Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is it fiction?

Here is a nice little piece on the demise of America.  Is this a train barreling down the tracks, or can we derail it before it gets here?  Why is it that we are preparedness nuts?  You decide.


  1. Save the Canning JarsJuly 29, 2010 at 10:19 AM

    I'm 30 minutes into the Fall of the Republic movie at the end of the link you gave. God help us all!

  2. The Marxist train that is running full speed in this country is about to reach its destination. We only have November to stop it. If we don't stop it then, our nation is over. We, as liberty-loving Americans, are over. We will become a borderless cesspool where chaos rules.

    Trust no politician. Do your homework and study what they have done, not what they say. They will say anything to get elected, so it is what they have actually done (their voting record, for example) that matters.

    I am probably preaching to the choir, but I am angry. I am upset that so many Americans have allowed themselves to be duped time and time again by smooth-talking flimflam artisits. Too many Americans want something for nothing (there is always a string attached) and too many of us gave up in frustration just when they should have been digging in deeper and standing firm.

    I am turning my anger into energy. I am speaking out wherever and whenever possible. I attend tea parties and meet likeminded people who give me hope. We ALL must do something besides whine. We can prep and hope to save ourselves, but I am talking about saving our country. Without it, we are back to living as clans and tribesmen. Is that what our Founding Fathers envisioned for us? Hell no!

    Pardon me for rambling on, but this stuff is important. We are talking about the demise of the greatest country the world has ever known. Not because of some magnificent stone edifaces build in the deserts. Not because of fine artwork that hangs in museums around the world. Not because we build cheap junk and sell it around the world. NO! America is great because freedom and liberty were reality, not some ideology only dreamed about. I will not relinquish my freedom. I will not. My rights come from God, not man.

    Prepare for your own survival, I do. But also prepare for the survival of the USA as established by our Founding Fathers. We can save our country, but first we must save our souls. We must put priorities in their proper places. We must stop buying into the consumerism that greedy multinational companies bombard us with every day. We must stop relying on others to interpret the news or tell us what we should think. WE have the power, we merely need to remember that. Then, say enough is enough and DO something about it. Vote. Speak out. Stand firm against Marxism. Don't be afraid to speak out and say NO!

    My ancestors didn't fight and bleed, and work and save, and provide a better life for subsequent generations just to have THIS generation give it away to those who will destroy what they built. It is my responsibility to carry on - to build upon the foundation provided for me. I cannot do it alone, but WE can do it together.

    Sorry, Enola Gay, for dominating your blog. I am passionate about our future and hope to stir passions within others.

    When Rome fell, Western Civilization sank into the centuries-long Dark Ages. It was a time of disease, suffering, warfare, horrors and sorrows of unimaginable types and seeminly unending duration. The world will fall into another Dark Ages if the US should fall. We hold the world together with our foreign aid, our world-wide military deployments in hotspots. We Americans donate our money and our time for every country on earth - friend and foe. Without us, the Western world will suffer greatly. Are the peoples of other nations even aware of this? Do they understand what is at stake if we fall to Marxism? I hope they are waking up, just as I hope enough Americans are waking up.

    But this is the bottom line - if we succeed in November, we can NEVER become complacent again. We can NEVER leave to others what is our job - vigilance. We can save our country, if we save ourselves and put things into proper perspective.

    We have so little time to do it. But we can prevail.

    NoCal Gal

  3. We cannot stop this. We can only assist ourselves and those who still wish to live a moral life. I am beyond convinced we are in the beginning salvo of the end of days. The years of trial and tribulation are upon us. Much will be ask of us, who will not bow to the New World Order. Choose your battles, and mind your strengths.

  4. with just months away from an election that can possibly put a stop to the craziness of the whitehouse and congress as it is at this time, this is not the time to sit on our laurels and hope for the best outcome..we need to keep up the fight and the work. and we need to be realistic..even with a good election result..that is only the beginning of the fight to restore america.

  5. Caution: Alex Jones (to me at least) comes across as a bit of a conspiracy theorist. I have seen the "Fall of the Republic" and the companion "Endgame". While both dire in their preditions, they use propaganda techniques and thus I find them less trustworthy than they might be.

    Is there a group of wealthy folks working to drive things? Certainly, it is called Capitalism to seek to best employ your wealth. When you use government to do so it is called merchantilism and it is NOT good.

    BUT, they cannot manage this without the consent of the governed. This is why individuals must, know their minds and live according to those principles (owning and being proficient with firearms might be good too). They key is to communicate not that a shadowy group is attempting to drive things, but that some of their behavior is counter to Liberty and that those behaviors must be opposed and stopped.

    This is why I pray that the OathKeepers stand by their oath. If the Bilderberg group (or whatever name you give to those who would rule with us unaware) attempts to use the force of arms to force us to comply I hope that the Oaths taken by these men and women will hold them firm in support of Liberty.

    They need consent. These people are only people. Yes they can and are using their wealth as a control and even a weapon, The more we are able to stand on our own two feet in opposition, the harder they will find it.

    We cannot oppose their wealth. It is THEIR property to hold, use and dispose of as they wish - until they deny Liberty to others.