Monday, July 19, 2010

My Birthday

 Every year, for my birthday, three friends and I get together and celebrate.  We celebrate at each of their birthdays as well, but of course, I always think mine is extra special.  The celebrations have changed over the years.  When our children were smaller, we had huge groups.  We four ladies had tea while the children (all 25 of them!) played outside and ate "locust" food.  As our children have gotten older, our gatherings have become more intimate.  The older children have moved out, or have jobs, so now we mostly have only the little ones running in and out the door or clamoring to be held.  Our lives have gotten busier and it can be difficult to arrange our schedules.  Sometimes we are slightly early for a birthday tea, but mostly we are very late.  It doesn't matter, of course, as long as we have the chance to get together.

Lady Dae, Anne of Providence Lodge and the Scottish Princess are extraordinary women.  They sharpen me with their wisdom and make me strive to be a more Godly woman.  They encourage me to love my husband and love and train my children.  They pray with me, laugh with me, weep with me and challenge me.  They have strengths and weaknesses.  They have grace and mercy.  They are gifts from God.


  1. God bless ye fer a Godly woman, my dear. I'm wishing you a happy (very likely belated) birthday, and thanking you for sharing your lovely friends and tradition of celebration with us here. Many happy returns to you all.

    A. McSp

  2. Happy Birthday!

    You said wonderful things about your friends, so obviously they are fortunate to have your friendship, just as you are fortunate to have theirs.

    NoCal Gal

  3. YooHoo! Another birthday and another personal best!

  4. Happy Birthday!