Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Beauty - Redoubt Style

We are enjoying stunningly beautiful spring-like weather here in the American Redoubt!  We've had a number of days in a row of sunny, warm-crisp weather that just requires one to enjoy the great outdoors.  The children and I have been rushing through school just so that we can hustle outside and get to the myriad spring chores that call our names.  It's hardly work basking in the warm sun with the gentle breeze of spring blowing through our hair.  Oh, glorious days!

As I headed outside this morning, something red caught my eye.  I ventured to the garden bench to investigate and was delighted by the sweet posy that had been plucked and artistically placed in a most inventive vase - a spent shotgun shell carefully filled with water!

Princess Dragon Snack found the first flowers of the season - Snow Drops.  They were poking their heads up through the decaying leaves in the garden and, wanting to leave a surprise for me to find, plucked one and placed it in the red shotgun shell for me to discover.  Sheer delight!

Oh, the joys of children and spring!


  1. So sweet! Spring is here and it makes everyone happy, happy, happy! Have a great weekend!

  2. It's SO you! I had to chuckle.