Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The writing on the wall....

It starts with a headache, maybe a fever.  Pretty soon, you ache all over - then your glands begin to swell, first under your jaw then, if you are male, your testicles begin to swell.  This is not your common cold, you have contracted Mumps.  Antibiotics are not effective due to the fact that Mumps is viral in nature rather than bacterial.

You know, somewhere in the recesses of your feverish mind, that you were vaccinated for Mumps as a child, but obviously, your immunity has worn off.  What do you do?  How do you treat your illness?

The grid has gone down, social chaos has replaced the status quo, there is no medical system left in place.  And you have the mumps.  Your friends have never seen it, much less treated it before.  You mother has a vague recollection of having had Mumps as a child, but hasn't the faintest notion how to treat the disease.   You stumble to your medical reference library to seek answers.  K...L....M...wait - there is nothing but a passing mention of Mumps,  only a brief description and numerous historical references.  It seems that the medical professionals who wrote your reference book were under the assumption that Mumps had been eradicated from the American landscape.  They were wrong.

Your throat is so sore that you are unable to eat.  Your neck is swollen and your nether regions are on fire.  You wonder, in a moment of clarity, if you will ever be able to father a child.

You survive.  But every member of your little band has succumbed.  Mumps have become an epidemic.  Because people were so accustomed to being treated by doctors, nobody remembered (or even knew) basic quarantine or personal protection techniques.  Everybody is in a severely compromised state - dehydrated, undernourished, weak.

And the post-crash grapevine is humming.  The Bubonic Plague.  The Black Death.  People are dying.  And it's coming your way.......

O.K., so I've had my moment of drama, but I really don't think my tale of woe is too far fetched.  Diseases we haven't seen in years are popping up all over the place.  Childhood illnesses that have been all but eradicated are introducing themselves to a whole new generation.

Not only are we unfamiliar with many of the illnesses that have begun to rear their ugly head, but our medical professionals haven't treated them in years, if ever.  The knowledge of battling our age old enemies is being lost. This is knowledge we must reclaim before it is too late.

The writing is on the wall.  We cannot escape the inevitable, but we can prepare.  Research.  Get medical training.  Stockpile sufficient equipment and medicines to treat yourself and those around you.  Identify your enemy and form your battle-plan.

I didn't really come up with this urgent plea to prepare all by myself and it truly isn't a shameless attempt to sell my book.  I came across an article sounding the alarm that Mumps is sweeping across a college campus in California. The devil is at the door.

The writing on the wall prompted me to write "The Prepared Family Guide to Uncommon Diseases" (Mumps is on page 45).  What will it prompt you to do?

O.K. guys - enough with the immunization war!  The reality is that none of you are going to change anybody else's mind.  The people who read this blog are intelligent.  They are making informed choices based on research and personal experience.  

People who choose not to immunize are not irresponsible or unintelligent.  They have researched, studied and made decisions based on scientific evidence.  They full well know the potential consequences (and the associated marginalization by the scientific community) of their decisions, and they are prepared to make their stand.  They have that right.  

And then there are the people who choose to immunize.  They also have every right.  They too, have made an informed decision and they are acting out of concern for their families.  They are not brainless sheeple.  They are making decision based on the available information.

This argument boils down to the right for people to choose.  It is our responsibility to care for our own bodies.  And it is the responsibility of parents to care for their children.  It is our governments job to see that rights remain in the hands of the people.  It is not their job to legislate our responsibilities.

You choose for you and I will choose for me.  Remember, someday, when we have more to worry about than making everybody else do what we think is right, we might actually need each other.  

You protect my right to choose and I will fight for your right to choose.  Its perfect symmetry.


  1. This is not drama at all. It is the inevitable in our future to occur. Enola, my hat is off and I curtsy to you for reiterating the importance here of including a multitude of older medical texts including a drug identification manual and one on herbal medicine usage with actual field closeup pictures to identify the specific botanical, definitely your wonderful reference book which has earned it's space on my medical bookshelf, encouraging at least the basic skills and knowledge in medical training, and purchasing and storing an ample supply of PPE(Personal Protective equipment), medications both prescriptive and OTC's, eyewear, dental supplies, and laying in a vast supply of first aid supplies and dressings for each family member. Do not overlook the addition of either Celox or Quickclot for rapidly stopping the blood loss in a traumatic wound or injury. Also, make sure you have a Burngel in your medical chest to treat burns. Wound irrigation's of both Sterile water and of Sterile Normal Saline.9% can be made at home by adding 9.0 g of plain salt per liter(1000cc) and rapid rolling boiled for 15 minutes, and then quart jar sealed and canned in a pressure cooker at 10lbs pressure for 35 minutes.
    Lastly, the most important of all, network with your neighbors, so that in the event of either a grid down situation, or a public utility communications outage, you have some alternate active means of calling out for assistance. We have large old school bells installed on top of high wooden posts in both of our larger farming fields and one close to our homes outside door. If that bell is rung, no less than three other families know it means "Come Now!"
    Having backup help to assist in an emergency could mean the difference between life and death.

    I warned before and I agree, that this nation has become much too dependent on the "cure" being fixed by immunizations for artificial disease immunity. The percentage of those who were last immunized as teenagers, have a now risky, passive immunity to the basic childhood diseases. Thus, we'll be experiencing a resurgence of these as time elapse trials become more evident with the majority of our population aging, and also because of the fact we have expedient world travel that brings exposed persons into our nation that are carriers and who were not actively symptomatic in transit. Consider tuberculosis and the high transmission rates, because AFB, is airborne. One sneeze or cough in a tight enclosed space makes you a nearly unmissed target. avoid crowds and crowded confined shared spaces. Clean your eyewear frames and nose pieces daily and wipe down those phone receivers as well with vinegar water. Wash your hands frequently and after any person or object contact. Keep your hands away from unnecessarily touching your face or hair.

    For those re-surging childhood diseases, the only sure immunity is active natural immunity, and that is a biological process that occurs once you have actually had an active illness to that particular disease. So, heads up, she's right on with her message here, as usual.
    Make haste, and obtain the needed medical skills and provisions now while you can plan and still get them, before you have to need them.


  2. Due to California's diverse population and mobile society, diseases are often brought here and proliferate here more than anywhere else in the country, with perhaps the exception of NYC. Unlike Las Vegas, what happens here doesn't stay here. You can bet that in a few months mumps will be turning up in other parts of the country.

    I have Enola's book. It is a concise and comprehensive guidebook dealing with diseases once thought rare. Now these diseases are making a comeback. They are stronger, harsher, and more difficult to treat. Having her book on my bookshelf gives me another weapon against what's coming. Having beans, bullets, and bandaids is vital to survival. Having her book is part of the bandaids portion of my preps. I bought it. I read it. I'm glad I have it. Just having it makes me better prepared than most others. Read it, then refer to it as the need arises. You'll be glad you have it.

    NoCal Gal

  3. I recently decided to get a tetnus booster. I don't really feel vaccines are as nessesary as most folks, but there are several that make sense to me and tetnus is one of them. The nurse shuffled in and I spoke up asking about the vaccine and she said "it's pertusis, tetnus and diptheria all in one!"...I looked at her (begining my evil eye) and said I just want the tetnus. She said they don't just give ONE any more. I said "don't you know what crap they put in those?" and she replied that she had heard and tried not to think about it any more. I asked why I needed to get the whooping cough vaccine since I had already had it. Poor girls eyes popped almost out of her head. On a roll, I stated "I also had chicken pox, mumps, measles an german measles! How DID I survive???" I read up on all of them when my kids were little but found out that except for chicken pox, no one got them any more due to vaccines. Now my grandkids have had a vaccine against that also.
    You are correct in saying that folks need to learn how to treat these things. I believe they will certainly be back.

  4. It will prompt me to keep my immunizations up to date. I grew up before the MMR immunization, and I hate all 3 diseases. If everyone were immunized we'd see far less of these diseases but as more and more opt not to immunize we are losing our herd immunity. It's not the immunized who will get these diseases, with a few rare exceptions, it's the unimmunized. My grandmother buried 4 children who died of diptheria. No parent should have to lose kids to preventable diseases.

  5. I work for a university, and there have been cases of mumps,but the most serious disease, so far, has been a form of meningitis that starts old with mild symptoms,too often ignored, that can rapidly lead to death. A drug resistant form of TB has appeared as well. Add to that a few MRSA outbreaks(I had that-no fun at all. Two months to get over the disease, another two months to get over the cure-strong antibiotics kill the good bugs that live in your digestive system as well as the bad bugs-you can imagine the results). It starts out as a tiny red "mosquito bite" that burns a lot in proportion to its size,and 24 hours later is a big gross sore(somewhat bigger than a quarter) with a lot of skin discoloration around it. Permanent scarring and discoloration that takes a year to go away. Don't do what I did-don't wait three days! The doctor I went to says it's becoming much more common.
    I've been vaccinated against the common chldhood diseases,with a booster in high school(late 1970s)-I had chicken pox when I was 4,so I take it I'm immune to that.
    I haven't had any sort of vaccination(or shot of any kind, for that matter) since the late 1970s. I consider myself lucky in that I very seldom get any kind of "cootie"-some people,it seems, get every snot-nose creeping-crud that comes along. I suppose my immune system is up and working-hope it stays that way.
    Something I've always wondered-parents who keep their kids inside too much,and obsess over every little speck of dirt that might get on them may not be doing their children any favors. I wonder if you build up an immunity by getting out and playing in the dirt and mud? I did as a child, and I think it's been a benefit,and boosted my immunity. I'm not sure on that point, though.

  6. I had most of the childhood diseases and remember mumps vividly. In 1950 I had mumps and I can even picture where I was (the surroundings) while I had it. I have also had all the vaccinations possible including some you never heard of (20 years in the military and many overseas assignments and trips). Four days ago I got my yearly flu shot and the pharmacist gave me the choice between the regular one and the one recommended for us old people which is four times stronger. I got the stronger one.

    I encourage those of you with Trypanophobia to do more research. Most/all of the anti-vaccine information is pure baloney created by people who probably couldn't pass a high school science class. There are risks to everything know the risks and make informed decisions but don't succumb to conjecture and old wives tales (my apologies to old and young wives).

  7. I have to disagree with Elizabeth is often NOT the un-immunized who are getting these diseases. I live in an area that is having a severe Pertussis outbreak this year and it is affecting everyone the same across the board. Diseases and infections are finding a way around our vaccines, antibiotics and medications. Do not blame the people who refuse to immunize their children because the vaccines are made from aborted babies, contain harmful chemicals and other unpleasant things. Everyone wants to blame the non-immunized for the problems and that just isn't the case. Sorry, but it's not fair and I'm sick of it being everyone's first place to point the finger of blame.

  8. I'm sick of people blaming the unimmunized for all the outbreaks. I live in an area that is having a Pertussis outbreak and it is effecting everyone the same, immunized or no. As for the people who say "no" to immunizations....they are making the best choice they can for their family. Did you know that many of our immunizations today are derived from aborted babies? That there are increadibly high levels of toxic materials in vaccines? Many of which are given in multiple shots and far exceed what is a "safe" level for these toxins in the precious childrens bodies. Don't point the finger of blame on the un-immunized, these diseases and viruses are finding a way around our medicine. Don't blame others, be prepared to take care of yourself instead.

  9. I've been intending to get a tetanus booster, but hate getting shot up for other diseases with chemicals I fear worse than the other diseases.

    My kids all had chicken pox. Most of their friends got the immunization, but several got the chicken pox anyway along with having a dose of whatever chemical preservative was in the immunization. I survived measles, mumps, German measles as a child and had what my mom called "good hard cases of each". Now we preemptively poison our kids for things they might never get, like HPV, and are told the vaccines are safe and effective. If kids are still getting diseases, how effective are they truly? And at what cost to their bodies and brains.

  10. Being one of the "trypanophobic" mothers, I am going to respond to the insult that was hurled. I have a child who had a horrendous reaction at age 18 months and my once outgoing, smiling, verbalizing son was gone hours after his shots were given. Our battle for his health has been nothing but uphill and the last thing we need is this type of remark. I would never tell you that you must not have your child vaccinated, why can't you have the decency to allow me to make my decisions for my son. At least my decisions are now made from EXPERIENCE vs. propaganda, albeit the one no one wants to have
    My son has made tremendous progress and one of the things we are most careful about is that he doesn't receive vaccine that has that particular preservative in it. It's our prerogative as his parents, after all.

  11. I guess I would like to add to anonymous that thinks people such as myself could not pass high school science. I graduated with honors from high school and took EVERY science class offered, I have three college degrees, a MS degree lastly and graduated with honors, never got anything lower than an A. As far as science goes, I have passed plenty of classes. Unfortunately, our experience trumps all the false science out there.

    My husband would tell that you are fishing for a fight and I guess I took the bait. I truly do hope that you never have any one you love or even just know have a reaction to the preservatives used, and that you get all the vaccines you desire and need.

  12. Is "trypanophobic" an insult? I suppose if you are looking to be insulted or “fishing for a fight” everything is an insult. Can vaccinations or any medication have unpleasant and even life threatening side effects? Of course. About 10,000 people a year die from common over the counter pain medicines with Tylenol and aspirin being the worst offenders. Should we stop taking Tylenol? Statistically vaccines for what were once common diseases save hundreds of thousands of lives a year and serious negative reactions to them are rare. Small consolation I imagine for someone who was harmed by a vaccine but a fact never the less. But the math and the science require that we choose the option that saves hundreds of thousands of lives even if it makes one in a million sick. In 1900 half of all children born succumbed to one of the common childhood diseases and half of those left usually died before reaching age 21. I was in the 6th grade when the polio vaccine was first administered to children. If you were not alive then you have no idea of the palpable fear of polio. My mother had polio as a child and knew well the very real threat. I had an uncle who I visited as a very young child and he was in an iron lung as a result of polio. Now, at least in the West, Polio is forgotten. The fear all school children faced is gone. But polio still cripples children in 3rd world countries. Was Dr. Jonas Salk right or was that just “false science”? My dear old aunt died a few years back from influenza. She was 84 and very frail so it was no surprise. What I was surprised at was that she had not had the vaccine. Not from fear or lack of health insurance but simply because she neglected to get it. I get mine every year. It is my informed choice based on the best information I can find. I actually do not mind or care if another person chooses to not get the flu shot, that is their choice. I do not feel the same way about the childhood vaccines. I think all children should get them and it is irresponsible for an adult to subject their children to the risks of not vaccinating. You may disagree and you may cite personal experience or movie stars rants but science is not on your side. If you do not understand that or prefer to believe the movie star I doubt I will change your mind. Good luck.

  13. i also vivdly remember my childhood bout with mumps, chickenpox and measles. my mother lost a baby due to german measles epidemic-had he lived he would more than likely have been deaf and blind. my baby brother had a mild case of polio and now in his fifties is having problems associated with that disease. growing up with all of these illnesses does teach a person a few things-it teaches us of successful home treatments and things of which we should not do. it also gives us great appreciation for immunizations that have been developed and used over the last fifty years or so. but we also know that these diseases especially viral ones morph into other possibly more serious strains of the the flu. when the world shut down all research will likely not be available to those who might need it most. one thing other than not getting immunized for these diseases is the condition of current generations..children especially are kept away from playing outside, put on antibiotics for the wrong reasons, etc.. there is alot to be said about this-it is a major reason our natural immunities are so low, our allergies are so high........exposure to germs and some viruses are not necessarily bad things to happen.

    ps. when i was seven yrs. old i had the mumps- my neck and chest was rubbed with vicks vapor rub, a clean cloth was tied around my lower jaw and knotted on top of my head and i was sent to bed. i was given plenty of water to drink and a tablespoon of honey every six hrs or so to ease the sore throat.

  14. Flu shots are not good, they not only contain all sorts of harmful chemicals there have also been an alarming number of incidents where the lab have mucked up and distributed contaminated flu vaccines that would have killed millions if it hadn't accidentaly been discovered.

    There is also evidence that mothers who have had a disease and recovered (even in childhood) pass on this natural immunity to their babies via breast milk. There is a whole generation that are mothers now who have never had a serious disease and their children don't have any immunity. When disease sweeps the land we are in trouble.

    Unrelated but interesting, about how flu shots don't make a difference anyway-

    I got my child immunized only because I would've been reported and investigated if I didn't :(


  15. I am an advocate (in my own mind) for immunization reform - the concept of immunization is old, and largely effective, so I can't dismiss it's protective properties, but why do they have to be derived in such a disgusting manner, with so many unnecessary and potentially toxic constituents? It does make you wonder about motive. Surely there are equally effective yet more humane options available. I do worry, as it seems the efficacy of the conventional vaccines is waning.

  16. I love your last line. Exactly.

    Not to mention, the storyline in the movie "I Am Legend" hits a little too close to home for some folks (in some states you can't even enroll your children in public school without the now-suggested 60-some shots, even with some exemptions available nowadays). Wouldn't suggest watching the movie while hormonal and pregnant though, oof.

  17. if you think you or your child has it bad when required to be immunized for a multitude of diseases, please let me remind everyone that should you enlist to defend your country, you will be placed in line, dressed in only your underwear, and you will recieve every immunization known to mankind..and the next morning when reveille is called you will feel like you have been hit by a ton of bricks...but that is not so bad when you remember how many of our servicemen as well as civilians died of the flu during world war I...more died of flu than were killed fighting enemies. when the power goes out due to an emp, or tshtf you will wish that you had your shots...instead of taking chances with your survival.

  18. Well, some great discussions here!
    The moral to this active or passive immunity question, is that whether you Chose to take an available, developed vaccine to attempt the prevention of a known disease, or NOT,
    there are still old world diseases that will become resurgent in our nation, with the lack of use of daily hygienic practices. Mostly due to unavailability to clean water sources and the shutdown and backups of sewers, and exacerbated further by the return of infected, flea carrying rodent, animal, and insect vectors of these diseases, especially in a TEOTWAWKI situation involving a protracted grid down scenario.

    Your BEST defense and overall positive health outcome for you or your family members is first of PREVENTION, boost your immunity system, store ample potable water, take a multi-vitamin supp. daily, eat well cooked, healthy foods, exercise.
    Stay away from crowds or spaces of small space containment with others.
    Next, utilize and have some active method of rodent/pest control.
    Most important, Without the knowledge and skills required, and advance preparations made, to be able to identify just WHAT disease you are battling at home, having the required/suggested preps to TREAT the signs and symptoms of these old world diseases, and KNOWing if the disease you are dealing with, requires isolation or quarantining practices, you are greatly increasing your risks of becoming a mortality statistic.


  19. Being vitamin D3 repleat is proven to be more effective than the flu shot. I'm an RN and have done my research. Get your level tested and make sure it's a minimum of 40ng/ml.
    We give the flu shot where I work. Sometimes we get the vaccine at fire sale prices. Why? Because they guessed wrong on the strain and it was worthless. But nobody talks about it... And besides that D3 protects against so many things.

  20. I think it's interesting that even people who are not preppers are talking about diseases and how much the medical community knows/ doesn't know about treating them. The Healthy Home Economist was just talking last week about strep and how not using anti-biotics can confer a lifetime immunity to the disease that can sometimes be passed to one's children.

    I too find it odd that medical references mention some diseases only as cured or eradicated - if they've been so cured, does it not make sense to include clear explanations of how they were treated and then cured for the edification/ education of future generations?

    Thank you for tackling this subject when so many are silent or theoretical only on it.

  21. Wow, so many interesting points of view. Thanks for all the discussion, you've given me much food for thought. I had our five children immunized, but not according to the "schedule" from the medical people. I took it much slower and with the last felt impressed to wait for any until he was over one year. No problems with any of them. I let them/made them play outside a lot! I wanted them to dig in the dirt, play with critters (frogs, insects, lizards, and such) so they would be exposed to many things and build up natural immunities. I guess it worked because all of them are healthy and strong. Unfortunately the youngest two didn't get chicken pox, and by junior high they had to get immunized. In 2008 I got Influenza B and was down and out for seven days. A year later I got the flu again, but was down for only three days; didn't even get a cold the past two years. No flu shots for me! I believe that knowledge and choice are the most important factors here. And being prepared to take care of each other.

  22. Late to the party, but what about people who ARE irresponsible with their choices? I have a friend who is a naturopath, and is far more reluctant to immunize or give antibiotics than I am. However, she also does not keep her children home when they are sick/actively contagious. She usually mentions, "oh, by the way, the doctor says the baby has strep (for example), but i am letting him ride it out to get his immunity" AFTER we have all played with him and he has sneezed in my face. Right now my whole family has chesty coughs and will be heading to the doctor tomorrow if we have not made a turn for the better. I hate to alienate my friend because we have differing views on what we want to allow our children to go through. Don't people who refuse to vaccinate or use antibiotics to shorten contagious periods, have a duty to protect others from their germs?