Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Life in Pictures

Sir Knight scrambling eggs in his "First Line" gear
(don't ask)
Maid Elizabeth practicing blood draws on Master Hand Grenade
The Who's are asnooze
The red boots give Master Calvin away

Master Hand Grenade belaying his younger siblings
Our newest cattle panel creation - a Rose Arbor


  1. Enola Gay, Great life pictures of the family. Sir Knight looks like he's ready to bug out while cooking breakfast. Yes, I agree the red boots on Master Calvin give him away. But the little one sure knows what he needs to do to conceal himself. He just needs a little more practice when it comes to his red boots :-)
    Have a great evening and thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Enola,

    Sir Knight's got the right idea. I got an M1A two feet to my left as I type this and an AR-15 in the kitchen.

    Down here in South Texas, recently three grown men (illegal aliens no doubt) tried to ivade a home and three children were at home. The invaders shot the 11 year old boy, he shot back with a .22 hitting on home invader in the neck. The illegal alien invaders fled leaving thier injured comrade. The 11 year old boy protected to younger children and was only slightly injured. The illegal alien home invader that was shot was airlifted to San Antonio in critical condition.

    Its the wild, wild west down here and just as it was in the old west, "fortune favors the vigilant and prepared"

    1. That would make a great news story..... Never mind.