Sunday, May 20, 2012

Church on the Mountain Top

Maid Elizabeth and I have been hiking 3 miles every day with Sir Knight joining us on the weekends.  The younger children have been begging to join us, so this morning we decided to pack up the whole family, hit the trail and have church at the top of the mountain.

Sir Knight slung on his Blackhawk 3 day pack, I, my Blackhawk Hydrastorm and Miss Serenity and Princess Dragon Snack carried their small Condor packs.  Two of us had CamelBak's and the rest carried water bottles.  We loaded up and headed down the road (about 5 minutes) to a nearby park and set off for higher ground.

Princess Dragon Snack led the way, with Master Calvin close on her heels.  We thought the younger children would get tired quickly and anticipated carrying them, but both of them did remarkably well.  Dragon Snack led the whole way (and often had to wait up for the rest of us) and Master Calvin did all of the difficult hiking on his own two legs, only when we were almost done and going down hill did he poop out and accept a ride on Master Hand Grenade's shoulders.

Chainsaw art - someone put this smiley face on the end of the log
Takin' a breather
A coyote skull?
Single file
It was quite a hike heading up the trail (almost 2 miles of steep incline) but the views when we reached the top made every step worth taking.  It was incredible!

Looking over the cliffs to the lake far below, Sir Knight led our family in corporate worship.  What an incredible thing, in the midst of God's beautiful creation, to sing His praises accompanied by creatures He created.

Normally, Maid Elizabeth and I go traipsing out of the house with little more than our hiking clothes and pedometer, but today was a different story.  Sir Knight encouraged us to take our First Line Gear (thanks Joe Nobody!) and get used to wearing it.  Wow!  What a difference 20 pounds can make when you are hiking up the side of a mountain!  I thought it was going to kill me!  (Not really, but I had to stop with irritating frequency).  I did find out that my pack was incredibly comfortable.  It wasn't off-balanced and didn't rub and I loved having my Camelbak at my left shoulder whenever I needed a drink.  It did, however, make me realize that I had better get used to carrying my pack if I intend to be able to get out of dodge with my pack on my back.

Master Calvin bummin' a ride
Helping little brother across a dead-fall
There he goes!
Princess Dragon Snack
Miss Serenity running across
We had a great day.  We plan to ramp up our adventures and head out any chance we get. Next time, we will take homemade power bars (the kids got hungry about the time we hit the peak of the mountain) and make sure everyone is carrying their pack and Camelbak.

Not only did we have a wonderful time as a family, we got to take church to the mountain top.


  1. What a beautiful post Enola Gay. The pictures are just amazing of the mountain, mother nature and your beautiful family. I find it to be so peaceful and relaxing out in the middle of this beautiful land that God has created.

  2. Your children are beautiful!

  3. What an awesome way to worship God, in HIS Sanctuary!!! What a beautiful sight. It makes my heart yearn for His Creation.

  4. I love the little one in the kilt and sporran. I find myself wondering about wearing mine on my next weekend hike. Anyway, just a nod to him in his kilt!

    1. Thank you so much! Sir Knight is planning on wearing his Marpat kilt on our next hiking venture!

  5. Simply awesome pictures not only of your family but the surroundings. Yes, I must admit, I am coveting. Living here in a desert surrounded by....dirt. Even though my garden is a green oasis, a jungle of plants and trees, outside the fence is more dirt. Not rich soil but dirt. You are surely blessed to be surrounded by God's great and abundant beauty and a family who appreciates His majestic wonders.

  6. I love the kilt too. My little man has one and loves it. I have to ask if it's a family tartan or just one he liked. We weren't able to find my actual family, but got one of allies, in my son's size. Hoping for more choice when he's a bit bigger. :)

    As for the hike itself - truly inspirational. Loving this - thank you for sharing with us readers. I need to read Joe's book...and get a good pack.

    1. Yes, you've got to get Joe's book - it is well worth the reading! Master Calvin's kilt is actually from Sport Kilt and is their Braveheart Tartan. We do have a family tartan, but my men loved the Braveheart. They have others, though, and I am sure you will see them in the future!


  7. Cannot imagine a better or more Spirit filled place to worship the Creator of such magnificent beauty and majesty. "Church" is not about a building. We can worship Him anywhere, at any time.

    In His beyond beautiful cathedral that you share with us God is truly there with all of His wonders and His magnificent creation.
    Doesn't get any better than that!

    What a very personal and special way to share His great beauty with
    your family. One doesn't need words as the children can see all that is
    His Glory.

  8. Your a blessed to have such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.