Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Equipment Review - Skydex Helmet Pads

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Over the years, we have accumulated a number of helmets to round out our gear.  We were able to acquire several PAGST helmets, which are Kevlar, and rated with a protection level of threat IIIA.  With new helmets being issued to troops, these older helmets are available relatively inexpensively.  We paid $50.00, used (each), for two medium sized helmets.  These older helmets come equipped with a nylon harness system with a leather sweat band and one strap that goes under the chin.  While these harness systems work, they are not particularly comfortable and they do not offer near the level of protection that the newer helmets provide.  Enter the Skydex conversion kit.

Original harness system
Skydex offers a conversion kit for the PAGST helmets that brings it in line with the level of protection offered in the newer issue helmets.  The kit is complete, including cushioned inserts and new harness system.  Velcro (to stick the pads to the inside of the helmet) and all of the hardware required to update the helmets come in the kit.

Complete Skydex kit

Skydex pads
Velcro and harness system
The first order of business when updating a helmet, it to completely remove the old harness system and wipe the interior of the helmet down with alcohol wipes (provided in the kit).  Once the helmet has been properly cleaned, the Velcro is applied to the helmet in accordance with the schematic provided in the kit.  The four-point harness system is installed next, along with a strap that goes around the inside of the helmet (this allows you to attach a camouflage cover to the helmet).  Finally, the pads are installed (as shown in the instructions) and configured to fit your head.  Simple.

Skydex four-point harness assembly
Unintended "pony tail port"
Updated harness
The Skydex conversion is far superior to the old harness in protection level and overall comfort.  While the newer MICH or ACH helmets provide slightly better ballistic protection from high speed fragments, is lighter and cut higher in the front to allow for the use of goggles, the Skydex conversion can be a cost effective way of adequately updating your older style helmet.

Inside of newer MICH helmet
Skydex kits can be purchased relatively inexpensively (about $25.00) from Uncle Sam's Retail Outlet (and other sources).  We give the Skydex kit a 4 star rating.  It is easily installed (takes about 20 minutes), is sturdy, comfortable and affordable.  If you have an older helmet, consider upgrading with a Skydex conversion.


  1. Isn't it sad that we even have to think about this type of protective gear for ourselves? Unfortunately, I actually can envision the day when this gear may be needed. Our "leaders" are leading us right into the lion's den. They are doing everything they can to destroy our way of life. I don't recognize this country anymore.

    Well, I won't be buying any helmets or new harnesses, but I will provide cover fire for those of you who have them and need time to get them on.

    Molon Labe!

    NoCal Gal

  2. That has got to be the most adorable photo ever of that Big 'ole blue eyed little kid...


  3. The old webbing would actually leave an impression on your head (not helmet hair, your actual SKULL) when work in hot climates.

    I like how the new harness is "ponytail rated," too!

  4. Where did you purchase? You said $50, but all I can find is $200-$250?

  5. Excellent Post!

    I learned I can get the PASGT helmets for cheap at my work, but they're uncomfortable.

    This will definitely make it worth the purchase!