Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prepared Family Products Presents the Emergency Birth Kit

Recently, while we were taking inventory of our preparedness supplies, we noticed a gaping hole.  Although we are well stocked with emergency medical necessities, we had none that were specifically geared toward pregnancy, labor, delivery and immediate post-partum.  Realizing that this oversight could mean the difference between life and death, Maid Elizabeth took action.

Drawing on her experience as a midwife, not only stateside but also as an out-of-country missionary midwife, Maid Elizabeth began gathering supplies that she considered essential.  Although basic, her kit is filled with the necessities required to help non-medical personnel deliver a baby safely in a home environment.  This kit was designed to provide the education and tools for a lay person to successfully deliver a baby in a grid-down, TEOTWAWKI situation.

The Emergency Birth Kit is combat packed (once opened, the items you need first will be on the top and will progress in descending order to the bottom of the bucket) and filled to the brim.  An excellent emergency childbirth book is at the top of the bucket, enabling expectant parents to prepare for impending birth, as well as a number of brochures explaining uses for specific items.  A list of items is attached to the back of the bucket, along with the quantity of each item.  An index is also packed in the bucket explaining the intended use for each item enclosed.

Having had most of my children at home, I can attest to the fact that this birth kit is extraordinarily comprehensive.  The fact that it is packed in a labeled 5 gallon bucket makes it perfectly complimentary to most every preppers food and equipment stores.

The reality is that in a worst-case scenario situation unexpected births will happen. Having a birth kit at the ready will bring a modicum of calm to an already stressful situation.  As preppers we try to have all the bases covered.  The Emergency Birth Kit is a necessary component of every survivalists plan of action.

If you are interested in purchasing an Emergency Birth Kit, just click the Birth Kit button on the right-hand side of the blog or go to www.naturallycozy.com.


  1. Excellent idea!!

    What is the status on the clothes washer?

    1. Thanks! The washers are temporarily on hold while we determine the best way to store the bulk materials. As you know, we live in our shop and we don't have the storage buildings needed to store the metal, barrels, etc. I will keep you posted.

  2. Like something to go with that? "A Book for Midwives" -- free download from Hesperian Foundation (publishers of "Where there is no Doctor"). http://hesperian.org/books-and-resources/


    1. "A Book for Midwives" is an exception reference! We chose an emergency childbirth book for many reasons, not the least of which is the concise way it presents information of the layman. The other book would overwhelm most parents in an emergency situation.

  3. Enola Gay,

    Great idea, Maid Elizabeth did good by putting the kit together.

  4. What an awesome idea!! I just had my first home birth in February and this is basically all the goodies we had lined up. This would be a good to buy if you plan on having a home birth, too.

  5. Great idea! The women in a group I belong to have been interested in childbirth after a collapse and midwifing(sp?) and I have sent them a link to this site. They joke about the first thing to do in such a case is to send us men out to cut wood and boil water so we are out of the way. I hope you didn't forget those instructions. Keep up the good work and hello from Nebraska!

  6. Modified size one disposable diapers make excellent post partum pads when bleeding is extremely heavy.

    I too have ordered extras for my personal birth kits so that I could potentially deliver a child and head off complications.
    I could potentially deliver three babies with sterile equipment. After that, it is a good ideal to know how to sterilize rubber/silicone. As I only have 3 aspirators.

    No birth control
    We also need to teach our boys and girls how to prevent pregnancy through natural family planning.
    As soon as our daughters menstruate they need to understand how their cycles work. Our boys need to be taught about marital abstinence and the women's cycles as well.
    Their sexual relationship between a husband and wife is spiritually profound. The Couple to Couple League do an excellent job on providing materials. The Biblical basis will remove the veil on the heritage of the Lord.
    I wish my parents had taught me and I didn't have to learn the hard way.

    This mere responsibility will put our sons and daughters in leadership because they will know "THE WAY"
    and world will be desperate for leaders.

    What a great post Enola

  7. When we had our homebirths we had just a few other items..

    Clear shower curtain to go under the chuck pads..

    Golden Seal powder to use for the belly button cord. We did not use a clamp.. Instead the midwife would wait until the cord stopped pulsing and then cut it and put on the golden seal. It would dry up the cord and it would fall off in days.

    We also had a blood clotting pill just in case I started bleeding to much, it would by some time until the midwife could come back and assess the issues.


  8. Hi, this is Maid Elizabieth,

    First of thank you for sharing your story, I love home birth stories. The reason I use a cord clamp is because it is just one more barrier between the blood stream and infection. The salve that I put in the birth kit is a goldenseal salve (it is wonderful stuff isn't it?) when I was in the Philippines the number one infant killer was tetnus through the cord and sepsis from infection that got into the blood stream through the cord.

    As for blood clotting that is what the shepherds purse is for. It is a wonderful blood clotting agent. I have also looked at Ergerarin cinnamon, but you only want to take cinnamon tincture once!

    Maid Elizabeth

  9. This is AWESOME!!! What a great idea, Maid Elizabeth! I am pregnant with my 5th baby. We seem to have one about every 22 months, so this would be GREAT to add to our "just-in-case" supplies. I am also forwarding this info to my non-assisted, homebirthing friends! Good for you for staying ahead of the game!

  10. Where did the kit go? I can't figure out how to order now. There's no button on the right side or at the Naturally Cozy site.

  11. I would love to know if this product is still available and if so, how to order one. Thank you.

  12. No link to order this kit, can you help give a list of things you used Maid Elizabeth?
    Thank you!!

  13. I would love one of these kits!
    I can not find the link here or on other site. Could you give a list of things you put in your bucket Maid Elizabeth?
    Thank you, love to all