Monday, March 3, 2014

Homemade Peppermint Body Butter

I have never really been much of a "craft" girl, however, I love to make things that I believe to be both wonderful (or beautiful) and useful.  I have made soap and candles and lip balm for years, along with lotion bars and deodorant but recently I have been itching to increase my "homestead crafts" repertoire.  One of the products I use the most but have the had the most difficult time reproducing at home is lotion.  Every recipe I have tried has been bland, not really resembling the creamy lotion that one can buy at the drug store.  Although I hate using things with a list of ingredients I can't pronounce, much less have any idea what they are, I have slogged along with store-bought lotion - until now.

After searching high and low, I finally came across a lotion recipe that piqued my interested - Peppermint Body Butter.  Although not technically location (it is too thick and rich and creamy to suffer such a poor moniker as "lotion") it glides on and softens and rejuvenates skin as well or better than any over-the-counter lotion I have used.  Oh, and did I mention that it smells wonderful?  I made mine with peppermint essential oil, though you could use any essential oil that tickles your fancy.

Gathering everything together

The body butter is so simple to make, requiring no special appliances or tools and whips up stunningly beautifully.  Because it is made with nothing but oils (some in solid form), it is very oily when applied, however, my skin drinks in the oils very quickly and is left just soft and smooth.  This body butter is meant to be used all over and we have found that we even like to spread some on our lips from time to time.  It heals dry lips almost instantly and the peppermint is so tingly and refreshing.

Ready to melt
The ingredient list is simple and I have all of the necessary butters and oils in my cupboard on a regular basis.  Most of my supplies I have purchased from Brushy Mountain Bee or our local soap supply shop.  You can substitute one oil for another if you don't have them all but make sure that the hard oil and liquid oils are substituted in equal amounts.

Whipped and ready to put into jars

If you are trying to get away from store-bought toiletries, this is just the ticket.  It is so nice that you might be tempted to make a gift of it to a special friend - go ahead - they will thank you for it!

Homemade Peppermint Body Butter
1/2 C Coconut Oil
1/2 C Cocoa Butter
1/2 C Shea Butter
1/2 C Sweet Almond Oil
1 tsp. Vitamin E Oil (Optional)
5 - 10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil (Optional)

Place coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter in a medium pot over low heat.  Stir until all of the oils melt completely and combine.  Remove from heat.

Thoroughly mix sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil and essential oil into the melted oil mixture.

Chill in the refrigerator for about an oil, just until thickened, not hard.

Use a stand mixer or hand mixer (I used my Kitchen Aid with whip attachment) to whip to an impossibly decadent whipped consistency.

Scoop into jars with lids and enjoy.  This will last 6 months to a year.  If your home is very warm, the oils may separate.  If they do, just whip again to the correct consistency.

A beautiful vanity jar filled with this body butter would be an incredible birthday, anniversary or even baby shower gift (for the mom, of course).  Have fun!


  1. Wow-love this! I'm shopping for ingredients tomorrow-I love to partake in magic! A great recipe that has safe ingredients.
    Stealth Spaniel

  2. Some people like to use caster oil for therapeutic purposes. I wonder if it would work with your recipe.

    1. I would think you could use it in place of the sweet almond oil or the vitamin E oil with wonderful results. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out!

  3. yummy! This sounds good enough to eat! I guess I think like that, since like you, my skin literally drinks up the coconut oil I use as "lotion". If I get too much on my hands, I can become an instant child and just pop it into my mouth. This recipe sounds wonderful; thank you. And, like you wrote, you can put it on your lips...safely.