Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm a peasant humbly serving the King

 Sir Knight and I were talking over our frustrations with property taxes and building permits when suddenly, a strange look came over his face.  He said "I get it, I understand now!".  Completely confused, I asked him what it was that seemed to make so much sense to him now.  "We don't own anything, we just rent it from the State - that is why they can tell us how much of our floor space has to be windows and how tall and wide our doors have to be, it's theirs.  That is why, if we don't pay our taxes, the county will give our property to someone else for the taxes owed, someone who will pay their "rent" - we don't own it, they do!".  Stunned, I looked at him in silence and let his statement sink in.  He was right.

I have never entered into an agreement with the state or county telling them that I would pay them to live in my home - it is an understood point of fact.  It is also understood that if I don't pay them to live here, they will sell it to someone who will pay them to live here.  If I manicure my lawn, paint my house or put a new roof on an outbuilding, I have increased the value of their investment, therefore, I owe them a higher rent payment.

It only makes sense, since they own my property, that I must obtain their permission to build a fence or add a bedroom.  Any improvements must be approved by the landlord, right?  So how would this possibly be any different?  It wouldn't.  I don't own my property, the landlord does.

I have railed against property taxes for years.  I have no problem paying taxes.  They are a necessary and integral part of any civilized society.  As a people, we must provide for basic infrastructure and the framework that holds our governing bodies together.  But, for the government to hold personal property as security for debt is an atrocity.  It puts the people back in the position of mere peasants serving Barons. In turn, Barons serve Lords and Lords serve Kings.  The King gave land to the Lords the Lords gave lands to the Barons and the Barons allowed peasants to live on their lands so long as they faithfully paid tribute.  In the enlightened 21st Century, we may not use the same titles but the effect is the same.  The Federal government grants land to the States, the States grant land to the Counties and the Counties allow we peasants to live on their land, so long as we faithfully pay tribute, in the form of property taxes.  Would a peasant dare to tell the Baron, Lord or King what he was going to do with "his" land?  Heavens no!  So, I might ask, why do we rail against our "Barons", "Lords" or "King" telling us what we can do with "our" land.

They are the landlords.  We are the peasants.  Since we have allowed the King to take his throne, perhaps we should pay our tribute gratefully and humbly thank our landlords for their allowing us the honor of serving them.


  1. Refuse to be a serf. I know, easier said than done. However, if tens (or better yet, hundreds) of millions of property owners refused to pay property taxes, the lords/bureaucrats would not be able to handle the amount of paperwork, expense, nor court time needed to deal with all of us. The system would be overwhelmed.

    The progressives/Marxists have been using this tactic for decades. They overwhelm the system and thereby eventually the system cannot manage the load and it implodes. They've done this to our school system by allowing illegal alien children (and adults) to get free educations. They've done this with our health care system. They're doing it with our debt and deficit, and they do it with welfare and all other entitlement programs. In fact, it is through overwhelming the systems in place that our country will eventually become so vulnerable as to be taken over by foreign and/or domestic enemies without ever firing a shot. Our country will die from within. Isn't that happening now? Seems to me that's exactly what's happening.

    It's time we Patriots got smart and did the same thing, but not to turn our country into a Marxist state, but rather to return it to a Republic. If we work together to refuse to be serfs, we can change the course of our ship of state. We could overwhelm the system that makes us serfs. It can be done, but it takes guts and dedication and coordinated effort.

    There should be a massive upwelling of Patriots who vow to NOT pay their property taxes. We must be smart about it and then we must DO IT!!

    I pray we gain the courage to stand our ground and refuse to be serfs. I pray this happens before it's too late. And I pray God will guide American Patriots to victory over the lords of tyranny.

    NoCal Gal

  2. been ranting about this for years now. Welcome. We have one former candidate for Tx gov. trying to fix that. I wish her luck and i'm for it.


  3. I have thought this for some time now. People who suggest that land is a good investment to inflation proof your assets should read this. You all are right, we are at the mercy of the government.


  4. DH tends to have the same ideas that NoCal Gal does. While I agree that her (and DH's) solution makes a whole lot of sense, I just don't foresee it actually going into action. I'm afraid that people are willing to talk about what SHOULD be done, but unwilling to do what NEEDS to be done. Of course, some will be willing, but not enough to actually make a noticable difference. It is a sorry situation.

  5. Enola:

    You are in a rural sparsely populated Idaho county, no ? Are the fees & building permits that burdensome there ?

    I understand if you were writing in a general sense about overall situation, but not yours in particular.

    Nevertheless, your comment strikes me as we moved from California to Texas for just such reasons, to a more rural, more free county.

    No, we still have property taxes here (but have a plan to eliminate that - will take quite the effort), but we are more free than in our populous CA county, Riverside, was - there you couldn't hardly afford the building permits.

    Here in our East Texas county, there are no permits required besides septic, unless you're in the city - the county is a 'build how you wish' zone.

    We seriously considered Moscow, Idaho - (similar to your area ?) - and I thought the county building permits were like here in TX - no permits needed in the county ?

    Or is your area not like that ?

    Best regards, David A.

  6. David A;

    It is not necessarily that the fees are so burdensome, it is the fact that we have to ask permission to make improvements on our own property. It is intrusive. We do have building permits that are required for everything. We had to get a permit for our driveway, septic system, well, shop, chicken coop (all of which we paid for). Then we had to be inspected. When the county assessor came to check up on improvements she took pictures of our children's playhouse that was built by my dad and brought here on a trailer! Like I said, it is not necessarily the cost - it is the idea. I would not mind receiving a bill from the county every year for services, just so long as it is not secured by my property - that makes it no longer my property! There is a county in Idaho (Idaho County) that does not require building permits of any kind! But, of course, there still is property tax.

    Enola Gay

  7. Save the Canning JarsAugust 18, 2010 at 8:15 AM

    I heard a statistic on Glenn Beck where the government owns 95% of home loans. You may take out a mortgage with a company that you feel is independent of the government, but that loan gets bundled and sold and put into the government's hands. The landlord (the gov.) tells the people what to do. With 95% of the loans, we may see the landlord demand even more in the future. So how do we break free? This is my story:

    Unlike most Americans who want beautiful homes right now and who pay a premium for having to make no repairs, we bought a 90 year old dump for $55,000. You know, a dump...like 10 dead birds and no heat and air on the second floor, broken windows, the stench of cigarette smoke, etc. We'd see a piece of wire sticking up in the yard, and when we would pull on it, up would come barbed wire...and we would walk and pull and soon would be holding 50 feet. Try stepping on that with bare feet. The previous owners would shoot glass bottles for sport and after all these years of picking up, there is still broken glass after the rain slightly shifts the soil. One big dump!

    So here is the good part: God let me sell off 1/2 of my yard to a small congregation who wanted to build a church. (Note: no rowdy drunken beer parting neighbors have resulted from that sale). Even after capital gains tax, I was debt free. We had sacrificed for 6 years 10 months prior to selling off the land, and we had paid off student loans, kids braces, the cars, etc. and the house was the last debt...and God paid if off with that land sale.
    It is possible to own your property outright and to come out from under Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Dept. of Ag. type loans, etc.

    The government intrusion into our lives is real. Government is supposed to work for the people, NOT the people working to support the government. Take back as much control as you can. For me that meant taking out the lowest mortgage possible and paying it off quickly. I had to work and sweat to make it beautiful, but God did the supernatural and moved me from loanership into ownership.

    Ask God for ideas on how you can peel governments hands off of you and your property and then ask God to bless your situation with His divine assistance to make this a reality. You'll have to do something (I'm sure Noah broke a sweat building the ark) but if you're a regular reader of this blog, then I know you are industrious and creative (I just kind of sensed that in each of you...).

    You are highly favored by God and He is for you. We will indeed render unto Caesar what is Caesars, but we will render out of our overflow of wealth.

  8. No government is perfect save Gods. Be thankful you do not live in a place like Africa, where you can own your land, but the cost of living is so high that your pay (for the month) will only buy 1/2 a loaf of bread.That is a corrupt government, and being a pheasant! While not perfect, we still live in a country where we have "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!"

  9. Enola: Thank you.

    That helps me understand how you meant it, and your situation. If you're in a county that is predominantly rural, but has a large city in it, this would help explain the domination you experience.

    That was our situation in California - rural areas dominated by liberals / control zealots in big nearby city - they have no clue or connection to the needs of the rural area or population, but act as if they do - making life miserable for those who DO live there.

    Truly, Liberty & freedom are rare commodities in our day ! Liberty or slavery begin as attitudes of the heart - and we can surely relate to your families attitudes & actions - we both find ourselves trying to move towards more & more self sufficiency - based in a "God sufficiency" - trusting the LORD for our 'daily bread - and the wisdom and rectitude of our intentions.

    The hard part is living in a larger cultural pool of folks who haven't heard the call to Liberty & Independence, and they actually see the safety & security of the herd, and don't recognize it's tyrannical aspects.

    When one considers that 85 % of the population has been schooled in group think in government schools, the collectivist (which builds Statism) conditioning is hardly surprising, eh ?

    Have you ever tried to talk to such folks and realize it's like you speak another language ?

    And it's not like we find common ground in the churches either, not around here.

    Here, too many Christians are just as likely to trust government as any California Liberal is !

    They never seem to ask if government needs to obey it's own Law and Individual rights, but just assume that if it wears the right party label, or gives contracts to the local businessmen or a new football stadium to the high school - then all is well.

    Not trying to vent too much here, but your post mirrors our thoughts.

    We get wearied of even expressing these thoughts to others, as only a very small remnant even grasp & appreciate the sentiment - or are willing to take any action (as you have...) to change the situation.

    But do know that it's encouraging to see your site, your efforts and feel that we're not alone, or crazy.

    Keep up the good work - your efforts are not in vain !

    David A & family

  10. Here's an excellent series of You Tube videos that explain how our country has gotten to its present state. The talk was back in 1983. It has all unfolded. Pay particular attention to part 7. They are all about 10 minutes long and are all worth watching.

    Overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Iz3VjoHXLA

    part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN0By0xbst8&NR=1

    part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoaS6Tt6ODY&feature=related

    part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ30f9OfuFs&feature=related

    part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX_9kKvyjJs&feature=related

    part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bivEvWDWxlI&feature=related

    part 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgUmpwZiGjg&feature=related

    part 7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VctBWelXt4&feature=related


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    Thougth you might like to know.

    Keep praying, writing & working for change - meet ya in the middle.

    Maybe Master Calvin, young Covenanter, will bring Liberty to Your County, Idaho in the future ! ?

    Liberty or bust, In God we put our Trust....

  12. I bought a dump, one that was under 15 grand. Everythings paid for but you still owe property taxes....etc. I get what you are saying and I agree it needs to be done away with.

  13. Save the Canning Jars, I hear ya. Being debt-free is another way to fight the tyrants.

    All Americans should know by now that debt is a fast trip to serfdom. Refuse to be a serf. We can all do something to thwart the kingdom of man. We can work to be self-reliant and debt-free. Efforts big and small will make the difference. Do what you can when you can, that's all any of us can do. Some will not pay taxes, some will pay off debts, some will write moving blogs - we all do what we can, and that's how we will win back our country.

    May God continue to Bless America, and may God bless all American Patriots.

    NoCal Gal

  14. Enola:

    This is a relevant topic to explore ! At one time, property was exempt from taxation.

    In Israel, city property was taxable, country land & farms was NOT taxable.

    In the united States, the Colonies, the non-taxation of land was known as 'freehold' or 'Allodial Title' - non attachable, totally independent property.

    What we now have - if you read the minutia on titles, as a lawyer would - but we usually don't is called "Fee Simple".

    We Patriots should do more research in these areas - the enemies of Liberty count on us to be ignorant & inactive.

    Are we ?


    Just a serf of the King ?

    "If we rendered to God everthing this is properly His, there would be nothing left for Caesar."

    With you all the way !

    Spirit of '76

  15. Kimberly, thanks for posting the links to those videos. I watched Part 7; very interesting, and I certainly agree with his call to have faith.

    NoCal Gal

  16. My husband has said this same thing for years.. that we are just the caretakers for the landlord only we get all the expenses/repairs, etc. I mean what better deal for a landlord is that and the more you fix up your place the more the $$$ you pay increase... great deal for them isn't it. Where we are at when they "assess" your property for taxes you do not need to let them enter your home etc. One family member years ago actually lived in what was a nice home on the inside but the outside looked like a real dump, high weeds, paint peeling, etc (of course we are talking rural property here) and paid alot less in taxes than anyone else round because of it.. I also know people who have converted pole buiding/barns into homes but on the outside it looks just like an outbuilding and they pay less in tax. I on the other hand am one of those people who actually enjoy working in my yard/garden and take pride in having a nice looking home, etc so I have to pay for it. As far as buliding permits, in my county I found out last year you need to have a permit for just about everything, even a prebuilt moveable storage bld. it is ridiculous but they want to make sure they get the tax revenue on everything.

    During this last election a friend asked me what was the most important issue to me as far as the candidates positions, expecting me to say one of the traditional topics like, the economy, taxes, schools, etc. I said "the erosion of individual property rights" and she looked at me as If I was from Mars.. ha ha. Unfortunately most people do not realize that if we loose our rights to property, it's pretty much over, we are only serfs to the government then.. and unfortunately they keep inching away at those rights.

    Love your blog and viewpoint. : )

  17. I just found your site and am intrigued :) I haven't read all the comments, but as soon as I read this post I had to comment. I just had this realization a couple weeks ago! My husband was talking about property taxes and I thought, "well, if I own a chair, I can do whatever I want to that chair. I can paint it, sand it, cut it up, give it to someone else. Why? Because I own it. If I can't do that to our property, then, hmm, I don't own it, do I?" Ugh. I look forward to reading through your blog. We are far from being off grid or sustainable in any way, but I can see my husband would love to be this someday.

  18. Proverbs 22:7
    "The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender."


  19. It might be a good idea to google "land patents". That is the highest form of land ownership. Just a thought.