Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Life in Pictures

Ready for a nature walk, journal in hand
Brother and sister, picking rose hips side by side

Helping little brother reach the high berries
The long walk home
A battle is afoot
True country compassion - a gift from friends to battle our Whooping Cough

Just being together
A rousing game of Old Maid
Freshly baked cake donuts
Unloading our load of wood
Earnestly showing dad some spectacular thing
Showing off his saw chaps - just like dad's
(Big sister made them for him)


  1. The chainsaw chaps that Master Calvin are wearing that are "just like dad's". Are they functional? I.E. Did you make your husbands or are these made just for pretend? I didn't know how sewing kevlar would work? And we desperately need some saw chaps, but they are sure pricey!

  2. Praise the Lord! It's nice to see you all on the mend and the IV out of Sir Knight's hand. I was worried for you all.


  3. Enola,

    You are rich. Your wealth can not be measured in material possessions or money, it is in family.
    Your Shouse could burn down and your cars could be stolen, you could lose all your material items. If your family is still safe, healthy and intact. You would still be wealthier then Bill Gates.
    I got a small custom house with Ethan Allen furniture and all kinds of creature comforts. A nice SUV and all kinds of material items and yet I am still poor.

  4. love the picture of the piggy back ride home ! what a face on that shot. Glad everything seems to be on the upswing healthwise for you and your family.

  5. Your family makes me smile. So precious...all of you.

  6. You are fortunate on many levels-very few can say that.

  7. Glad to see everybody on the mend. It's fun to see the kids working and playing together. Reminds me of my childhood all those years ago.

    Hope you have a great autumn now that you're all feeling better.

    NoCal Gal