Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Camouflage at its best
When you think of camouflage, do you think of military BDU's (Battle Dress Uniforms) or hunting pattern camouflage?  In reality, camouflage is neither of those.  Camouflage it is the art of blending into your environment.

When you are in an office setting, the perfect camouflage is a business suit.  If you want to fit in in the inner city, you would wear baggy pants and hoodie sweatshirts.  On a farm you would wear Carharts and a cowboy hat.  You blend, you fit in, you are camouflaged.

Survivalist/Preppers have a need, maybe more so than the average Joe, to be camouflaged.  Although most of the things that a prepper does are offensive (preparing for what will be), camouflage is defensive (actively protecting identity and operational security or OPSEC).

The best way for a prepper to be camouflaged is to fit in to their environment.  If you live in a small farming community, you should look like a farmer.  You should stop by the coffee shop from time to time and have a cup of joe with the locals.  Become one of them.  That way, if someone comes knocking, looking for subversives, your name is not the first one that pops into everybody's mind.

Keep a low profile.  Don't be the guy standing up on the bandstand during a political rally calling for the next American Revolution.  Go to the Library, rent movies at the local store, attend church.  If you are hospitable and generally a nice guy, no one would ever suspect you to be one of "them".

He will definitely be picked out as subversive
One of the biggest problems with camouflage, is actually wearing it.  If you go to town dress right dress, with a side-arm attached to your hip, you will be shouting "someone take notice - I am an anti-social, militia member who is making bombs in my basement!"  When the black boots come, they will be making a beeline for your house.

Camouflage is one of creations greatest defense mechanisms.  The Camelion stays alive only because he can blend in to his surroundings.  When push comes to shove, our best defense will be that of camouflage.

Just a regular guy


  1. Thankfully where we live it's fairly normal to see someone in a bit of cammo clothing. My biggest trouble in blending in is when I stay with family in the city. It's not my thing to get about glammed up in heels, flimsy dress, makeup, hair and tiny bag. I'm afraid I stick out like a sore thumb in my more sensible clothes!
    Even when I wear my good jeans and boots and a fitted top I still don't look the part. Ah well, I'm just glad I live where I do :)

  2. I wonder where having a prepper/patriot blog blends in... :)


  3. and what about the radical home schooler ;)

  4. Well, I really enjoyed your post and you are absolutely correct. I feel compelled to correct your spelling,however - should be chameleon, not camelion.
    I'm not doing it to be catty, just am a compulsive speller and homeschooler.
    Your blog and Patrices are two of my favorites.

  5. several years ago i was out cutting grass and doing other yard work.. it was so very hot out that without thinking twice i took off my shirt and jeans and proceeding to till the small garden we had...not long after starting that i realized i was not alone cause what did i spy coming along our country road was the county guy on a tractor to cut grass in the ditches...well, it made me panic enough to cover back up but when i went to the roadside to collect mail, i realized that the guy could have used binoculars and he nevr would have seen me in my knickers beyond all the trees.

  6. All part of a delicate balance...
    Delicious cookie recipes also help :-)


  7. For the doubters: We don't camouflage because we are doing something wrong and have to hide it. I don't do anything illegal or improper and in spite of my country's problems I love it dearly and would defend it to the death. We blend in so that we don't attract attention from the bad guys. Just like the wolf looks for the weak animal or the one away from the herd the bad guys look for someone who looks out of place. I grew up in a big city with some rough people and anyone or anything out of normal would catch our eye and need closer inspection. Look like you belong, keep moving, know where you are going and keep your eyes open. avoiding trouble is 10 times easier then getting out of trouble.