Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Future?

“We have problems . . . The federal government is preparing for civil uprising,” he added, “so every time you hear about troop movements, every time you hear about movements of military equipment, the militarization of the police, the buying of the ammunition, all of this is . . . they (DHS) are preparing for a massive uprising.”  MORE.....


  1. My BS detector's needle nudged off zero-as it does with many such doomsday predictions. Could this happen? Sure-but how likely is it? To me, prepping is preparing for what is most likely to happen first (natural disasters,and short term civil-disorder problems that often come large scale natural disasters like Katrina). Way too many doomsday events that were "bound to happen" didn't-look into the past. Doomsday predictions have a poor accuracy rate.
    This seems like one of those things where everything has to go wrong in just exactly the right order and time. Possible, but unlikely. Like asteroid strikes, they can happen, but not very often.
    I'm getting out of town(no debt-no borrowing-pay as you go-slow, but it's yours right then and there), and I'm doing-and will do more-things that could be considered prepping, but I just want out of town,and the freedom of being able to provide as many things as possible for myself(like food and power). For me, it started as the result of an extended power outage after an ice storm. I was "accidentally prepared" and took my luck as an omen, and warning to be intentionally prepared next time.
    I think everyone needs to beware of what a friend calls "screaming squirrels"-those who scream doomsday at every turn of events(especially if there's a "Buy My Book!" associated with said rant).
    Prepping is great for life skills-and your emergency medical book(your family for that matter) is a great example. Practical how to in emergency situations(I think you should print a companion book on how to deal with everyday emergencies as well).
    Never take the battery out of your BS detector! Having a working BS detector that you run everything through is important.
    O.K. My opinion and 55 cents gets you a can of Coke from the machine in front of WalMart...

    1. Perhaps you may want to consider the actual consequences of executive privilege and what it has set us up for...
      These issues are real and you cannot deny them.

  2. My I.Q. detector has flatlined.

  3. Anonymous@9:40 AM will be one of those who will greet the FEMA buses with open arms. Sadly Anonymous will probably take his/her children with him/her.

    I wish to nominate the article Enola linked to for, 'State of the Former Union Address'.

    Montana Guy

  4. Thank you for posting this! I pray this doesn't come to be....but know that anything is possible and we all know things are bad but could get much worse! I don't rule out anything these days. We live in a very scary world!

  5. hah, it has already started...tanks and millitary were training in the streets of st louis suburbs this past week...and yes that was confirmed and verified. this world is scarey and always has been, but seems to me that something is fixing to happen and i am not liking the feeling...preparing for all things as best you can - that is all a person can do for themselves and their loved ones.

  6. The Dept of Education buying riot shotguns has also been reported. What also does not make much sense the 40 S&W is not a military round and not what you would use or want to fight a civil war...

  7. I am not buying this propaganda. A handful of police are dishonest or act unlawfully and we hear about these and conflate that image on all police. The majority of police are simply doing their job and not intending to kill us all in some "uprising". Ditto for our military. They are mostly good people who simply do their jobs and would die to protect us.

    I can't predict the future or what civil disaster may take place. But we all remember the Rodney King riots and all those innocent people killed and injured. Wouldn't it have been a good thing if the government had a police presence to stop the riot? Wouldn't ihave been their job to use force to protect honest citizens from a criminal element?

  8. Dear Enola,

    I love your blog and it's inspired our family to get prepared but I ran across something the other day that concerned me. While on YouTube rabbit trail there were some videos by a man named Harold Covington. They were okay but when I looked into him he seemed way off and talked about the Northwest Imperative? Not sure what that is. There seems to be a lot of folks that are mixing their faith with white nationalism (term used online)...have you seen a lot of this up there? Is this something to avoid, literature wise?

    Thanks, A.C. Koelln