Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Wolf is at the Door

Remember the tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf?  You know the one.  Little boy, seeking attention, cries "Wolf, Wolf" while playing in a secluded field.  Terrified, the villagers run to his rescue, only to find the little boy completely unharmed with nary a wolf in sight.  Again and again, hearkening the little boy's cries, the townsfolk arm themselves with pitchforks, bows and knives and rush to defend one of their own against the devil beast. And, time after time, the little boy sheepishly admits that perhaps he hadn't seen a wolf after all.  Finally, one fated afternoon, the little boy lifts his gaze, and cringed in horror at the penetrating yellow eyes of his greatest adversary - the Wolf.  With terror unmatched in his young life, the little boys cries "Wolf, Wolf" at the top of his lungs, only to be met with the indifferent silence of an apathetic village.  Hearing the little boy cry "wolf" innumerable times when no actual danger was present had hardened the hearts of the townsfolk.  This time, they ignored the frantic cries and went on with the tasks at hand.  The mother rocked her child, the grocer sold his goods and the smith worked his iron.  The people went on with their lives as the boy lay dying in a pool of his own blood.

When the little boy failed to come home for dinner, the villagers scoffed at his weeping mother, not moved by her pleas for help.  As they settled themselves into warm, inviting beds, they slept the sleep of the righteous.  And then - they heard scratching.  Peering into the darkness, they searched for the cause.  Seeing nothing, they turned, thinking once again of sweet slumber.  With their defenses down, he pounced.  The wolf with the yellow eyes was at their door - and yet they slumbered.

I made the mistake of reading the news.  Headlines herald the end.  "Congressional Budget Office Warns of Economic Cliff".  "New Black Panthers Call to Create "Red Sea" of Bloodshed"".  "Total Emergency" in Spain.  But, as usual, life goes on with nary a glitch.  Sure, gas prices are awful and I'll have to hold my nose when I vote this year, but the realities of my day to day life remain untouched.

Now is the time when many become complacent.  They grow tired of hearing the "boy" cry "wolf".  They've armed themselves against the beast only to be betrayed by the town crier.  They're done.  The wolf is a myth - a figment of an overactive imagination.  They are going to live for the now - for the moment.  To heck with the wolf.  Life is waiting.

But, the wolf is at the door.  After months and years of prepping and planning, it is easy to become disillusioned.  "If it hasn't happened yet, it never will".  But nothing could be further from the truth.  The wolf has been prowling, seeking who he can devour, and he will, when we are at our weakest.  Therefore, I encourage you to keep the faith.  Run the race.  Don't lose heart.  You are our last, best hope.

The wolf is at the door.  How will you answer?


  1. Ms. Enola Gay you have hit the nail on the head. I see people continuing to rack up debt, buying houses they can't afford, and generally living heading to the same place as they were in 2006 and 2007. The government and the media give lip work to living with fiscal responsibility yet the budget is bigger, the deficit larger and politicians are making decisions based on their own pocketbook not their constituents.

    I just pray that I've done enough, learned enough and prepared my family enough. I also pray that God will provide for this nation and that the people will experience a revival the likes of which have not been seen in history.

  2. Great analogy, Enola. Yes, the wolf is knocking at the door and most people don't want to recognize or know what is going on because is disrupts their idyllic little life and facing reality is not always pleasant. Prepare, my friends.

  3. This is a great correlation! Nothing could be more true! People are beginning to think that all is well and that their prepping has been for nothing. God bless you for all the sharing you do to try to prepare folks for what IS coming.

  4. Ms. Gay: Do you have the feeling that at times you are blowing the horn in a crowd... herd.. of deaf sheep?

    Thomas T. Tinker

  5. Enola -

    Don't worry, while there are some who will be like all those who after Y2K sold their generators and food supplies, there will also be many who will carry on. Our preparations started with awareness back in the 1960's, followed by getting out of the big city, and gradual improvements ever since. We have never given up, and it has paid when I was out of work for the best part of a year. Those who stick with things long term usually understand they are prepping not only for major disasters, but also for more "normal" day to day things life throws our way.

    I was reading an article the other day about the mess with the Euro, that said that countries should not fear leaving the Euro and devaluing their currency - after all look at how great Argentina has done after they ended the peg to the dollar!?! Anyone who thinks that way should read Ferfal's book.

    Blessings on you and yours!

  6. He is breathing down our necks! Can you feel his hot, steamy, snarling breath as he comes ever closer to devour (he thinks!) his "victims". We see his signs everywhere, everyday.

    Our only hope, truth and salvation from the wolf - and the Dragon! - is in Jesus Christ, being obedient to Him, immitating Him and standing firm in our faith "Here is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Christ" Revelation 14:12.

    Studying the TRUTH of His word (so much false teachings are here today) and praying Psalm 91 over our ourselves, our family and friends and praying that those who do not know the one true God who saveshave their eyes opened by a God who forgives, if we ask, seek and knock. - "Those who know their God, that is eternal life."

    We see Biblical prophecies coming true everyday. We have much tougher times ahead and they will be beyond comprehension.

    Stay in God's word - not the "traditions and doctrines of men". America's churches today are like the "money changers" in the temple - all about money;, entertainment has replaced the true worship of Jesus Christ and His shed blood; "feel good theology" and unity - all gods get us to heaven!; money hungry pastors who like to fly around in their helicopters and are shills for their pocketbooks rather that the TRUTH of God's word. They forget we have a God who sees all and they will get their "just reward".

    1. Pat- it is because we have disconnected Christianity and Christ from the Jews.
      It is us, the Gentiles who have been grafted in.
      The denominations think that they are the vine and Jesus must be the "sun"
      and the roots are Jews'cause we can't see them.
      Or like Martin Luther- We should burn down their synagogues
      The doctrines of man are depraved.

  7. I'm not so sure the wolf is here just yet-for all its woes, the U.S. is very resilient.Look into the past-we have bounced back from worse.The U.S. bounces where other countries crash.I think children alive now may very well live to see the first starships(probably privately built ones) head out across interstellar space. Still, it's always wise to be ready, in case the wolf does show up. The skills learned from prepping have great value themselves, whether the wolf shows up or not.

  8. In regards to the photo above, when you consider the shape this country is in, and in regards to anon 12:10 there is a song that addressed your comment, "I'm not so sure the wolf is here just yet-for all its woes, the U.S. is very resilient"

    I'm gonna keep my sheep suit on
    Til I'm sure that you've been shown
    That I can be trusted,
    walking with you alone...

    Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood
    You sure are looking good
    You're everything a big, bad wolf could want....

    1. Sam The Sham-I think. I listened to the Dr. Demento Show a lot during my formative years(and I'm glad of it). Well, there's also The Sky Is Falling.. You gotta be careful. Still, that doesn't take away from the value of prepping a bit. If more people prepped, and kept the attitudes and outlook that go along with it, maybe the wolf could be prevented from getting anywhere near the door.
      I don't place a lot of faith in doomsday predictions. Can they happen? Sure. But how likely is it? When I was in school, it was considered a given that the U.S. and Soviet Union would eventually play a very realistic game of Missile Command-lots of things pointed to it-no one seemed to think the Soviet union would just fold up. The fact that disasters of many kinds are possible makes prepping a good idea,but just be careful you don't slip into The Sky Is Falling trap.

  9. yes, the song was sung in the 60's by Sam the Sham....yes, the wolf is at the doors of those who are not prepared and maybe even at the door of those who are prepared but have have not practiced the lifestyle of the prepared. personally, i am not waiting for the wolf to come knocking on my door, but neither am i checking to see how low the sky looks from here.

  10. It seems that many people in America still have no clue about how the financial markets work (or stop working!)or that many countries, large ones, at that, have already/others soon will STOP accepting our US Dollar as their currency of choice. Some Middle East countries have stopped trading our
    petro-dollars for their oil and now trade other currencies and gold. Japan, China, India, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and more no longer taking US dollars. Greece, Spain, Syria, Egypt, Italy are in not only in financial calamity, but also political chaos.

    HHHMMM, think that affects America?Or soon will?

    And how many cities/states in America are already bankrupt? Anyone pay attention to something other than dancing stars and fools?

    America runs the money printing presses like its going out of style, buying back our own US Treasuries. Can anyone say hyper-inflation? Does anyone notice that products, like food, in our markets have much smaller packaging with higher prices. Or are we still in la la land? ZZZZZ, still snoozin'.

    Life is good, enjoy it while you can. My guess is that you'll be right there with other snoozers the day the dollar finally wheezes out it's last gasp trying to buy the last loaf of bread and scampering to find a pack of diapers or can of formula for the little one, if the shelves are not already empty.

    So, does anyone here know what will happen in America when the US dollar takes it's final bow, very soon to come? Well, keep on singing, er - snoozin'!

    My guess is that all the "happy talk" will quickly end as reality (not as in reality TEEVEE) finally kicks in.

    Keep singing, yes, indeed!! Look around, once in awhile, and ask a few of those 88,000,000 Americans out of work and no prospects in sight for decent employment as the politicians not giving any incentives for manufacturing jobs to come back onto our shores. Or maybe ask those who've lost their homes and accepting handouts at the local food pantries so they can feed their children, how they feel about the wolf that has not only come to their door but actually removed it, ravaged their home and American dream that has turned into a nightmare.

    Guess the snoozin' sheeple will always be with us. A very rude awakening lurks right arond the corner.

  11. Enola,
    How I love thy "sight".
    Yours is the only TEOTWAKI blog I still visit EACH WEEK. But I must ask, Why are we holding our noses AGAIN at the voting booths. To me it is like the capitulation at that kicked off the French Revolution.
    I held my nose for McCain. (I assume you mean Romney.)
    Why are we conservatives continuously led by our noses every time.

    Since God appoints our leaders I have decided to stick this one out. I am losing faith in America because of its politics.

    I have never in my life missed an opportunity to vote.

    Romney has innocent blood on his hands for defending a women's "right to choose". While some may argue that he had little influence, in essence he supported it by not condemning it

    over 56 million have been slaughtered in the U.S. Since Roe vs. Wade

    All the birth kits in the world won't help me forget the death sentence given to life in Massachusetts during his reign.
    So, can you explain how you see past that to put him (Romney) in leadership of this great nation?

    Now if you mean Ron Paul I can hold my nose for him!

    1. It is Romney that I am talking about when I say "holding my nose". Truthfully, I have come to the conclusion that I am tired of voting for the "lesser of two evils". I will now vote my conscience, even if that means that I can't vote. I can't see past evil. At some point, we have to make a stand.


    2. Yes, Enola, I too, am tired to the "hold your nose and vote" and the "lesser of two evils" baloney. I am voting my conscience "for consciences sake" as the Bible says. The vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

    3. That is an insane attitude to take. Obama is even worse, not only does he not condemn it, he SUPPORTS it whole heartedly.

  12. Americans were rugged liberty-loving, God-fearing people. Americans were good. America reflected its people. America was good. It minded its own business and just wanted to be left alone. Yet it saved Europe from tyranny twice at a cost of 500,000 men and women and untold sacrifice.

    Some people are finally waking up and thinking they can fix DC. That is a naïve assumption at best, a dangerous one at worse. They need to face the reality that the country they think they live in, simply no longer exists. Heck even the integrity of our election process has been compromised. Our Founders’ country began crumbling 60 years ago. Our military has not been engaged in a constitutional war since 1945. Free market capitalism has been destroyed. Constitutional government has been abandoned. Americans have long lost the liberty to be left alone. Wealth redistribution is so out of control that ‘takers’ now outnumber ‘makers’. We have abandoned God. We are bankrupt fiscally and morally. We have become Europe.

    Our central government and its entitlements are unsustainable. Ridiculous you say? Just do the math. We have reached the point that the sooner the house of cards inevitably fall, the better our chances to restore liberty in parts of the former U.S. Don’t get me wrong. I do not advocate revolution but you darn well better prepare for it. It will come on its own accord when our metropolitan areas run out of free Happy Meals and their cupboards are bare. Short of divine intervention, dangerous times are coming for you and your loved ones. Prepare for that and, if you are not good with God, do not delay. He has not abandoned us as individuals.

    Could I be wrong? Yes of course. But I am prepared to be wrong. Are you?
    Montana Guy

  13. Ditto, I will not vote for either candidate since both are evil and to me I will not vote for the "lesser of 2 evils" because we still get evil!I have always voted my conscience even if my "candidate" did not win.

    Too many sheep vote the way the "media" wants them to vote without having any thought about who they are voting for.

    Totally agree with Montana Guy.

    I believe through much turmoil yet to come God is sweeping away man's failed, evil governments to usher in His own to one day come.

  14. To Anonymous June 1 1:56 PM

    You are absolutely correct - Romans 11:11-14 Acts 15:14 and John 1:11-12 It's the Gentiles, faithful believer's in Yeshua Messiah, Christ Jesus, who provoked the Jews to jealousy! Replacement Theology was and perhaps still is rampant .But those walls are breaking down as the Gentiles share their beloved Yeshua, with the Jews. One day the eyes of the Jews will be opened by the power of the Holy Spirit. What a day that will be!!

    1. Thank you- I don't hear enough Christians speak up and against Replacement Theology. Is is a man ordained doctrine that spits in the eye of God and his promises. His love endures forever.

      We are the ingrafted branches as Gentiles- though seamless we must remain to our Jewish brothers and sisters in Yeshua.

  15. Sorry - But I wholeheartedly disagree...same stuff, different day. Same voting year rhetoric every time we different than "lesser of 2 evils". Another excuse to just get "someone" in there, at any cost, who is "different" ie: "change" than what we've had. Each one makes our nation closer to Socialism going back many presidents. "Man" thinks he is in charge and that has only breought failed governments and nations no matter who is "in charge."

    A mighty God has His own agenda. Most people cannot see that or what is happening to all nations around the world today.

    There is none of either party that is any different. D or R exactly the same, simply different faces.

    As clear thnking adults who CAN think for themselves and make wise decisions for our family and future generations based on being informed, I find your statement to only be more of the same old, same old rhetoric.

    And we ALL, stil, have a free choice on how we want to live our lives, just as you do.

    God IS in control of whoever gets in office as He "builds up nations and tears down nations. He builds up leaders and tears down leaders." Read your bible!

    See all the evil in past history and empires - it is all repeated over and over - as people wanted a "king". Every time the nation of Israel turned away from God and to their myriad of idols, they were punished...what is the difference in America today with all of our idol worship, and away from the
    one true God?

    They had the most majestic King but wanted someone, something else. They got their wish to their detriment.

  16. Hardly. The definition of insanity is doing (saying) the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Same stuff (words) different day.

  17. My opinion: we are not going to vote our way out of this mess now - too far gone.
    I have noticed that when I leave our small secluded area for larger cities (not often believe me) that everything appears 'normal' (people traveling, business' open, people shopping) - but there is an undercurrent/sense that we are in deep trouble on many levels and a reset is coming. How bad? Not sure and less sure of the outcome but it is coming. To that end, we are set up to attempt to survive both in goods and mindset. Best of luck to all.

  18. White-haired-womanJune 3, 2012 at 7:19 PM

    I have been "prepping" for years, learning and practicing as much sustainability as I can. Then feeling discouraged I just stopped! I don't know what it was in the past few weeks that gave this old body a chill up her spine, but it seems to me a strange wind is a' blowing and it's time to "batten down the hatches," and spend more time in the garden and Bible.

  19. But Romney has the blood of the innocent on his hands, as does Obama and to me the blood is still innocent.

    You may vote from fear, but I pray in the name of the Lord.

    There is a car accident everyday they do incredible damage YET I bet you own one.
    So if you have to suggest that those who feel differently need to " Grow Up" maybe you need to re-evaluate your fascist tendencies.
    I don't agree with Enola 100% of the time but she is deserving of my respect and likewise my fellow Americans.