Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The end of Religious Freedom?

Another article I came across this morning is very sobering indeed.  A Christian student was expelled from a university graduate program because she wouldn't change her Christian based views on homosexuality.  So, we live in a free country?  Really!?!  I guess we Christians had better start thinking about how far we are willing to be pushed and when we say "enough".


  1. "You can believe in anything you want, just as long as you believe what I tell you to believe"...

  2. I believe the choice in America (will come down to this): either we concentrate in prayer or (we'll end up) praying in concentration camps. You say it can't happen. It will! - Leonard Ravenhill

  3. That is angering. So they would only let her back in the school if she let them brainwash her. How ridiculous.

  4. Why am I not surprised? Only a Christian would be treated that way.

    Muslim cab drivers can refuse to accept any passenger they feel violates their religious
    beliefs. That would include a passenger with a dog or a passenger with a bottle of beer. This act of discrimination is allowed DESPITE the fact that the cabbies' licenses are issued by government agencies. Why doesn't the government require Muslim cabbies end their acts of discrimination? (Answer: Because they are afraid of offending Muslims!!) The government has no problem offending Christians, and does so every day.

    So, while a Muslim cabbie is free to practice his religion in ways that can be considered discriminatory, a Christian grad student gets booted for her beliefs.

    Christians need to stand together to put a stop to the discrimination we face at the hands of our own government - all levels of government. If we don't stand together, we won't have the clout needed to stop it. Too many churches, though, would side with the public university in this example - they have been taken over by the politically correct.

    Stand up. Speak out. The question is not: Will Christians ever face persecution in America?" Because the answer is: We already do.

    I love my country - it's the politicians and bureaucrats in government that I don't trust.

    NoCal Gal

  5. i believe that this student should take it to the courts and not give up..push back and defend what you believe in..there are many many people who will back her up and give her their undying support...

  6. Another incident in what I used to call unbelievable. These days, what was once inconceivable has become staus quo.

    Thank you for your site here. I read your blog and that of your friend at Rural Revolution daily. I enjoy it very much and earnestly wish that I was able to relocate my family to your area. (That is akin to blasphemy for a proud Southerner!) We live near a small town in South Carolina but even here, in the "Bible Belt", evil is gathering strength. My wife and I have begun to prepare for what I believe are going to be very difficult and trying times. Prayer and preparation is our watchphrase.

  7. As a very strict Constitutionalist, I have to say that this should be well within the private university's rights, provided it was stated upfront in the contract when the student paid their fees. If the contract was simply "pay us and we'll provide you an education" well then they broke the contract and it should go to the courts (for punitive damages) but if such views *were* in the contract (and they have a right to put them there) then it is well within their right to expect the student to uphold their end of the contract.

    Think of a "Christian" college and its instance on going to chapel for an example. It is their right AND it is in their contract.