Thursday, June 23, 2011

The death of a Representative Republic

I was reading a news article earlier that announced our current administration's intent to raise tax rates for small businesses so that we would not be forced to shrink the government.  Interesting.  EVERY person I know believes that we SHOULD be shrinking the government.  If our country is truly a Representative Republic, were are our representatives?   The truth is, we don't have any representation.  Our country is being run by a tiny percentage of elite pseudo-intellectuals hell-bent on engineering their own utopia.  Their intent is not to build and maintain a bastion of refuge, opportunity and prosperity for the common man, but to build and maintain a feudal kingdom - a land of serfs, lords and kings, where the useful serve the useless.

One of the elements of our government that made our country great, was the fact that we were governed by our peers.  The very people who constructed laws were our friends and neighbors.  They resumed their lives after their duty of public service and lived under the laws they created.  That is no longer the case.  Our lawmakers now come from the societal elite.  They are lawyers, judges and masters of academia.  Gone are the farmers, the workers, the "common" man.  Our "public servants" now pass law after law that apply to everyone but themselves.  They get special deals, special passes and special favors.  No longer are we the masters and they the servants.  Our roles have reversed.  Now, rather than our days being filled with pursuing our destiny, they are filled serving our masters.

Unfortunately, the demise of our great nation has come from the families up.  Once, our children grew, learned and anxiously awaited the opportunity to make their own way in the world.  They would struggle, work hard and finally succeed, making their world and ours, a better place.  Now, all too often, our children are content to sit at home and allow their parents to take care of them.  They would rather have their folks pay the mortgage and buy food, supply them with medical care and make them snacks.  Struggle and hard work have become dirty words.  And so it is with our country. The parallels are uncanny. As we have watched our families decline, we have watched our country fail.  Every program, every hand-out, every so called "social improvement" has, in reality, crippled and handicapped our populace.  We have become so disabled that we are willing to become serfs under the protection of our benevolent lords.

If we do not stand up on our crippled legs and become our own masters, we are lost.  If we allow an elite few to dictate to the common masses, we will be watching the death of a Representative Republic.  We will be witnesses to the death of the United State of America.


  1. You are so right. What has been happening in this country is treason - pure and simple. The Constitution is stomped on by both political parties, has been for years. The current administration has no regard whatsoever for this country or for half the people who live here.

    Government is involved with every aspect of our lives - from the bedroom to the boardroom. Serfdom is already here - it's just that most Americans are too asleep to even realize it. And too lazy to care.

    May God help us.

    NoCal Gal

  2. Enola you are absolutely correct. Small businesses don't want more government; it's detrimental to their ability to make a profit and a contribution to society.

    I think a government shutdown would be great. Imagine having true freedom again - even if only for a little while. Unfortunately there are too few of us who would truly appreciate it. And the handout recipients - well I won't even go into that. I think you know how I feel.

    On a side note, I am homeschooling my son for school next year. Only he's already started 6th grade. I will teach him to question everything and decide for himself who was right or wrong - disagree with me or not, at least no one will be able to tell him what to think!


  3. Our serfdom no longer ties us with the land. We are tied to social security numbers, credit ratings and staying in perpetural debt and we are addicted to it.
    The elected officals are addicted to dept as well. Its not thier money they are spending out of thier own pockets, its the goverments money. No man is his right mind would pay for research projects such as "Shrimp on a Treadmill Research project" (see youtube video)
    I think August, 2 is the deadline when the goverment goes bankrupt. I see very few polictians raising the alarm, most want to raise the dept ceiling and hope it goes away or at least untill the next 'Congressional or Senatorial sex scandal" overwelms the media. Ultimately we (Americans voters) are responisble for falling asleep at the wheel and voting for the wrong people. The only "hope and change" we can really count on is voting everyone out. Maybe the next batch of elected officals will "fear the ballot box" when they fail to hear our pleas for common sense.

  4. We are under attack in a most insidious way. It's not flashy or dramatic, and so it continues on. Big yawn to so many. Our enemy within is killing us (the republic)slowly and thus no alarm or distress signal is sent up as it would be if an invading army was bombing us. Too much time passes between voting seasons and the damage is getting too great. It's a coup de'atat in slow motion.

  5. We have never been represented by the “Common Man”. When congressional elections began only White, Male landowners were eligible to either vote or hold office.
    So, from the beginning, our lawmakers have come from the “Social Elite”.

    African American MEN could not vote until 1870 (15th Amendment). Women could not vote until 1920 (19th Amendment )

    So, from the beginning, our lawmakers have come from the “Social Elite”.

    Up until 1913 people did not get to even vote for Senators. From the U.S. Senate website The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state, chosen by the legislature thereof for six Years; and each Senator shall have one Vote." The election of delegates to the Constitutional Convention established the precedent for state selection. The framers believed that in electing senators, state legislatures would cement their tie with the national government, which would increase the chances for ratifying the Constitution. They also expected that senators elected by state legislatures would be able to concentrate on the business at hand without pressure from the populace.

    Without pressure from the Populace means without having to listen to us.

    EVERY current member of Congress is a Millionaire. As a group, they never have represented the Common Man. They represent those who have put them in office and finance their main priority; Re-election.


  6. MadKelt;
    Sadly, you are historically accurate. I guess I would like to believe that our framers were good men who truly did look out for the "common man". I think it was their desire to see the people represented (or at least the people who they believed were worthy of representation). Now, it has become us against them. And they have the upper hand, regardless of the fact that we outnumber them tremendously. Molon Labe.


  7. The thing that could change this situation would be an awakening of the citizens. Too bad so many are content to think of nothing deeper than their next meal and what show comes on next.
    I've said for a long time... Nothing will change, people won't care enough to change anything so long as they are fat and happy.
    I'd like to see people wake up, but I'm afraid of the kind of suffering it will take for them to get the gumption to free their own minds and think for themselves.

  8. As I sit here pondering this a bit more, I hope my last comment was clear. I don't wish hardship on anyone. I do wish people would want more than the shallow satisfaction of a big-mac and the latest hit television show. ;) There is a much richer life to be had and it has nothing to do with money...

  9. MadKelt, contrary to popular folklore, there was a very good reason that Senators were to be selected by their state houses as our Founding Fathers originally set things up, rather than directly by the populace as we do now. The Senate was to represent the states - hence 2 senators from each one - equal representation per state, while the House was to represent the people. Had this system remained intact, the states with the largest populations, such as California and Texas, would not dominate Washington as they do today. You can see, when the people get their way, they don't always choose well for themselves. The Founders knew this.

    Your statement, "Without pressure from the Populace means without having to listen to us" is patently false. The senators were to represent the states so that the people wouldn't expect outrageous and ultimately dangerous entitlements that the states knew they couldn't and shouldn't deliver. This is far from not listening to the people, it is in fact just the opposite - they listened and knew the people were not seeing the larger picture. Having the states select the senators was another check-and-balance. Sadly, this was overturned in 1913 and we are suffering greatly today for that misguided change in the Constitution.

    The year 1913 was a radical one, many progressive ideas took hold in that year and today we are seeing the consequences. Besides the change in how senators are chosen, it was also the year that personal income tax became enacted and also the birth of the Federal Reserve Bank.

    I bet you don't like the Electoral College, either.

    Molon Labe!

    NoCal Gal

  10. The 1st men who served our country as military leaders during the revolution and then as President/senators, etc. for the most part were not wealthy when they served. They had lost or given up everything in the War to secure our freedom from England. Their families paid a huge price because of their convictions. Some spent a better part of the War one step ahead of the British in an effort to further the cry for freedom and to save their own lives. Their homes, goods, and business were conviscated/ransacked by the British. Now, this didn't happen to all but a great many paid a high price.

    There are too many career politicians in Washington right now. They should have term limits just like the President does. Most people don't realize just what a bind the gov. has put on our country because they don't care or they "trust" them. Or, they are so dependent on the gov. programs they don't want to protest because it will hurt them personally.

  11. The United States has not been a Representative Republic for many years. the independent powers of the States sold their rights away for government subsidies and funding. The only way to return to it's Constitutional Roots is to purge any electoral positions of those whose votes are owned by the lobbyists, vote in capable, loyal Constitutionalists, enact term limits, and reduce and then limit government controlled involvement in our lives by returning to a USA made private sector manufacturing and consumerism. We need jobs. Taxing small businesses is going to financially kill off the middle class citizens of this country.
    It's bad enough having to kowtow to the Government here now because of their inflated regulatory and taxation involvement in our lives, but shortly we will be kowtowing to the G world order courts and the newly revised whole world banking system. I don't know how we're going to reverse those courses of action, because we now owe our soil and commodities in collateral to far too many lenders now. Soon it won't be our government telling us what we can and can't do, it will be some other country dictating those rules to us.

  12. We are still here, albeit there are far fewer of us now. There will come a day soon where we will either rise up or just lay down and die. I myself want to rise up. Who will go first?

  13. There is something to be done. But one of us can do nothing; that is what the elitists are counting on. Here is a starting point. Read it and consider.

  14. I'm inclined to agree with NoCal Gal.

    Yes, African American Men, and even Women of all ages were not allowed to vote. There are specific reasons behind that.

    Women, and African Americans were, for centuries, largely an educationally unenlightened class. People who have not studied history of other governments, and did not understand the long-term consequences of their decisions and actions should have NO PART in the decision making process of our Nation. They still should not.

    Sadly, power-hungry politicians (who never REALLY represented the common men whom elected them) have changed the rules by which they must abide. Now we have district gerrymandering, and life-long politicians that focus only on re-election, self-enrichment, and kickbacks for political favors.

    Gone are the days when men stood for virtues, morals, integrity, TRUE equality (not reverse racism), and impartiality.

    Giving selfish, unenlightened, and biased men a position of power and influence is one of the gravest mistakes Americans can make in life. Sadly, countless ignorant people, blinded by baseless claims of prosperity, free money, free improvements in one's standard of living, and free healthcare, will continue to vote for men whose sole purpose is to enrich themselves by destroying our Nation from within.

    God save the Republic!