Saturday, August 21, 2010

One man's junk....

I found this treasure at, if you can believe it, the local dump!  It was just sitting outside the dumpster waiting to find a new home.  I brought it home, washed it up and found a place on my counter for it to live.  I love it!  It is perfect for my creamer and sugar bowl and a nice pot of honey. 

One man's junk truly can be another man's treasure!


  1. You are such a good salvor! That's a lovely display stand. Are you aware that your ability to reuse items for the purpose of both form and function is a gift?

    NoCal Gal

  2. what a wonderful find!!! i get lucky sometimes too...and many times it is at the dump or the junk yard where i get my most creative recycling ideas. i am always amazed at how anyone could just throw things away like that.

  3. Scrounging is good. Recently a neighbor set out a dining table with a disfigured (but refinishable) top. The REAL problem was that top had come adrift of the base, because the wood responsible for keeping the top on the base had broken.

    When I make the time to repair it, the mechanical fix will probably take me about an hour with available scrap wood. Re-finishing it will take probably 2 or three hours. At my hourly rate, this project will have a "cost" of about $120. A 36" by 55 to 98" (pull out ends) for $120 in what appears to be a nice walnut? Yes, please!

    Most of my scrounging is electronic in nature. We have (too) many Macs and PCs. We paid for 6 of the 18 computers in our home (11 currently operable). The rest were given to me or recovered. Old isn't worthless, it is just old. One of them simply watches the front door with a webcam (also recovered) in a zero cost surveillance system. Old computers can still do simple things well, freeing newer more capable systems to do newer more difficult tasks. Another system simply shares a recovered laser printer on the network and lets us know where ISS is over the earth in its free time(cardware program called Orbitron - shows all kinds of satellite orbits!). It runs and runs and runs. A USB printer is shared for all to use on the network (also all reclaimed except for the cable modem, Vonage modem and 802.11 base station).


  4. What a wonderful score!

    If you ask me, there's nothing better than "Street Treats"!

  5. This is why I rarely throw anything like that away. I'm active duty military, so I can't always keep everything "just in case", but I can at least give it to a local charity that runs a thrift store. Someone else gets a usable item cheap, and the charity benefits as well!