Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just when you thought you were the only one.....

It appears that "Doomsday" shelters are back in vogue.  During the Cuban Missile Crisis many folks had a "bomb shelter"  constructed in their back yard.  Now, the majority of people think that is ludicrous - or maybe not!

Here is an article I stumbled across regarding the resurgence of an updated "bomb shelter"!  Apparently we aren't the only people who see the signs of the times!

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  1. I'm old enough to remember, clearly, the threat posed by the Cuban Missile Crisis. That was a scary time, indeed. Some classmates had bomb shelters in their backyards, but we didn't. My folks took a different approach to the whole thing - bugging out. They didn't call it that, but we had a rustic cabin in the hills and my folks would talk about going there if a bad situation turned to war. My mom took us to that cabin while Dad stayed behind and worked (self-employed, so work or starve) and we monitored the radio hoping for word that the crisis had been quelled. Soon the international hostilities cooled down and we returned home. Mom sold the cabin a year later, believing that having money would be more prudent than having a "retreat." I still drive by the place once in awhile, and think about that 2-3 days of uncertainty all those years ago.

    As for modern bomb shelters, who do you call for warranty claims after TEOTWAWKI? I would not want to share a shelter with strangers in a panic. How does a person get to the shelter if there is a disaster? Roads will be jammed, people will be crazy, and the shelter may be taken over by interlopers. Nope, I'll be bugging-in and hiding under the bed...praying and repenting.

    NoCal Gal