Monday, June 11, 2012

Mission Critical - Getting Squared Away

Sir Knight and I recently watched a sobering film, Act of Valor.  It was dedicated to the men of honor who have given their lives in the service of this country.  What set this film apart from the run-of-the-mill Action/Adventure movie is that it stared not Hollywood actors, but honest-to-goodness Navy Seals.  Although it does contain violence (I don't suppose you can accurately portray war without blood, guts and language), it is full of mission critical information.  Amazingly, the actors (SEALS) in this movie are not full of pithy one-liners and high fives when they have decimated their enemies.   They approach their tasks with controlled decision and infallible determination.

The one major concept I took away from this film was really only mentioned in passing.  The guys were standing around a bon fire the night before they were deployed on their mission and their team leader took the opportunity to prepare his men.  Rather than pump his guys up with how great they were or how they were going to crush their enemy, he took a moment to get his men squared away.  And how exactly did he do that? He told them to take care of any problems that could interfere with their mission.  He said, "Do you have any problems with your family, your wife, your kids?  Are you having trouble with your finances?  Is anything out of line in your life?  Let me know and we will get it taken care of.  We have your back."

As preppers, we are preparing for a mission.  We don't know exactly what that mission will be or what it will look like, but we do know that it will be mission critical.  And just like that team leader, we need to take the time to get our families squared away.  The reality is that if we have problems now, be they with spouses, finances, children, relatives or neighbors, they will interfere with our ability to adequately handle our mission during TEOTWAWKI.  Now is the time to put things to right, to get squared away.  The last thing you want to have to worry about when the lights go out is your wife having a melt-down or your neighbor choosing that moment for retaliation.

TEOTWAWKI is Mission Critical.  As Team Leader it is your responsibility to get your family squared away.  Now is the time.  Make sure you have each others back.  Your life will depend upon it.

* NOTE:  This film is rated R for violence and torture and some language.


  1. Enola Gay,
    We picked up this movie last night and will probably watch it over the weekend.

  2. Watched this weekend. My father was 'one of those guys' and the line you mention, is mission critical...when there are problems in the home or in relationships with others around you it makes it so hard to stay focused and it could get you killed...#1 on our preparedness list should be having friends and family 'squared' away..after all, they will be the ones who have YOUR back (or not). It will be hard enough, so make peace now and be at peace when it hits.

  3. Good analogy Enola. And if need be, we must get good with God NOW!
    Montana Guy

  4. Such a good point, Enola. While a lot of preppers talk about getting finances in order, I've never seen mention of getting the rest of your affairs in order. It's so simple and could be so important. Thanks for the pointer.

  5. I had wanted to see this movie when it came out, but never made it. Then last night I was at China-Mart and noticed they had it. I bought it and watched it last night.

    I love the action type flicks and one scene I thought was super sweet was when the boats rounded the bend of the river and opened up on the target with the mini gatlin guns to save the other seals from the approaching enemy.

    I think what really touched me was what the 'dad to be' did for his team towards the end.