Monday, June 20, 2011

Gerber Omnivore Review - Revisited

Examples of tactical flashlights
(the XD isn't a tactical light - it just looked good in the picture!)
More information was required to illuminate our flashlight review.  Sir Knight went through the comments and tried to answer them all, to the best of his ability.

This information is for the Gerber Omnivore Model #22-80147
1.  Output:  50 lumen's, 67 lumen's with the CR123 batteries.  For comparison, the mini-mag light puts out 12 lumen's (with a standard bulb).

2.  Tactical capability:  While this light could be used as a tactical light, the fact that it does not have a momentary off/on switch would preclude this light from being considered "tactical".

Use of tactical light
Another method

3.  Run time:  12 hours, with AA battery.  3.15 hours with the CR123.  There are no specs available for AAA run times.

4.  Can this be weapons mounted:  Yes.  This could very easily be mounted to a shotgun using the Elzetta Mount.  That particular mount will accept all flashlights with a diameter of .70" to 1.05".  The Omnivore Model 22-80147 measures 1.04", and will just fit in this mount.  Due to the LED construction of this lamp, it is quite suited for a weapon mounted light.  LED's are non as susceptible to damage from recoil as incandescent and xenon lamps.

Elzetta Mount

5.  Boat tape:  Most hardware stores sell self-adhesive, non-skid tape (like you would use in the bottom of your bathtub).  It is easily cut with scissors.

6.  Price for the Omnivore:  Anywhere from $25.00 to $35.00.

Sure Fire light with Butler Creek cap


  1. Thank you very much for the additional info (including the boat tape info!). That's one of the great things about this blog, our questions are answered in clear and concise ways.

    Seems that a gun-mounted flashlight would provide a good target for the enemy.

    NoCal Gal

  2. I gotta check out that Gerber light. Right now I have eight D-cell maglight which only tactical use is to "hit bad people in head"

    Almost forgot, I know an individual in Law Enforcement who used a large mag light to stop a bad guy from running away by tossing the mag light at the back of the bad guys legs causing the bad guy to stumble, fall and be put into hand cuffs. (I dont think the Gerber flashlight can do that)

  3. Good review!

    My husband just got an inexpensive Fenix brand light that he really likes. Tactical setup, but not nearly as expensive as a surefire or streamlight taclight. Have you ever looked into Fenix?


    thats why its important to have a momentary on pushbutton tail cap. Dont turn it on and leave it on, or youre a bullet magnet. You turn it on just long enough to see the area in front of you and switch it off if theres no badguy/zombie/grizzlybear.

  4. Sounds like a neat flashlight.

    For those who need a lot of flashlight for very little money, Costco currently has three packs of the TechLite flashlights on sale (until 6/30/11) for just $12. These are not the world's best flashlights, but are very good, rugged, and bright for just $4 each including batteries. See my review here:

    Anyone who needs a good flashlight for very little money should look into these. They are only in Costco stores, not on their website. For those who have to buy over the web, Amazon sells them for $33.38 including shipping.

    I have no relationship to the maker or sellers of these other than as a satisfied customer.