Thursday, June 21, 2012

Survival Net - Expedient Hide/Blind

Apparently Joe Nobody knew what he was talking about when he said that a survival net was an indispensable survival tool.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we field tested the survival net by using it to string up a hammock in our woods.  The only equipment that was required, other than the netting, was a few lengths of paracord and a multi-tool (to help loosen the knots after using the hammock).  The hammock worked so well that we decided to put the netting to the test in yet another survival application.

Realizing that a hide or a blind may be of paramount importance in any number of survival situations, we decided to see how the netting would perform in that capacity.  First, Master Hand Grenade located a likely place to construct the hide.  He chose a well traveled path that was sure to see a lot of traffic so that he could determine if the hide was truly effective.

After using paracord to secure the netting between two trees (the netting was placed at about eye level), Master Hand Grenade went about finding local foliage to weave into the netting to create an almost invisible blind.  It took awhile to gather enough materials to adequately  fill in the net, and Master Hand Grenade had to be careful to go far enough into the woods to cut branches and twigs, so that there weren't fresh cut marks near the hide.

Tying the net off to the tree
The back side of the hide

Twenty minutes after this venture began, an intruder found her way onto the path.  Miss Serenity took her motorcycle to the woods to locate her dad and brother.  She took the path most often traveled looking for signs of activity.  Seeing none, she made her way up the hill, and then, out of no where, Sir Knight and Master Hand Grenade scrambled out from their hide!  It was a complete success.  Miss Serenity hadn't seen a thing.

Can you see the hide?
How about now?
Invading forces
The survival net hide
Again the survival net proved to be invaluable.  Not only did it make an adequate emergency hammock it also provided top notch concealment.  At this point, I can say with some authority that every kit or bug out bag is not complete without a survival net.  As much as I don't want to consider the fact that we may need concealment from our fellow man, I can tell you that if we do, I want my survival net at the ready.


  1. Hide and seek, prepper it.

  2. Can you tell us where to get the right one please ?

  3. Impressive! Had I not known what I was looking for, I wouldn't have seen the hide in the pictures.

  4. I want to make one for our church's upcomming father/son camp. Sleeping on the ground gets 'less fun' as the years go by.

    Would you consider sharing your pattern or specs? I was thinking about bordering w/ webbing. Did you try this?


  5. I easily saw it in the picture, but as for seeing it while out walking through there, I probably wouldn't of noticed!

  6. I'll plus one the above question about pattern and spec. Call me ignorant but how could I attain/make one for us?

    Thanks. God Bless.

  7. Very cool, thanks for sharing this (especially with the pics). Mr. Nobody mentions using the survival net in lieu of a ghillie suit, but didn't mention what a pain in, er, rump it is to set up (at least for this noobie). Yours is the first site I could find with pictures showing it being used as a camo device.
    Thanks again,

  8. Very impressed. Thank you for the information Mrs. Gay.

  9. Where did you purchase the materials for the net or was it a pre-purchsed hammock?

    1. We bought the survival nets at Old Grouch Surplus. They are just lengths of net - not a hammock. The last time we checked, Old Grouch was sold out, but it doesn't hurt to check back. Any sturdy netting should work equally well.