Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend Brunch

Keeping breakfast warm in the cookstove oven
During the week, I am too busy to make a big breakfast.  The most we can hope for are some quickly scrambled eggs and a few pieces of toast.  More often than not, we have baked oatmeal or a slice of quick bread lavishly spread with butter - just a little something for hungry tummies.  But on the weekends, we indulge in real breakfasts.  Saturday, filled with outside chores, calls for hearty, farm style breakfasts ranging from Sausage Gravy & Biscuits to Breakfast Burritos to Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns and Toast.  Sunday, being a day of rest, beckons simple, delicate fare.

This morning, we chose Crepes and Bacon with which to break our fast.  The Crepes are an old recipe, passed down from my mother.   They are light, with a buttery texture that melts in your mouth.  Our favorite way to eat them is lightly buttered, rolled, with maple syrup sparingly poured over the top.  Our final touch is a generous sprinkling of confectioners sugar, adding just the right amount of sweetness.

Although we love plain maple on our crepes, we also indulge in other taste sensations.  Fresh berries with whipped cream are a summer favorite.  A light layer of jam is a treat.  However you choose to adorn your crepes, you will be thankful you took the time to indulge.

Pouring batter onto my cast iron crepe pan
Almost ready to flip
Rolling the crepe
Onto a plate to keep warm in the oven
Let breakfast begin!

Swedish Pancakes (Crepes)
1 C. milk
2 T. butter
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 C. flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt

Heat milk and butter in saucepan.  Beat in eggs, flour baking powder & salt until smooth. Cook over medium heat in low sided skillet.

(I tripled this recipe for the seven of us)


  1. Looks Great and easy to make. Thanks.

  2. Hi Enola! This is probably a funny question, but I am a busy Mama who spent her whole teens trying to learn business and now I have no idea how to cook for my family (never saw the stay at home Mama thing coming till I saw my first changes everything :) I am desperate here, how do you make your bacon. My whole family LOVES it..but I burn it EVERYTIME. I have made it in the broiler, baked it, fried it and microwaved it. I have burned it all those ways. Yours is so perfect. I know you are very, very busy but if you ever have time to throw some hints my way I would be eternally grateful. I am trying to learn cooking as fast as I can because prepping is useless if I burn everything. And I hope you have all recovered.

    Many Blessings :)

  3. From someone who is completely cooking-impaired(at best, I'm the Gigahertz Gourmet-on the eighth day, God created the cavity magnetron-I can microwave stuff,but that's about it), that looks amazing..

  4. Is this recipe made with wheat you've ground yourself? I'm new to grinding wheat and am always on the lookout for recipes that work with freshly ground/vs the store bought stuff.

  5. WOW! Those crepes are beautiful. I'm definitely a bacon fanatic, so I'd wrap the crepe around the bacon and call it good to go. LOL

    NoCal Gal

  6. Yet another example of your high brow attitude. Christians are so much better than the rest of us, if only we could live up to your higher standard and not be outcast when we fall short.

  7. Anonymous - October 26th
    Oh my - we Christians are not better than anyone, but, we are saved by grace. Not a thing that I could do would ever be enough. There is no such thing as an outcast with Jesus. Unfortunately, all people (even Christians) are sinful humans and we will let other people down. I am sorry for that. If we were to ever meet in person, I am certain you would not find me the least bit "high brow". I am but a plain and simple country lady, seeking to care for my husband and children to the best of my ability. Oh, and we care for anybody who walks through our door, weather they are brothers and sisters or tattooed and pierced bikers - we are non-discriminatory.

  8. Enola,
    I don't understand the angst non-Christians have for those of us who claim Christ as our savior. My best guess is because of our outward joy. Perhaps they see it as a "high brow" attitude when it's simply living a life of pure joy in knowing and loving our Father.

    I still have a hard time comprehending how He can love us so completely when we disappoint Him every day with our sinful nature.

    Never have I considered you as "high brow". You DO live the phrase "homemaking beyond maintenance" and I strive to do the same. My husband thanks you for that. =:-)

  9. Frying bacon is an art. You must fry it SLOWLY (med-low heat) and not too many pieces at once so you can rescue the nearly too-brown.

    Enjoy your bacon. Not much on earth that tastes as wonderful!

  10. Anonymous;
    Bacon, hmmm. Anonymous 3:34 is exactly right. Too high a heat will always burn bacon! Slow is best. I have also found that thin cut bacon is easier to cook without burning than thick cut. When it is cut thickly you really must take your time. The other thing I do when I make bacon is that I baby-sit it. Generally, I will cook the bacon first and cover it with foil or put it in the warming oven to keep warm while I am making the rest of the breakfast. Bacon can burn so quickly. Truthfully, I always take the bacon off the heat before I think it is done and amazingly, it is generally cooked to perfection. Go figure.

    I usually cook my bacon on a griddle and turn it many times to cook it evenly. I have also used the broiler, which I think works really well, however I hate the grease splatters on the element - it always gets smokey. I also have cooked it in a frying pan, which is really like cooking it on a griddle, except smaller. I have not, however, every microwaved bacon.

    Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Keep trying. You will get the hang of it! And my hat is off to you for trying! A lot of women never know the joys of truly caring for their families.


  11. Jenn;
    I have to admit that I made the crepes with cheap store-bought flour. However, I have made them numerous times in the past with freshly ground flour and they are divine. I really like to use a soft white or a golden wheat for these, because there is baking powder an no yeast. Home ground flour makes for a VERY tasty crepe.


  12. Thanks for responding, Enola! I'm going to give this recipe a try. My husband loves crepes, but I've always been to scared to try them!