Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Kitchen Curtains

While in town yesterday, I stopped at a yard sale and found a lovely embroidered lace panel.   It cost all of .25 cents, but unfortunately it was a shower curtain, not a regular curtain.  I left it, but kept coming back, so finally, I spent the big bucks and bought it thinking I could cut the end off that was designed for curtain rings and use it as a table cloth or some such thing.

This morning, I saw it pooled up on a chair in my bedroom and knew I had to find a use for it where I could gaze at its beauty.  Then it struck me - the kitchen window!  That particular window, I had left alone and not dressed for summer.  I didn't have appropriate curtains and I just didn't want to mess with it.  The panel would be perfect.

The first thing I had to do to make it work was to make a rod pocket.  I turned the shower curtain portion over and pinned it.

Then I stitched the hem to make a pocket.  Now it is ready to hang!

These are the "winter" curtains.

And the "new" summer dress!

Isn't summer beautiful!?!


  1. Summer is indeed beautiful. But what is more beautiful, imho, is your vision to see something new in an item that had a previous life. Creativity is a beautiful thing!

    NoCal Gal

  2. When good fabric calls your name it is best to answer; then no living with regret. Very pretty.

  3. Lovely!
    I bought a curtain at a yard sale last year...still wear it, lol!

  4. How lovely! It gives you a bit of privacy and shade, yet doesn't obsure the view.

    I'm catching up on your posts--I'm behind!

    Off to