Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our life in Pictures

This is how we live our life....

Princess Dragon Snack and Master Calvin
looking for treasures
Miss Calamity adding soil to our
garden beds
Miss Calamity working on raised
garden beds
As you can see, building the beds was
a family affair
Putting soil in the new garden beds
(on top of weed matting)
Deciding what seeds to plant
Soaking the seeds so they sprout
They have sprouted and are almost
ready to plant (if it ever quits raining!)
Master Calvin was lulled to sleep
by the gentle sway of the 4-wheeler
Master Calvin looking down the "barrel"
of his sniper rifle
Notice that there are carefully
located branches that act
as a bipod - very ingenious, I think


  1. Enola

    Im impressed with how well your children get along with each other. In our modern society I've noticed that most kids would not help raise younger siblings (let alone spend time with any of them) The vast majority of kids are disconnnected from family becouse of friends, cell phones and social media. It has almost become "the norm" and parents are feeding it becouse most parents themselves came from the hedionistic "its all about me" generation of the 1970's,80's and 90's.
    All I ever observe is conflict with the modern family. I see it on TV sitcoms and it has filtered out and changed American society "thinking this is what we see on TV" and it must be normal.
    I never married and I did not have any children. I always veiwed that having a family as a "streesed out burden, that involved conflict, and negetivity"
    After viewing and reading stories on the daily lives of your family I realize that there are exceptions based on leadership from the parents and good christian values.
    Enola' after seeing the things I've seen as this nation falls apart and the American family and family values disentingrating, I truly think your family is blessed.

  2. LOVE the sniper rifle. Now he can help keep critters out of the garden beds.

  3. Treasures! Treasures? Count me in, I'm an old treasure hunter from way back. Your kids would be fun to go treasure hunting with. Enola, you'll have to tend the new garden - the kids and I are off to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Don't wait up. ;)

    NoCal Gal

  4. Oh my word! What a precious family you have. I have recently started following your blog and have been richly blessed, not only by your practical knowledge concerning homesteading and preparedness, but also by your content heart seeking to please the Lord.


  5. First - love the "hair today, gone tomorrow" pictures! The mark of summer arriving, yes? It is for our son.

    Second - please forgive my ignorance. Are all seeds supposed to be soaked? I have never heard this. It may have something to do with gardens not working out. This year my girls were only allowed to plant a few things. We have a few lettuce, lots and lots of sunflowers, and a few squash spouting. The tomato plants are growing but have not flowered. I left it all to my 20 year old this year. I have a black thumb.

    A faithful reader