Saturday, August 21, 2010

The BEST Sliver Tweezers!

Princess Dragon Snack was running around barefoot (as usual) and got a whopper of a sliver in her foot.  Unfortunately, the sliver was from rotten wood, so it came out in multiple pieces rather than in one piece.  That's a terrible thing when you are five!

One of the most used object in our first aid kit is our sliver pullers.  They are perfect for extracting just about any small foreign object from tender places.  They are a needle point tweezer head so you can get down into the hole where the sliver entered, get ahold of the end of the sliver, and pull it out. 

We keep these tweezers in all of our first aid kits, plus a couple of sets in the house - for just in case.  The least expensive place to buy them on the Internet is here

Poor Dragon Snack!


  1. Ouch! Poor little Dragon Snack. Mom to the rescue!! Good thing mom has a pair of tweezers handy and knows how to use them.

    For rotten slivers, I usually soak the afflicted hand or foot in a warm/hot Epsom Salt bath before attempting extraction. The sliver seems to come out easier and with less pain. This is the way my mom did it, so that's the way I do it. Epsom Salt should be in every prepper's bathroom, along with tweezers. And don't forget the iodine.

    NoCal Gal

  2. epsom salt and warm water soak softens the skin and helps draw out any toxins and is antibacterial. getting the whole splinter out is really important-blood poisoning is not fun to have. i have iodine in my med. kit as well as good tweezers. do you remember getting painted up with merthiolate as a kid...ooh that stuff stings while it is drying.

  3. My mom always used Mercurachrome - I'm not sure of the spelling, as we always called it Monkey Blood.

    She would even swab our throats with it if we complained of a sore throat. Years later, I read the bottle and laughed - it says not to ingest!

    Well, we survived it, and I still have my tonsils!