Thursday, June 28, 2012

After Action Report

As you know, last week Sir Knight, Master Hand Grenade and I were pin cushions for Maid Elizabeth and her classmate as they practiced starting I.V.'s for their Advanced EMT course.  Well, the practice paid off and I am pleased to announce that Maid Elizabeth is now an Advanced EMT (also known as an EMT-I) and is qualified to intubate and administer intravenous fluids, among other things.

Maid Elizabeth is in the process of trying to finish all of her qualifications to become a CPM (Certified Practical Midwife) and may be heading off to Northern California to complete her training.  In order to take her CPM test, she must have attended 20 births (she has attended well over 50), been the primary midwife at 20 births (she has been primary at 17) and have 4 continuities, which means she needs to have conducted prenatal visits, been primary midwife and conducted a post natal exam with the same client (she has had 3 continuities).  So close, and yet so far!  Without having her CPM she cannot accept clients, but without accepting clients, she can't get her CPM!  And so, she has been in touch with a midwife in California that is extraordinarily busy and is in need of an apprentice for a  month or six weeks.  If she were to work with this midwife, she would be able to finish her requirements and test - finally.  I'll keep you posted on her progress.

I am excited for Maid Elizabeth to finish her training, however, I am also somewhat apprehensive.  Our healthcare is changing.  What was legal yesterday may not be legal tomorrow.   When Maid Elizabeth began her training, I thought she would use it to help ladies rediscover the intense, beautiful bond between mother and child.  Now, I wonder if perhaps she will use her training to bind the wounds of the remnant and ease the path of the dying.

What have we done....


  1. i hope all works out well, and that she finally gets her training needed. she will be needed for all of the above..those who are born and for those who are dying...

  2. Indeed....what have we done. Sadly we are seeing the result of good intentioned people doing nothing. We have blindly assumed that "someone else" will do something to stop it or change the path. Sadly, now we know that they won' must be us! Praying for our country! Sad day for sure!!!

  3. For now we must all trust in the Lord. We do not know what is coming, but We surely know to find comfort in Jesus.

    Warlock Sundance

  4. Just remember that God is in control and He has a plan.
    Southern Gal

  5. I had wondered how she was doing. There will always be places in the world that need the warmth, light, care and comfort she will provide when bringing new life into the world! I still have so much hope and excitment for her

    1. Clare - It is so nice to hear from you! I, too, am very excited for her! We are so proud of her. She is lovely, both inside and out. Thank you for your sweet encouragement.

  6. I was watching an interview of the author of The Harbinger. He says that the covenant with God that George Washington established has been broken and God is withdrawing his protection. But he is giving us signs or warnings to turn back to him (harbingers). I am afraid he may be right.

  7. Enola,
    I want to congratulate your daughter on her accomplishment!!! I also want to congratulate you and your husband as the proud parents!!!

  8. Enola,

    I rarely post anymore however I still check you blog everyday. (You knew me once when I still had a google account as captaincrunch)

    I fear that soon' women may be better off having their children "under the radar' at home without anyone knowing. If the woman and her husband are having a healthy pregnancy than why do they need to drag goverment doctors and bearucrats into what is a very private family matter.

    Why does a newborn child need a "cirtificate" or social security number?

    As I watch this nation deteriorate into "neo-socialism and fascism" I am comforted by the fact that I do not have any children or a wife.
    I know that sounds unfair to those with children and who are invested in the future, but I dont have to worry about preparing any offspring to live in a bleak future like "Alexander Huxleys 'Brave New World"

    I will live out the remainder of my days "prepping" and watching out for my nieghbors and friends. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by like minded Christian nieghbors and friends. Maybe that's what God has in store for me. He is my Sheperd and I am his sheepdog, protecting this small flock' keeping the wolves at bay.

    1. CaptainCrunch-
      Sir Knight and I were just talking about you the other day! We have missed you - although we understand why you've gone off the grid. If you are ever in our neck of the woods, let us know - we'll be sure to leave the light on.

    2. Enola,

      (captaincrunch again)

      I am flattered that you and Sir Knight were talking about me. I listen to some of the stuff you' all talked about on Radio Free Redoubt and Im still checking your blog just about everyday. Let Sir Knight know that Im pullin the M1A out on the fourth of July. Im gonna make some noise at the range with American Ammo and not Chinease fireworks. That M1A rifle makes a bigger bark than them little AR's:)

    3. You said "He is my Sheperd and I am his sheepdog, protecting this small flock' keeping the wolves at bay".
      You said it true. The job of all men regardless of marital status, etc., is to provide for and protect ALL the women in their lives and their children. This includes relatives, friends, neighbors, etc - all of those with whom you have contact.
      Semper Fi
      Hangtown Frank

  9. Enola,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling the same way I am. And, evidently, the same way a lot of people do these days. It is nice (sort of) to know that I'm not alone though. Still, I wish the best for you and all of your family!

    Captain Crunch,

    I'm in a similar situation. No wife, no kids, but I am prepping and watching over my mom and sister, as well as a few aunts and some friends. I kind of like being the family sheepdog. :) We are a good mix and our skills tend to complement each other.

    Everyone be vigilant and be safe. The world may need us before this is all over.


  10. I'm sure they mentioned this in her classes, but would her licenses be valid across the US? I'm not sure right off the top of my head if midwives are legal here or not-I think it is-seems to me I saw a ad for a midwife school at the state fair- or if there is a universally recognized EMT training. What's legal in Idaho may not be in, say, Connecticut-if she gave assistance to someone in a state where her license wasn't recognized(if that's the case), it could turn into a legal nightmare. Far too often, government sees to it that no good deed goes unpunished.
    Captain Crunch-life without all the ID-it ain't easy. Ask my cousin, who didn't get a Social Security number for her son at birth(bureaucatic fubar)-you can't get into school, and a variety of other things(I didn't get s Soc Sec 'til I was 16-didn't need it),and the parent may find themselves in hot water. You need the certificates to get a driver's license(the car doesn't care if you have a license or anything, but it's handy to have if you get pulled over). It's what I call bureaucrosis. There's little or no direct benefit to me to have all these IDs/licenses/certificates-other than to keep me out of jail(a perfectly valid reason).

    Navy91-been there,done that, and am doing it. I've helped my grandparents(when they were living) and mom along for years,as well as friends who have physical disabilities. It's my job-I have no brothers or sisters to help out.
    I don't regret any of it-I spent a lot of good times with my grandparents, family and friends. Well worth the effort involved.
    It also made me very familiar with a part of the state I want to move to.
    What have you done, as far as Maid Elizabeth is concerned? Well, push-started a wonderful addition to the world?

  11. I curious, has Maid Elizabeth been in a situation yet where they had to send the mother off to the hospital? I don't know how often that might happen.

  12. Maid Elizabeth's training may still be useful for delivering babies in the future. Recall in the Old Testament how the Egyptian government was against Hebrew children and wanted them killed. The midwives obeyed their God and delivered healthy Hebrew children in spite of the commands from Egypt. God blessed those midwives. We pray that we Christians may not find ourselves in a similar situation, but we realize that it may happen here as it did in Egypt.
    As a midwife myself, I know that you can avoid most legal issues with the government if you do not charge for your services. Seems like a left-handed way to do things, but my purpose in gaining my license has always been to help the brethren that wanted/needed it, not to make a barrel of money.
    So, soldier on Maid Elizabeth, and congratulations.

  13. I'm late to the post, Enola, but maybe you'll find it and be comforted all the same.

    We hope God gives our children the delightful tasks-- bringing life into the world and helping it thrive. And He may-- even in the terrible times chronicled in the Bible, He looked after His faithful, and they found themselves a resilient lot. We pray He does not give them the dark tasks of "binding the wounds of the remnant and easing the dying..."

    ...but this, too, is part of life and sometimes necessary. There will be a place for her, and work for her. It will be God's work, and she will be equal to the task. Prayers.