Thursday, May 17, 2012

In Search of Patrick Henry

[Noun] Bondage;  The state of entire subjection of one person to the will of another.  Slavery is the obligation to labor for the benefit of the master, without the contract of consent of the servant.  Slavery may proceed from crimes, from captivity or from debt.  Slavery is also voluntary or involuntary; voluntary, when a person sells or yields his own person to the absolute command of another; involuntary, when he is placed under the absolute power of another without his own consent.

The definition of slavery is an interesting study.  My early eduction taught me that the evils of slavery had been abolished with the War between the States.  Good had triumphed over evil and our enlightened countrymen had forever vanquished slavery in our great nation.  But somewhere deep in my soul, I knew that slavery had not been slain, only transformed.  What had once been hallmarked by shackles and whips now takes on the appearance of safety and freedom.  Rather than wearing the burden of social horror, the newly disguised slavery proudly took up the mantle of nobility, offering justice, equality and the furtherance of all mankind.  The newly fashioned slavery is far more insidious than the old - where the brutality of slavery had once been exposed to the truth, it is now hidden in the glory of Welfare, the New Deal and Public Assistance.  No longer is slavery limited to a small portion of society, it has grown to encompass the whole.

Our citizens have become slaves humbled before a master of our own making.  Through our ignorance, our apathy and our overriding desire for safety and security, we have bound fast ourselves and our fellow man.  But that is only the beginning of the tragedy.  In our quest to engineer a social utopia, we have failed to produce great men of character and stature.  Rather than bearing children that will rise up and stand in the gap between the innocent and the oppressor, we have born a nation content to suckle at the breast of the almighty government.

My heart fails me.  I long for great men to rise from our rubble, proclaiming truth and liberty in the humble hamlets, villages and towns of our countryside and in the hallowed halls of our vast cities.  Not only would their words ring strong and true, they would risk their fortunes, their reputations and their lives to ensure true liberty.  They would stand - and in the process, they would direct the course of nations.

I am in search of Patrick Henry.  I am looking for the strength of character that forced men to stand before evil knowing it could cost them everything.  I am looking for a leader who's faith in our people and our God far outweighs his own selfish desire for power and glory.  I am looking for a man to stay the course in spite of supreme opposition.  I am looking for one who will stand and say, "It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter.  Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace - but there is no peace.  The war is actually begun.  The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms.  Our brethren are already in the field.  Why stand we here idle?  What is it that gentlemen wish?  What would they have?  Is life so dear or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God!  I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" (Patrick Henry)

We are a nation in search of Patrick Henry.

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  1. A very moving post. Thank you and posted.

  2. How we do long for such honorable men or women to lead...finally...lead, with honor, humility and integrity. With respect and consideration. With a noble, and honest work ethic that does not and never will take advantage of their high position at the expense of those who pay their salaries - the American people.

    Sadly, though, in America, there seems to be little of that left. In fact, the words - honesty, integrity, humility, honorable - are they even still in our dictionary, taught in the home, in public schools?

    We have become a morally bankrupt, arrogant, drugged-up people who seem to "elect" people who follow those same traits. We worship and place these arrogant people on a pedestal and think, foolishly, they will actually do something of value when we ourselves have lost those noble traits.

    We are living in a day where "good is evil and evil is good". And nothing that is happening today around the world whether economically, environmentally or any other way will ever be solved by worldly men or worldly solutions. That is above our "pay grade" and comprehension.

    Thankfully, we have a mighty God who will one day come on a great cloud with His saints and wipe away man's failed governments to usher in His final and just kingdom.

    Til then we pray for His soon return, but things will get mighty sticky and a whole lot tougher in the meantime. As Daniel 11:32 prophecies "By smooth words he will turn to godlessness those who act wickedly toward the covenant, but the people who know their God will display strength and take action."

  3. Amen Enola.
    From 'The Battle of Lexington'. "Our country perishes for lack of preachers who apply God's holy Word. We need more pastors like Jonas Clark. He taught the Biblical right of resistance, giving his congregation courage to stand in the face of great odds."

    I have found my Pastor Jonas Clark. He is Pastor Chuck Baldwin There is literally an Exodus taking place toward his Liberty Fellowship. Every Sunday another new family ‘shows up’, typically pulling a U-Haul with all of their earthly possessions. But Christian Patriots do not have to move to Montana. Liberty Fellowship is a model for homechurching. God is at work throughout the American Redoubt and I have to believe Patrick Henry is already here.
    Montana Guy

  4. How many understand they are worshiping a false idol when they turn to the government to solve all their problems? What used to be the domain of the churches and the individual, is now "fixed" by the almighty government, in the name of social justice.

    It's a slick, sick trap that many fail to avoid. It began when schools were forced by the government to become secular institutions and religion and families were vilified. It only took a small change of mind and heart every generation to produce a nation of disjointed peoples who look out for themselves by turning to the monster they created, instead of God and his book that gives us the directions for living.

    The contrast between good and evil becomes clearer everyday. How many have eyes that see?


  5. Prayerfully, more who call themslves Christians will one day have the "eyes to see and the ears to hear" what the Holy Spirit is telling them.

    Yet, many more (pretend christian's who play church)will even blaspheme those who have insight and share God's truth (true Christians who follow the Ancient path and obedient to the truth of His word- Jeremiah 6:16).

    Our churches have become idols, "money-changers" as they shill their books CD's, DVD's and "happy talk", build glass temples instead of knowing the Almighty God for eternal life. His Truth, not man's fables and personal interpretations and false teachings - so rampant today, yet people cling to those man-made speeches.

  6. Enola, I'm gonna correct you on one point there. Don't accept for a minute the thought "my heart fails me". You've got an incredibly strong heart and a great family that needs you, I know what you are trying to say but please find a different way to express this without labeling yourself like that. Your strength comes from God, an inexhaustible source, and you reflect that. So your heart can't fail, it is unassailable, steady, and strong. Hang in there, we need you! Much love from the Rockies, a reader.

  7. Enola - Your words ring true to me. I hope you are wrong, but I fear that you are right. We are living in dangerous times.

    When the pundits bleat out that Americans are seeking reasonable leaders who will compromise, I'm flabbergasted. Can the nattering political class in that distant capitol not see that we are rapidly approaching a tipping point? Can they be that blind?

    When future generations curse us for our inaction, will our excuse be: "We did not wish to appear to be immoderate?"