Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nation in Distress....

I just read an article about a Dr. in Michigan who, over the Fourth of July holiday, flew his American flag upside down, in the classic posture signifying distress.  It's not just us who sees the decaying state of our Union.

Here is the article.  Know that you are not alone!

Doctor hangs flag upside down

It's a sign of disrespect to veterans, service members and anyone who's patriotic -- an American flag flown upside-down. Why would someone fly Old Glory upside down, especially during the Fourth of July holiday? It's the work of a Downriver, Mich., eye doctor, reported.
It certainly caught people's eyes. An American flag flying upside down in front of Dr. Thomas Byrd's office over the Fourth of July weekend. The eye doctor says he did it when he asked himself some questions.
"What's the state of our nation at this time? And I thought that she's in distress. So, I thought I would flip the flag in the long-standing sign of distress," said Byrd. "And by inverting the flag I would perhaps get a few people to ask themselves maybe the same question. How is the Constitution doing? How is my liberty? How is my freedom compared to a few years ago?"
Dr. Byrd says flying the flag upside down was never intended to be disrespectful. He simply wanted to get people's attention, MyFoxDetroit reported.
"A lot of people misunderstood and somehow thought I had some beef with the United States or that I... disrespected the flag or the country, and that couldn't be further from the truth," Byrd said.
The U.S. Flag code says the flag should only be flown upside down as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life and property.
"We are certainly in dire danger of property. There's a great deal of property being taken from people right now, but it's not the intent that we are in dire and immediate need that we're being overrun," said Byrd.
Dr. Bryd says he's a Conservative who respects the Constitution and he did find some of former President George W. Bush's approaches to Constitutional issues troubling. Some Conservative and Libertarian groups, such as the Cato Institute, found Bush's record sharply at odds with the text, history and structure of the Constitution. But those days did not inspire Dr. Byrd to flip the flag.
We asked Byrd who is a greater threat to the Constitution, George W. Bush or Barack Obama? He answered, "I think the Obama administration, by far."


  1. Dr. Byrd gets my vote. I was the only person in my neighborhood flying the flag on July 4th. 2/3 of the residents in this town are socialists, the rest are staying low so as not to be hassled by the 2/3. I'm vocal about my opposition to the current administration (and the fact that GW Bush was no Conservative) and often get heckled for speaking my voice.

    One thing about liberals/progressives/marxists -- they are by far the least accepting of other opinions out of all other political/social/economic groups. I love the hypocrisy when Obama says we need to help the poor, while he himself plays golf, dines out with his wife, and generally ignores the poor. Such a typical progressive. What he really wants is for you and me to help the poor while he lives the high life.

    NoCal Gal

  2. NCG, I agree with you wholeheartedly, although I'm not sure about your final seems like he wants us to BE the poor while he lives the high life.

    The U.S. flag flies over my front walk 365 days a year. I left behind my beloved lifelong home after it had become so infested with 'diversity-loving, pro-illegal immigration people of tolerance' that I was repeatedly threatened, vanalized and publicly called a racist for flying our flag over the 4th of July holiday in 2000. So I responded by leaving it up until our house sold and we left and never looked back.

    You can think of me as NoCalGalNoMo. I escaped. lol

    A. McSp

  3. Pssst! Pssst! A.McSp, it's me, A.T. I use a different name here. Shhhh, don't tell anybody.

    NoCal Gal aka A.T. hehehehe