I wonder why. Our Father loves to delight us with His good gifts - and He loves to use His children to do it. Thank you. Words cannot express my deep gratitude. Maid Elizabeth was moved to tears by your generous offers. I am going to add a link with a way to contribute. I'm not really sure what the best way is, so if either of you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Tracy - I tried to find you email address, but am not so technically gifted.

    Clare - I will be emailing you.

    Enola Gay

  7. This sounds like a goal worth working at, I hope to become a woman like Maid Elizabeth some day.

  8. Hi, my name is John Vosloo and i am in South Africa. I have been into this '' living off the grid '' thing for a long time now and i find your site most interesting in all ways. Elizabeth, wow, you basically grew up off the grid ? Your mom mentioned once that at age 22 you can run a household with a ..... was it a wood burning stove and a few basic utensils ? Those are such good skills. Most modern girls in South Africa does not know their way around a kitchen accept to the fridge and back, that is if they can lower their smartphones for a moment to see where they walk ! I wish you all the success on your midwife work. I only recently found this site and never saw your '' Trauma Queen '' blog. Is it still up somewhere ? If not, can you maybe e mail me some of it ? I would like to read it. I hope you will start your blog again ....... then we ther is a way to communicate with you. Mrs Gay, i hope you don't mind me piggybacking on your blog to get a message to Elizabeth, but can you blame me for trying ? Your daughter is wonderful in every way. Elizabeth, keep up the good work.